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Season 1

7 Apr. 1986
The Sky Is on Fire
The Centurions are taken to a special facility where they are developing a device known as a cryogenic ray which will cool down even the hottest of objects. But Doc Terror covets the cryogenic gun and has Hacker steal it for him. With the cryogenic ray in his possession, he sends out flying robots to set the Van Allen Radiation Belt on fire, which will cause a fire storm and raise the Earth's temperatures to the point where all life forms will become extinct. The Centurions must stop Doc Terror and retrieve the cryogenic ray before it's too late.
8 Apr. 1986
Battle Beneath the Sea
Doc Terror sends Mekko to attack Sea Lab, where the Centurions' weapon systems are created. Max and Ace fight against Terror's forces in South Africa while Jake is visiting Sea Lab and gets caught in the assault orchestrated by Mekko.
9 Apr. 1986
An Alien Affair
The Centurions are send to investigate a passing comet. When they are beamed on the comet, they find a mysterious giant creature that feeds on energy. To escape from it, the Centurions are beamed home; unfortunately, so is the alien.
10 Apr. 1986
Found: One Lost World
After a battle with the Centurions, Doc Terror's aircraft gets hit and crashes in the jungle. While scouring the area, Terror and Hacker stumble on a prehistoric world. Soon the doctor begins turning the dinosaurs into cyborgs.
11 Apr. 1986
Sand Doom
A prince seeks the help of the Centurions and Crystal to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his pipe lines' caravans in a sand storm. Crystal and the others face a giant worm in the desert that seems to be indestructible.
22 Sep. 1986
Whale attacks trouble the Centurions when they almost destroy the new bridge between England and France. A whale named Whistler helps Max to find the white whale that led the attack.
23 Sep. 1986
Tornado of Terror
Doc Terror steals the new weather master. His associate Professor Storm created a weather helmet that enabled him to create a living tornado. The helmet combined with the weather master could unleash countless disasters.
24 Sep. 1986
Denver Is Down
The Centurions are preventing the plutonium shipment ambush of Doc Terror's associates in Colorado. Meanwhile, Terror and Hacker manage to sink the entire city of Denver underground right before the Centurions' eyes.
25 Sep. 1986
Micro Menace
After Doc Terror is stopped from taking a captured asteroid, his associate The Executioner fools Jake and gives him a fake teleporting asteroid circuit. After it is installed on Skyvault, the whole computer systems go out of control.
26 Sep. 1986
Attack of the Plant-Borg
Six large meteors are on a collision course with Earth. The Centurions and Crystal destroy five but the last one impacts in the desert. Doc Terror finds it with an aggressive plant inside. Every time the plant is attacked, it multiplies.
29 Sep. 1986
Battle Beneath the Ice
Max manages to call off Mekko's attack in claiming a meteorite that finally gets secured in Sea lab. The meteorite holds some sort of virus that, when was isolated on a computer chip, takes over every machine, computer and AI unit.
30 Sep. 1986
Operation Starfall
The mining town on the Moon is attacked by Doc Terror while Ace is on inspection. An ion storm causes problems with Skyvault's beaming the weapon systems.
1 Oct. 1986
Let the Games Begin
Youngster Randy Chang defeats the Centurions in a hologram simulation. Doc Terror captures the boy and suits him up in a cyborg "cage" to do his bidding. Thinking in the beginning it's just a game, Randy does much damage.
2 Oct. 1986
While an archaeology expedition in Mexico, Rebecca, friend of Max, stumbles upon a map of the location of the ancient spaceship Firebird. The Centurions are cornered by Hacker, who takes control of Firebird.
3 Oct. 1986
Cold Calculations
The Centurions deliver the silver supply to Geneva after preventing Terror' attack. Amber takes images of Jake in his weapon system during the ambush. Later she succeeds in disguising herself as Jake and steals the silver.
6 Oct. 1986
Return of Captain Steele
Dr. Terror and Hacker found the doom star device that could annihilate a whole city on an island. When the natives saw Hacker they took him for Captain Steele, local lost hero. The Centurions are send to stop Terror's plan.
7 Oct. 1986
Three Strikes and You're Dead
Blaster McGraw is the best baseball player who was ambushed on the road. His coach approaches Ace because he is Blaster's former college buddy. In the investigation, Ace finds out Blaster's disappearance is Dr. Terror's doing.
8 Oct. 1986
Double Agent
Dr. Terror succeeds in a mind switching experiment between Hacker and Ace. He switches Hacker's mind into Ace's body.
