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Flashback: 'Married… With Children' Cast on How Their Unique Humor Was a Recipe for Success

Flashback: 'Married… With Children' Cast on How Their Unique Humor Was a Recipe for Success
On April 5, 1987, there was something different about Los Angeles. The Hollywood sign, perhaps L.A.’s most identifiable landmark, had seemingly been erased off the hillside it’s resided upon for decades. In its place was a three-letter word that was easy to read from the city below as spotlights had been installed for maximum visibility: Fox.

Meanwhile, another longstanding staple of the entertainment industry was undergoing a change as well. CBS, ABC, and NBC, or the “Big Three,” were about to face a brand new ratings competitor. In an effort to drum up publicity for the debut of its primetime line-up, Fox Broadcasting Corp. had received permission to temporarily black out the iconic sign. For a few days, the world-famous photo op for tourists would instead read “Fox” instead of “Hollywood.”

Looking back on the marketing stunt, another word might have sufficed: “Bundy.”

Across town, there was a party at Fox Plaza, home to the
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Suspect Arrested After Iconic Hollywood Sign Changed to ‘Hollyweed’

Suspect Arrested After Iconic Hollywood Sign Changed to ‘Hollyweed’
A suspect has been arrested in the recent change of the iconic Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, People confirms.

Zachary Cole Fernandez, 30, voluntarily surrendered to L.A. police on Sunday night “with his attorneys by his side,” a police spokesman tells People.

Fernandez was arrested on one count of trespassing, a misdemeanor, the spokesman says. The investigation is ongoing and it is unclear if Fernandez is the only suspect in the sign’s modification, according to police, who previously said they had surveillance footage of the incident.

Fernandez and his ex-wife, Sarah Fern, previously told Vice that they were responsible.
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The Hollwood Sign To Step Up Security?

  According to The Hollywood Reporter, "the Hollywood Sign Trust, the non-profit organization that oversees maintenance for the landmark, is looking to improve its security in the wake of this week's rare high-profile prank."  For those who may not have caught the news, while everyone celebrated the new year, The Hollywood Sign was vandalized with white and black tarps to appear to read "Hollyweed." It was returned to normal by mid-morning Sunday. No arrests have been made, the culprit(s) remains at large. Let us all hope they catch the cold they deserve. And, for you kiddies looking to make-out near the sign; this is why you can't have nice things.

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Hollywood Sign Vandalized and Now Reads 'Hollyweed' (Photo)

  • TMZ
The Hollywood sign just paid homage to a new California law making recreational marijuana legal. Someone vandalized the sign either on New Year's Eve or super early New Year's day and it now touts legal pot. Cops say they're gonna get their guy because there's surveillance video.  It looks like one man acting along changed the most iconic image in Hollywood.  We're told he used a tarp to change the shape of the O's. Fun
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15 years ago today: ‘Legally Blonde’ opened in theaters

  • Hitfix
15 years ago today, Elle Woods taught us to bend and snap. Legally Blonde hit theaters on July 13, 2001, giving Reese Witherspoon her breakout role and giving us a movie that put a pink-loving sorority girl in the place where she’s the outcast: law school. Until she proves all her doubters wrong, that is, in the midst of a murder trial, no less. The comedy’s success led to a 2003 sequel and a stage musical that premiered on Broadway in 2007. Other notable July 13 happenings in pop culture history: • 1923: The Hollywood sign, which then read “Hollywoodland,” was officially dedicated. • 1939: Frank Sinatra made his recording debut in a New York studio, singing “From The Bottom Of My Heart” and “Melancholy Mood” with the Harry James Band. • 1964: The Supremes recorded “Come See About Me” in “Hitsville U.S.A.,” Motown’s first headquarters. • 1984: The Muppets Take Manhattan and The Last Starfighter opened in theaters.
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How Jeff Goldblum Mocked His Independence Day: Resurgence Director With A Great Ad-Libbed Line

As anyone who has seen any of his films can attest, director Roland Emmerich really loves blowing up famous landmarks. Over the course of his career, he has not only blown up locations like The Hollywood Sign, the U.S. Capitol Building and the Statue of Liberty, but he has even gone as far as to destroy The White House and other famous places multiple times. Audiences will be able to see more of this blockbuster fun in the upcoming Independence Day: Resurgence, but what the movie also happens to come with is a great bit of improvised dialogue from Jeff Goldblum, mocking his director.s tendency to annihilate well-known monuments. Today, 20th Century Fox brought a special reel from Independence Day: Resurgence to their presentation at CinemaCon . the annual convention held in Las Vegas for theater owners . and during one particular scene of epic destruction, the line that brought
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Raw Science Awards Winners

The finalists for the first Raw Science Film Festival were screened at Caltech, which received a nod for its contribution to film during the recent Academy Awards, and the awards presented to winners in the Zanuck Theater at Fox Studios on December 8, 2014. The festival honors talented filmmakers, both student and professional, and gives them the opportunity to receive recognition in front of a worldwide audience of leaders in entertainment, science, and technology.

