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Season 4

10 May 2004
9½ Minutes
After a trip to a dating agency, Jane has a blind date with a guy called Oliver. Meanwhile, Patrick and Sally face the first problem in their relationship, and Susan attempts to talk to Steve about the imminent birth of their child.
17 May 2004
The friends become entangled in a seemingly endless phone call as pregnant Susan looks for assurance of sexiness, Sally looks for the meaning of her new relationship with Patrick, and Jane looks for a way to hide now that she's in the wrong ex's apartment.
24 May 2004
Bed Time
In reality and fantasy, Sally and Patrick match wits as he seeks to spend the night at home and she looks to entice him to stay over ... again. Oliver accompanies Jane to Sally's dinner party, which features an unexpected musical entertainment.
31 May 2004
Circus of the Epidurals
Susan takes Sally to prenatal class to be her back-up in case Steve can't cope. Steve finds himself haunted by the ghost of spanking lesbians past and Jane tries to "out-keen" Oliver.
7 Jun. 2004
The Naked Living Room
Is it possible that lifetime loser-in-love Oliver is a good fit for lifetime loser-in-love Jane? Can a man win the heart of a woman when his apartment is "unedited"? What happens to a living room that has lost its battle with magazine nudity?
14 Jun. 2004
9½ Months
Susan is in labor, and Steve is now remembering the events of that night. Patrick and Sally are having problems with Patrick's previous relationship with Jane. As well as Oliver is desperate for a night with Jane but is soon interrupted by Steve and Susan.

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