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My brief review of the film
sol-8 December 2005
Although in many regards mediocre, the quality of the acting in this film makes it rather decent viewing. It is interesting to watch to see Alison Lohman, whose face is expressive as ever still in a pre success and fame role, but the lead actress, Angela Gots, and the supporting cast, offer some good bits of acting too. Some parts of the cinematography and editing are also rather noteworthy, but it is mainly just the solid acting that keeps it strong, and that it sure does do. This is not an amazing film, with ordinary characters and a story that is hardly exciting, but it is probably worth a look, particularly for fans of Lohman, who plays a character that is actually atypical to her usual innocence for a change.
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Good thing
azuldeluna26 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I just saw the movie yesterday at midnight cause i was looking for something to watch while i fell slept, I couldn't imagine what an great movie i was about to watch. I love Soleil Moon Frye and it's such a shame she only has a couple of scenes on the movie. I think the theme is very interesting and it's show in a very uncommon angle. I love the references of Alex's relationship with her mother, i think there's something quite unexplored. But i really didn't like the script. Some dialogs sound unnatural and they take away the realism of the movie. The Best scene i think would be when Alex takes Alyssa to the abortion center. It's really powerful. I will never forget Alex's line 'It's not a baby yet it's a cell' Really strong. I think what makes this movie different from the rest of the 'American-teenager' movies is that this movie show a reality, not an ideal. When we watch American-teenager movies we can't help expecting to watch the hip girls, the foot-ball players, cheerleaders, etc. And the truth is that teenage life does not only include these stereotypes. Alex and her friends are the real youth nowadays, living real situations, abortion, sex, drugs, alcohol, divorce, etc. They're being real. The movie is something to analyze deeply, I really liked it, and i think i would recommend it.
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Enjoyable Coming-to-Age Movie
claudio_carvalho2 February 2007
In the 70's, Alex Markov (Angela Gots) is raised by her mother Clarice Markov (Ellen Greene) to be a successful ballerina, and in their home there are no mysteries or taboo related to sex, since her father, Dr. Dan Markov (Robert Hays), openly discusses this subject with his family. When Alex reaches sixteen years old, her parents split while her boyfriend presses her to have sex blurring her dreams and making her confused. With the support of her family and friends, Alex supersedes her problems.

"Alex in Wonder" is an enjoyable coming-to-age movie, and the main reason is the débutant Angela Gots. This gorgeous young actress has a magnificent and charismatic performance, giving credibility to her character and making the film work. I believe that most of the viewers will find some level of personal identification with this common story and will certainly appreciate this little gem that deserves to be discovered. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Sexo e a Garota" ("Sex and the Girl")
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Save Yourself The Time And Later Regret
alanbthomas111 May 2013
Watched this tonight. An hour and a half I will never get back in life. This film is slow, has a weak plot, and terrible acting. The film is headed by the far too mature looking lead actress Angela Gots ,a teenager with ballerina ambitions whom I found personally unattractive and confusing. Unfortunately for the viewer Angela Gots is a terrible actress and her supporting cast does not fair much better to save this film and lift her up. I personally watched for Alison Lohman who simply did not have enough screen time. Over all I found this film messy, unbelievable, and melodramatic. I could not find interest in this film or its cast but maybe you will have better luck.
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A young actress makes this simple movie very enjoyable
bsinc5 July 2004
I only saw the second half of the movie, and that should be a statement for itself. I never, really never watch a movie if it's not from the VERY beginning, except if special reasons are involved. This one was special. And her name is Angela Gots. She has just made my day. At first I was amused by her beauty, but in a matter of minutes discovered that there's definitely more to her. Her subtle facial expressions were truly impressive and the fact that she had no fear is even more. All in all this movie was a mass of above-standard acting and it made it highly entertaining. A small jewel perhaps, but then the lead actress is definitely a diamond in the ruff.
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Bad Acting , Not Believable
jonbongone26 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Watched this on TMC today. What a waste of time and money. This is completely unbelievable for the time and the writing and acting is very bad. It centers around a 16 year old girl named Alex, her family, and her ballet dreams. Alex is played by Angela Gots. There is an awkward feeling to this casting as Gots looks at least in her late 20's in this movie. Having 3 kids and 9 nieces and nephews none of them have had lines (wrinkles) deeply etched onto their young faces. The entire film revolves around this character which makes it hard to sit through as Gots lacks any and all acting ability. In fact her acting is very bad and her friends are just as cheesy. The parents are quirky but not the best performances by either. As someone who lived through the 70's I can say this is not an accurate portrayal and as someone who lived through a lot of girls and their ballet I can confidently say the dancing is below average of little girls all over the nation never the less they have her accepted to Julliard? I remember the recitals for acceptance into local programs even for kids and they were better than what was shown in this movie. A dancer that attains Julliard status is brilliantly and awe inspiring talented, tall, lean, graceful, this actress is short, stocky, chubby even, bad posture. She speaks and walks like she drives a truck and would be chewing tobacco. It is not the vision I have of a budding ballet star. This movie is pretty much what you would call junk.