In addition to this, the jury is comprised of longstanding members of the Academy. Andy Hendrickson (Cto, Disney Animation Studios) accepted an award for "Big Hero 6," which recently became the winner of the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

The 2014 Raw Science Film Festival was created by the Raw Science Foundation in association with Raw Science TV. The festival was made possible by the premiere sponsor and partner Science and Entertainment Exchange , which connects entertainment industry professionals with top scientists and engineers to create a synergy between accurate science and engaging storylines in both film and TV programming. $20,000 in cash prizes were awarded to winning filmmakers.

The festival was curated by Mitchell Block, the Executive Director of Programming for Raw Science TV, and produced by Yokeena Jamar.

The Jury included Academy Award winning & nominated filmmakers Luke Matheny (Best Short Film, “God of Love”), Randal Kleiser (“Grease” and “Honey I Blew up the Kid”), Martha Coolidge (“Real Genius” and “The Twilight Zone” TV Series), and John Singleton (“Boyz n the Hood” and “Tupac”), Liz Keim ( The Exploratorium), and Iram Parveen Bilal (“Josh”).

Presenters included Martha Coolidge and Martin Gunderson ("Real Genius"), S&Ee’s Kevin Grazier ("Gravity," "Battlestar Galactica"), Rick Loverd (Science and Entertainment Exchange), and filmmaker Iram Parveen Bilal.

Attendees included Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely (Un Ambassador of Goodwill to Africa, New Future Foundation, Inc.) and First Robotics Team 980 for a screening of the film "Spare Parts" starring George Lopez.

“Filmmakers inspire and balance our advancing society" said Keri Kukral, Founder/CEO of Raw Science. "We want to honor them."

The awards were specially designed and created by 3D Systems.

Watch a video of the award creation process here: Raw Science Awards

Film Festival Winners:

"Number 32," directed by Linnea Langkammer

"The Heart Thief," directed by Ella Rubeli

"Consider the Ant," directed by Emily Fraser

"Ballet Meets Robotics," directed by Ashley Rodholm

"Beyond the Spheres," directed by Meghdad Asadi Lari

"Nzara '76," directed by Jon Noble

"The Nostalgist," directed by Giacomo Cimini

"Habana," directed by Edouard Salier

"Channeling," directed by Andrew Thomas.

Special Awards:

Kip Thorne Gravity Award for Best Depiction of a Scientific Principle :

Kip Thorne ("Interstellar")

Technical Innovation in Media :

Andy Hendrickson and Walt Disney Animation Studios Team ("Big Hero 6")

Best Documentary :

Brian Knappenberger ("The Internet's Own Boy")

Best University Prank :

Dwight Berg a.k.a. “Calvin Techer” (Caltech & The Hollywood Sign, 1987)

The USA Science & Engineering Festival Youth Award :

Tim Eddy ("A-z of Zombies")

The series DIYsect by Benjamin Welmond and Mary Tsang was noted as one-to-watch. The Looking Planet by Eric Law Anderson was an audience favorite.

Best University Prank:

The identity of legendary prankster “Calvin Techer” (aka Dwight Berg) was revealed by his surprise appearance at the festival. Berg described (video) the technical details behind one of the most legendary college pranks of all time – the changing of the Hollywood sign to read “Caltech” in 1987.
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Where Will You be When You Realize You’ve Seen the San Andreas Trailer Before?

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, here's hoping Roland Emmerich feels the same way. A couple days ago we got our first look at San Andreas, the upcoming disaster film featuring The Rock vs. Earthquake, and something felt a little too familiar. "Where will you be?" asks the trailer. Well, turns out the trailer for 2004's The Day After Tomorrow asked the exact same question in a trailer that, generally speaking, is pretty similar to the one for San Andreas. Is it too similar? Judge for yourself after the jump. Truth be told, the whole San Andreas trailer has a very Emmerich-esque vibe to it. I'm sure I'm not the only one who did a double take when I saw Brad Peyton listed as director, but that's not exactly surprising given that Emmerich has been The Guy for big-budget disaster flicks for almost two decades now.
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Roland Emmerich, By the Numbers: A Closer Look at the Director's Destruction

Director Roland Emmerich a.k.a. the master of blowing up everything in sight, has destroyed the world too many times to remember. From "Independence Day" to "2012" to "Godzilla," the filmmaker has rounded up an incalcuable body count, some very hefty budgets, and a whole lot of Omg moments.