9 Oct. 1986
Child's Play
Jimmy, a teenager with very strong telekinetic abilities gets a hold of Jake's Wild Weasel. He uses it to cease the abuse of a gang of bullies. Dr. Terror captures Gina, friend of Jimmy's to blackmail him to do his bidding.
10 Oct. 1986
Terror on Ice
Jake discovers a giant T-Rex by accident. Dr. Terror succeeds in capturing the dinosaur and prepares him to a cyborg transformation in Dominion. The T-Rex breaks free and takes Amber with it. Dr. Terror asks the Centurions for help.
13 Oct. 1986
That Old Black Magic
Ace meets a woman named Cassandra Cross, who is a practitioner of white magic.
14 Oct. 1986
Max Ray... Traitor
Max ends up trapped under wreckage of a power plant. Jake and Ace unable to aid. Max escapes but leaves the team. He accepts to join a temporal research facility where he finds Gremlin. Together they ambush the rest of the Centurions.
15 Oct. 1986
Crack the World
Sealab's commander, Dr. Regulas, refuses Mei Lee's request for the Centurions' help in saving the trapped pilots in Mariana Trench. Meanwhile Dr. Terror has Hacker plant bombs there that can can crack the world.
16 Oct. 1986
The Incredible Shrinking Centurions
Crystal and the Centurions visit the INTERTECH computer which controls everything on Earth and recently causes heavy malfunctions. The Centurions get shrunk and send inside the computer to eliminate the virus.
17 Oct. 1986
Live at Five
Jenny Rivers, an ambitious journalist and friend of Ace makes a false report on the Centurions on TV. Dr. Terror puts in motion his plan to steal the solar mirror. Meanwhile Ace clears the Centurions' reputation in front of Jenny.
20 Oct. 1986
The Mummy's Curse
Professor Sloan asks the Centurions to guard the tomb of the lost pharaoh. Jake discovers Sloan' connection with Terror and gets trapped in the pyramid helpless. Terror and Sloan bring the ancient statue warriors to live and attack Cairo.
21 Oct. 1986
Counterclock Crisis
Jake got hit accidentally by a sonic ray in front of Max, Ace and Crystal. That enabled him to see the future which was Skyvault, taken over by Dr. Terror and Amber. When Jake comes through, his friends don't believe what he has foreseen.
22 Oct. 1986
Zombie Master
Max and Ace handle Terror's attack on the president's yacht while Jake is on vacation. One night Jake stumbles on a girl, who says everyone in town is turned into zombies. Max and Ace join Jake's investigation and find the Zombie Master.
23 Oct. 1986
During a Centurion operation, Ace got hit and crashed. While he was unconscious, Hacker found him and switched a chip in Ace's XO frame. After that Ace's weapon system were uncontrollable and he became a treat to all.
24 Oct. 1986
Broken Beams
Ace and Jake go on a mission in Tibet's mines to retrieve a crystal to fix Skyvault's broken beaming transmitter. Max stays in Centrum ready to insist the guys by beaming their weapons. In the mines Ace and Jake find Terror' cyborgs.
27 Oct. 1986
The Chameleon's Sting
Jake and Ace go on vacation after they put an end of Yates' plan to inject people with his chameleon serum. Yates breaks from prison and gets revenge on the Centurions by taking Jake's appearance and his place among the others.
28 Oct. 1986
Film at Eleven
Jenny Rivers returns with a scoop on Dr. Terror. She disguises herself as a man and joins one of Terror's training camps, with some help from a former mercenary named Kaska. She and the other recruits stage an attack on the Centurion's testing grounds.
29 Oct. 1986
Hacker Must Be Destroyed
During a presentation for the Centurions of the energy enhancer, Hacker breaks in and tries to still it. Ace knocks him out and Hacker is captured. He is sentenced to a life imprisonment. Dr. Terror decides to get rid of Hacker for good.
30 Oct. 1986
Showdown at Skystalk
Ace and Crystal are on vacation in the posh resort Star Plaza. Everything is like a fairy tale until they discover their host' sinister plan to replace them and other influential people with clones.
31 Oct. 1986
The Warrior
Jake is on a rescue mission in the Amazon. He gets double crossed by a boat's captain who takes his briefcase with the ransom for the kidnapped Dr. Rivera. Colonel Guerrero, a terrorist and the kidnapper joins forces with Dr. Terror.
3 Nov. 1986
Return of Cassandra
The white witch Cassandra Cross' evil twin sister Lillith joins forces with Doc Terror.
