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Home Sweet Homeless
AppleAsylum5 December 2001
I don't think I ever would have watched this movie being that it is a CBS Schoolbreak Special. But, my roomate who in 1987 along with his twin brother, older brother, & mother, were homeless...turns out, the CBS network was looking for a family to do a story on. They approached his family & made an offer ($) that would help them. After, all the interviewing with him & his family, the result became a script to then become a movie. The story is about a typical everyday family who goes homeless, not due to drugs, nor due to laziness. It just happened. It shows that it can happen to ANYONE! They spent a little over a month living in their car. The movie is an emotional rollercoaster. The family cooks cans of beans on their car motor just to have a hot meal. Most people will see that as the heart wrenching part, but I can honestly say the sadest scenes of this movie is watching this helpless family go thru all these desperate times & still stick together. I wish there would a been a sequel. Maybe a Home Sweet Homeless 10 years Later...if you do see this movie, here is a quick update... The money CBS shelled out to this family was spent on a new apartment & putting the mother thru school. The mother is now a successful career woman that works with the goverment. The eldest son went on to become a designer in a museum. As for the twins, well, one of them owns a successful music company in the south & my roomate works as a colorest for the #1 hair salon in the United States. Thanks to CBS for making a great movie. Most of all, thank you for reaching out & giving a little bit of help that obviously went a LONG way!! Z. 1-10 (10+)
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