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MPAA Rated PG for some scary moments

Sex & Nudity

  • A giant baby wears an open-back outfit.
  • Brief cleavage is present in the film.

Violence & Gore

  • Haku (dragon form) is chased by paper birds who cut him. His blood splatters everywhere in the room (over the walls, etc). His mouth also bleeds. The scene is quite long. The sound of blood being spat out is heard. Kamaji tells Sen that Haku is bleeding internally and she has to stick her arm in his mouth to give him medicine. He has sharp teeth and she nearly gets bitten by him.
  • No-Face at one point goes on a rampage and eats people, but they are later spat out and revealed to be unharmed. He also vomits violently at different points, and is greedy and gluttonous.
  • A monster is made of many dirty substances. When Sen/Chihiro rips a fishing rod's lure & hook out of the monster, blood and mucus pour out of the hole.
  • In the English version, Yubaba tells Haku "I get to give Sen one final test, if she fails, she's mine" (meaning she'll kill her). In the Japanese version this line changes to something much more sinister. She tells Haku that she'll have Sen "tear him apart". In some versions of the English subtitles from torrent websites and free download links, the subtitles change the line to Yubaba saying to Haku "I'll cut you open while you're still alive". The English dubbed version is hands down the least disturbing version of that scene and fortunately is the easiest one to find.


  • Yubaba threatens to rip Sen's mouth off.
  • A man dances around singing, "welcome the rich man, he's hard for you to miss, his butt keeps getting bigger so there's plenty there to kiss!"
  • Many characters frequently make fun of Chihiro/Sen for being a human, telling her that she smells bad and that she's lazy and stupid. Lin frequently calls her "dope" which starts out as being rude, but then it just becomes a teasing nickname and they become close friends.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One character smokes a cigarette; a character has an ash tray with cigarettes in it.
  • A character is seen opening a window and smoking a cigarette.
  • One character tells a customer that he can buy sake.
  • After bathing the polluted river spirit, Yubaba sees the money Sen has made and triumphantly shouts, "Sake's on the house tonight!"
  • Sen gives Haku a drug-like ball of what appears to be dirt or mud.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The scene where No-Face goes berserk is quite frightening. He chases the girl. He eats people, although they are later spat up and revealed to be unharmed. He also vomits everywhere this disgusting looking black-goo, the sound-effects and voice acting is quite disturbing.
  • Some spirits are quite strange looking.
  • Chihiro's parents are turned into pigs.
  • The scene in which Haku is attacked by paper birds can be rather intense.
  • The overall theme is very dark, involving a young girl who is alone, facing the loss of both parents, and is in near constant peril.
  • A lot of unconventional sights that could scare a child. Also the main character, a child, is being imprisoned for most of the movie in a strange ghost world. This is a very scary thought for a child.

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