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The Unexpected Universe
Rise above Earth's atmosphere to discover colliding galaxies, exploding stars, and a universe that is unimaginably violent and chaotic. Catch a glimpse of just how large the universe is allow your imagination to soar as we contemplate the Earth's fiery origin an possibly its fate.
To the Moon and Beyond
From or first trip to the moon, we have been considering the possibilities of colonizing it. How can we use the men's resources to build shelter, provide air, water and energy to support those who might eventually live there? Blast off and explore where mankind's one giant leap could take us next.
Mission to Planet Earth
The photo of the Earth from space began the transformation of our understand of Earht as a living system. Now the technology developed to explore other planets is being used to monitor this living system and chart a course for a healthy planet in ways that were never possible before the space age.
What's a Heaven For
From Sputnik to "Star Wars," space exploration has contributed to international political change. Today, the space age has entered an era of new motivations and challenges. Delve into this fascinating segment and learn where the Space Age is taking us.

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