Since his new movie "White House Down," which hits theaters this Friday, seems like it's only going to add to the crazy, chaotic destruction we love Emmerich for, we've created a handy by-the-numbers guide from his movies to help prepare you. (Plus, now that "ID2" and "3" are in talks, it's time to refresh your memory.)

Total budget of his films: $925 million (estimated)

Total box office gross of his films: $3,010.4 billion (approximately)

Total landmarks destroyed: 22

Number of New York City landmarks destroyed: 6 (Empire State, Statue of Liberty, Chrystler, Brooklyn Bridge, MetLife, Flatiron)

Number of times each landmark has been destroyed:

The Hollywood Sign
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Why Doesn't George Clooney Have A Star On The Walk Of Fame?

Why Doesn't George Clooney Have A Star On The Walk Of Fame?
Los Angeles — Engelbert Humperdink has one. Clint Eastwood does not. John, George and Ringo – yes. Paul McCartney? Not yet. And George Clooney would be in the club if only someone could convince him to show up for the ceremony.

When it comes to receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the sidewalk tourist attraction that encompasses 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks of intersecting Vine Street, it's not so much who you know, but whether you're willing to play by the rules.

For starters, someone in the celebrity's camp must first fill out an application form that includes the star's signed promise that they will attend the ceremony.

No pledge? No ceremony. Which is why Eastwood, Julia Roberts and Clooney aren't among the 2,450 honorees lining Hollywood's sidewalks.

A five-member committee meets annually in June to consider some 250 to 300 applicants from five categories of the entertainment industry – film,
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Oscar Winner Elizabeth Taylor’s Most Iconic Screen Roles

Taylor as Cleopatra. © Bettmann/Corbis. The Hollywood sign seemed to shrink visibly this morning with the news that Elizabeth Taylor, one of the greatest stars to ever grace the silver screen, had passed away. Taylor was the quintessence of epic celebrity—an actress whose legendary beauty brought as much glamour and drama to the movies as her personal life did to the tabloids. She won two Oscars, one for playing a seductively self-destructive call girl in Butterfield 8 and the other for bringing her passionately self-destructive marriage with Richard Burton to life in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. In fact, it was Taylor and Burton’s infamous affair on the set of Cleopatra that seemed to mark the apex of the studio system itself: the movie bankrupted Twentieth Century Fox, as if the high-wattage heat of their liaison had reduced the back lot to ashes. In short, Elizabeth Taylor
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Hollywood Sign as ‘Pop Culture Version of Mecca’

Hollywood Sign as ‘Pop Culture Version of Mecca’
The Hollywoodland Homeowners Association

Originally erected in 1923 as a billboard to help sell the surrounding property, the Hollywood sign read Hollywoodland. In his newest book, entitled “The Hollywood SignLeo Braudy traces the history of the landmark up until its near removal in 2010 when Hugh Hefner donated the final $900,000 to ensure its preservation.

Speakeasy talked with Braudy about the neighborhood, the sign’s iconic status and Hefner’s longstanding relationship with the landmark.

The Wall Street Journal: How did you
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The Hollywood Sign is Safe and Secured Forever!

  • PopStar
Hooray for Hollywood...or at least the sign. The famous landmark, and the land it sits near has been saved from developers who want to build luxury estates. Governor and ex-actor Arnold Schwarzenegger credits some very public members of California's private sector for donating funds that saved the sign from obstruction. Most notably was Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, who donated $900,000 to save the sign, calling it "Hollywood's Eiffel Tower." "My childhood dreams and fantasies came from the movies, and the images created in Hollywood had a major influence on my life and Playboy." Hef's sizable donation along with a $500,000 matching grant capped off the $12.5 million fund-raising drive to protect the 135 acre parcel near the sign. Back in 1978, Hugh Hefner raised the money necessary to re-build the sign. Now, 32 years later, he has come forward with the sum of money needed to close the deal, thus securing the land and the sign's place in history.
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Hooray! Hollywood Sign Saved

The Hollywood sign got a Hollywood ending. The famous beacon has been saved from urban sprawl under a land conservation pact announced Monday after a donation by Playboy founder Hugh Hefner capped a multimillion-dollar fundraising drive. Actor-turned Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger: “It’s a symbol of dreams and a symbol of opportunity and hope. The Hollywood sign will welcome dreamers, [...]
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Hollywood sign saved by Hugh Hefner donation

Hollywood's iconic landmark and the surrounding land have been saved from property developers – ironically, as that's why the sign was originally created

The famous Hollywood sign that for decades has marked the centre of the film-making world has been saved from demolition following a last-minute donation from porn baron Hugh Hefner.