4 Nov. 1986
Night on Terror Mountain
Doc Terror and Hacker are defeated by the Centurions. They end up in a creepy castle where they find and wake up the real Count Dracula. Doc Terror is unable to control him.
5 Nov. 1986
Crystal, Ace, and Jake meet her history college professor at a fair. Suddenly they are attacked by Doc Terror. The professor reveals his discovery of the location of Merlin's tomb. He gets kidnapped by his assistant who works for Terror.
6 Nov. 1986
The Monsters from Below
Dr. Romulus creates hideous monsters that could take the appearance of any person by looking into their eyes. Dr. Terror sends the monsters after members of the Council including Crystal to capture them and take their appearances.
7 Nov. 1986
The Road Devils
Jake comes across a heavily armed bike gang called The Road Devils while he is checking the new land-hopper in Australia. The Road Devils are after Mitch, who stole a microchip that Doc Terror wanted, The bike gang kidnaps Cathy, Mitch's girlfriend.
10 Nov. 1986
Zone Dancer
Gabriel Knight, a private eye is hired by Crystal to find out who framed her for Zone Dancing-illegal tapping into corporate computers by connecting people's minds into them. Knight seeks out Gibson, a former Zone Dancer who tells him about Neon. He is reputed to have stolen data from Skyvault's computers. Dr. Wu tells the Centurions that Megacorp is the company that designed Skyvault's beaming program, has had the program illegally duplicated by a Zone Dancer, who now has access to Skyvault's beaming files. Ace and John stumble on a beam-clone of Crystal.
11 Nov. 1986
Quisto and Montenegro are on a verge of war. Crystal interrupts Ace' dream involving her as she summons the Centurions. Max, Ace and Jake are on a diplomatic mission in Quisto while Rex and John find the culprit for the war.
12 Nov. 1986
Traitors Three
The Centurions are framed after an operation and released from duty. Max suspects a spy of Dr. Terror among the members of the investigators. When Crystal beams the Centurions in Skyvault, they discover a bomb.
13 Nov. 1986
You Only Love Twice
Doctor Terror creates merely a hologram of colonel Charles 'Chuck' Bates, the long lost fiance of Crystal Kane. Terror plans to lure Crystal, capture her, take her to Dominion and turn her into a cyborg.
14 Nov. 1986
Crystal and the Centurions are on their way to intercept a comet and the scientists who leave inside it. They are searching for Dr. Owl who created a virus that is now unleashed on Earth by Dr. Terror.
17 Nov. 1986
Crystal sends the Centurions to battle Dr. Terror's bugborgs in the mountains of Peru. They are with Claus, the inventor of their weapon systems. Jake tries his new weapon system called Swing shot when Claus is captured by Dr. Terror.
18 Nov. 1986
Dr. Harryman breaks from prison with the help of Dr. Terror. They join forces against the World Council. Dr. Terror steals the sonic ray thanks to Alexis, Harryman's daughter. The Centurions try to figure out their plans for the sonic ray.
19 Nov. 1986
Atlantis Adventure: Part I
Mei Lee and Jason from Sealab, are exploring the recently-discovered deepest underwater trench, when their sea-bubble is attacked by a giant squid. Max is sent to rescue them but suffers the same fate. Ace and Jake are in NASA to use an experimental Venus Probe, the only probe that can withstand the pressure at that depth. There Ace faces his old Air Academy comrade Sean O'Connor, who still holds a grudge against him over a girl. Max comes through to find himself in the undersea city of Atlantis, ruled by Princess Diana. She tells him of the city's century survival as...
20 Nov. 1986
Atlantis Adventure: Part II
Naro captures the Venus Probe with Jake and Sean. Ace is beamed back to Skyvault by Crystal on Jake's request. Sean O'Connor joins forces with Naro. Meanwhile, Max with Mei Lee and Jason escape from their confinement and look for a transmitter, but are stopped by Diana's troops. Ace is on Sealab that uses its new force field to descend to Atlantis' depth. Jake escapes and beams outside Sealab, where he tries to get on board. Max, the two from Sealab take Diana with them as they escape and uncover Naro's plans. Sean uses the Venus Probe to return to Sealab, where it is...
21 Nov. 1986
Ghost Warrior
A 20 feet tall Apache ghost warrior commands John Thunder's tribe to attack the geological research lab. Ace and Jake defeat Hacker in the desert nearby the tribe's whereabouts. Meanwhile John discovers who is the ghost warrior.
24 Nov. 1986
Let the Lightning Fall
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