I vaguely felt I had seen Gots before however. Upon looking her up I realized she was on an episode of House as the female doctor's lesbian lover. This was much better suited for her she does come off believable as a lesbian there is a man like quality about her but her acting on House was sorry to say also awful.

I enjoy era films that remind me of my younger years but this one just didn't cut it for me.
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Many reasons to like this film
deeron2k11 March 2010
Have seen this film at least twice and enjoyed it every time, for lots of little (and a few big) reasons...

Many great actors assembled for it, and in intriguing roles: Alison Lohman pre-fame, Soleil Moon Frye in a rare appearance, character actor David Dukes's last film, Danny Masterson playing against his usual slacker/stoner typecasting (as a jock), Oscar nominee Genevieve Bujold, Robert Hays, Ron Jeremy, on & on... Many of the lesser-knowns give outstanding performances here too including the child roles and star Angela Gots, multi-talented & beautiful. The biggest surprise for me since isn't Lohman's ascent but Gots' lack of one yet tho i'm sure it's imminent.

Great production quality for an indie and a well-told story. I read another review that complimented the absence here of high school clichés found in most Hollywood depictions and must agree. There's a refreshing reality to the film that's hard to find in today's commodified, corporatized movies.

Highly recommend this film to fans of well-told stories and fine acting in films the mainstream doesn't make room for anymore. It's what quality cinema is all about.
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Coming of age story in the 70's of a girl who wants to be a serious dancer but is distracted by her parents' breakup and the pressure of friends to have sex.
rosenberg-drew1 January 2017
This film is an homage to Judi Blume, who wrote books specifically for teen-age girls, battling with the issues of losing their virginity, what it was supposed to mean to them, finding their own passions in life and dealing with family issues. Judi's books were extremely comforting and refreshing to me, in comparison to all the myths I had been raised on in terms of first time sex, love and passion. Judi taught me that nothing is clean and simple and there are always choices to make. In the end the message is to "follow your heart", let others make their own mistakes, and see where this will lead you. Life will throw you a lot of curve balls and disappointments, but if you follow your passions you can stay the course.
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kjmc72419 April 2012
Angela Gots does a real nice job as do Robert Hays and the other actors, but other than that it's obvious that The director Drew Rosenberg either was: A( not alive or B) was completely out of it: or C:) Just was hoping to get laid sometime in the early 70's. One of the biggest issues I have with so called period pieces like this is that: If you cannot license the music than don't attempt to have some lame wannabe imitate it and no one and I mean NO ONE said "far out after 1971. I really wanted to like this movie but whoever was the person on charge of continuity pretty much stole money. Later episodes of Happy Days or M*A*S*H were truer to their respective eras.
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