The landmark has been at the centre of a $12.5m (£8.1m) campaign to stop it being torn down to make room for property development in the surrounding area. Playboy owner Hefner stepped in with a $900,000 donation that means the 138-acre site around the sign will now be protected.

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger described the news as "the Hollywood ending we hoped for". He said: "It's a symbol of dreams and opportunity. The Hollywood sign will welcome dreamers, artists and Austrian bodybuilders for generations to come."

Hefner, who stepped in once before, in 1978, to help save the sign, describes it
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Hugh Hefner Donates $900,000 to Preserve Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign has been saved - thanks to Playboy magazine boss Hugh Hefner. The tycoon has offered $900,000 to preserve the land to the west of the famous Los Angeles landmark.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed that Hefner's cash had provided the state with the funds needed to save the site from development. Schwarzenegger, an early supporter of the campaign to save the sign, says, "It's a symbol of dreams and a symbol of opportunity and hope."

Hefner meanwhile said, "It's like saying let's build a house in the middle of Yellowstone Park. There are some things that are more important. The Hollywood sign represents the dreams of millions. It's a symbol. It is as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. It represents the movies." In 1978, Hefner also played a major role in a campaign to fix the then-terribly dilapidated sign.

In total, campaigners raised $12.5 million to purchase the land back from its Chicago,
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Hugh Hefner Saves L.A. Landmark... Again

Hugh Hefner Saves L.A. Landmark... Again
Playboy's Hugh Hefner has saved the world-famous Hollywood sign once again.

The magazine mogul gave $900,000 to a fundraising campaign to keep the sign in its pristine environs. The generous donation pushed past the $12.5 million needed to buy the 138 acres behind the sign, keeping out the builders who wanted to put in luxury homes.

But this isn't the first time Hefner has stepped in to save the landmark. He also raised money in 1978 to rebuild the crumbling wooden sign,
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Hugh Heffner Saves the Hollywood Sign!

  • HeyUGuys
It’s been a funny couple of weeks with news of one of the greatest landmarks in California facing the chop – or at least being obscured. The 450ft-long Hollywood sign that overlooks Los Angeles was under threat from developers that were planning to buy the land that stands in front of the famous sign. The land was put on the market two years ago and unless $12.5m (£8m) was raised by this coming Friday, the sign could be in danger of being seen by the millions that look up at it everyday.

Well, it seems that Playboy Magazine tycoon has come to the rescue just days before the money needed to be paid. The non-profit organisation called Public Trust For Lands have been campaigning for the land and will now turn it over to the city of L0s Angeles, preventing construction going forward.

Hefner said: “My childhood dreams and fantasies came from the movies,
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Hefner Helps Save The Hollywood Sign

  • WENN
Hefner Helps Save The Hollywood Sign
The Hollywood sign has been saved - thanks to Playboy magazine boss Hugh Hefner.

The tycoon has offered $900,000 (£562,500) to preserve the land to the west of the famous Los Angeles landmark.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed that Hefner's cash had provided the state with the funds needed to save the site from development.

Schwarzenegger, an early supporter of the campaign to save the sign, says, "It's a symbol of dreams and a symbol of opportunity and hope."

In total, campaigners raised $12.5 million (£7.8 million) to purchase the land back from its Chicago, Illinois owners.

Playboy Hugh Hefner Saves the Hollywood Sign (Again)

The Trust for Public Land tried everything to raise the $12.5 million needed to purchase the land behind the Hollywood sign from developers. A weird public awareness campaign that actually altered the letters--sometimes quite amusingly--during President's Day Weekend. Corporate funding from high-profile donors like Tiffany & Co. Neighborhood bake sales. But in the end, it was large naked breasts that saved the day. Today, Playboy's Hugh Hefner tossed in the last $900,000 needed to buy 138 acres around the world's most famous sign.

But it's not the first time that Hef has pitched in for these nine letters. Here's Hefner standing in front of the sorry sign back in 1978 just before a gala fundraiser he threw at the Playboy Mansion. Letters were auctioned off to celebs for $27,700 each:  Gene Autry got the 'L,' Alice Cooper got the 'O,' Andy Williams got the 'W,' and Hef himself got the 'Y.'

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