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12 May 2000
Steve Taylor is a charming, efficient man, but can't handle women well, being affected by fears which are only aggravated when he talks with his best mate Jeff, who always manages to say and do the wrong thing and worse...
19 May 2000
Size Matters
When Susan calls Steve, he instantly looses all his command of conversation, yet they agree to meet and she offers to cook, according to Sally an offer of free sex plus catering. Steve's report to the mates is treated to Jeff's dubious 'foreplay tips', such as avoiding at all cost to be even a moment, while undressing, naked except for socks, and one the mentioned girls overhear entering the bar: using the girlfriend's first name to call the celebrity one usually thinks of during sex. Jane is absurdly confident her own bisexuality makes her eligible for pure gay hunk ...
26 May 2000
Sex, Death & Nudity
Jane's aunt dies, and everyone's going to the funeral ... but whose date is whose? The event has Sally worrying that her anti-aging beauty regime may never be enough. This episode also features Jeff's infamous (and illustrated) theory of the "giggle loop."
2 Jun. 2000
While tidying up Steve's flat, Susan finds a hot tape we'll just call "Inferno" ... but that's not the FULL title. At a dinner party featuring all the friends, plus Jane's ambiguous guest, he is called upon to give a detailed review of the film and, by extension, a defense of the whole male heterosexual psyche. Jane also takes this evening as her opportunity to proclaim her variety of "open" vegetarianism.
9 Jun. 2000
The Girl with Two Breasts
Jeff meets and tries to "chat up" an Israeli girl who doesn't speak English. Meanwhile, Steve and Patrick are inspired to thoughts of a science fiction movie featuring intelligent breasts -- but what will they call it?
16 Jun. 2000
The Cupboard of Patrick's Love
Patrick's video collection, including the tape of Susan, is discovered. Before she can ask for Patrick's discretion, he's already shown it to Steve, Jeff and Sally who haven't even noticed that Patrick taped over her.

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