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James Bentley: Nicholas



  • Anne : I don't believe that the Holy Spirit is a dove.

    Nicholas : I don't believe that either.

    Anne : Doves are anything but holy.

    Nicholas : They poo on the window.

  • Anne : Nicholas don't speak to them.

    Nicholas : Why?

    Anne : They're dead.

    Nicholas : WHAT?

    Anne : They're ghosts. Come over here.

    Nicholas : But you said "Ghosts wear sheets and carry chains".

    Anne : I don't care what I said. Get away from them.

    Nicholas : You're always teasing me, and telling lies. I'm sick of it.

    Anne : Nicholas I'm telling the truth. COME HERE!

  • Anne : WE'RE NOT DEAD!

    Nicholas : We're not dead!

  • Charles : [enters Anne and Nicholas' bedroom] 


    Charles : How are my little ones?

    Anne : [excited]  Daddy!

    [she hugs Charles] 

    Anne : Why did you take so long?

    Charles : [smiles when he sees Nicholas]  Hello Nicholas.

    [Nicholas hugs him] 

    Anne : [to Nicholas]  I told you, you see! I told you he'd come back!

    Charles : [as he hugs the children]  Have you both been well-behaved?

    Anne : We've been very good.

    Charles : Have you been good to your Mother?

    Nicholas : Very good. We study every day for our First Communion.

    Anne : [pauses]  Daddy, did you kill anyone?

  • [Walking in the forest] 

    Nicholas : I'm scared.

    Anne : Well, you shouldn't have come then.

    Nicholas : Say something.

    Anne : What shall I say?

    Nicholas : Anything.

    Anne : My name is Anne, and I'm walking. I'm walking and my name is Anne...

  • [repeated line] 

    Nicholas : Mummy!

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