American Outlaws (2001) Poster

Nathaniel Arcand: Comanche Tom


  • Captain Malcolm : Get me the James boy!

    Tom : What, Jesse?

    Captain Malcolm : No, not Jesse! I want the one that can shoot!

    Tom , Cole , Bob : FRANK!

  • Bob : They arrested Jesse! What have you done?

    Cole : What's that, Bob?

    Bob : What have you done, Cole?

    Cole : I ain't done nothing, Bob.

    Bob : Swear it.

    [points his gun at Jesse] 

    Bob : Swear on Jimmy's grave.

    Tom : Bob, you know Cole would never do such a thing. He and Jesse are best friends, cousins, blood brothers. Bob...

    Bob : [lowers his gun]  Sorry, Cole.

    [walks away] 

    Tom : If I find out you had anything to do with what happened to Jesse... I'll kill you myself.

  • Cole : Some Indian tracker you turned out to be, Tom.

    Comanche Tom : You paid me to find you Bluecoats, there they are.

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