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Nicole Kidman: Grace



  • Grace : Where's my daughter? What have you done with my daughter?

    Anne : Are you mad? I am your daughter.

  • Grace : I'm beginning to feel totally cut off from the world.

  • Grace : At first I couldn't understand what the pillows where doing in my hands and why you didn't move, but then I knew, it had happened, I killed my children. I got the rifle, I put it to my forehead and I pulled the trigger, nothing, and I heard your laughter in the bedroom, you were playing with the pillows as if nothing had happened, and I thought the Lord and his great mercy was giving me another chance, tell them, don't give up, be strong, be a good mother but now, but now what does this all mean? Where are we?

  • Grace : Charles. You look so different.

    Charles : Sometimes I bleed.

  • Grace : If you see a ghost, you say "hello".

  • Charles : I just came home to say goodbye to my wife and children.

    Grace : Where are you going?

    Charles : To the front.

    Grace : I thought the war was over.

    Charles : The war is not over.

    Grace : You're not going. You left us once already. YOU CAN'T GO! Why did you go and fight that stupid war that had NOTHING TO DO WITH US? Why didn't you stay like the others did?

    Charles : The others surrendered.

    Grace : We are all surrendered, what did you expect? What were you trying to prove by going to war? Your place was here with your family. I loved you, but that wasn't enough, was it? You want to leave not because of the war, you want to leave me, remember when you told me "I know a place where no one can bother our children when they are playing"?

  • Grace : If you're dead, then leave us in peace. Leave us in peace!

    Mrs. Mills : And suppose we do leave you, ma'am, do you suppose that They will?

    Grace : Who?

    Mrs. Mills : The intruders.

  • [first lines] 

    Grace : Now children, are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin... This story started many thousands of years ago, and it was all over in just 7 days. All that long long time ago, none of the things we can see now, the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth, the animals and plants, not a single one existed. Only God existed. And so only he could have created them. And he did.

  • Grace : This house is ours, this house is ours.

  • Grace : No one can make us leave this house.

  • Grace : So you say you know this house well?

    Mrs. Mills : Like the back of my hand, that is assuming the walls haven't sprouted legs and moved in the meantime.

    Grace : The only thing that moves here is the light, but it changes everything.

  • Grace : Whoever took the curtains wants to kill my children.

    Mrs. Mills : Now, why do you think the daylight would kill them?

    Grace : Are you mad? I already told you my children are photosensitive. THE LIGHT WILL KILL THEM!

    Mrs. Mills : Yes, but that was before. The condition could have cleared up.

  • Anne : Mummy, I won't ask for forgiveness for something I didn't do!

    Grace : You told your brother there was someone else in the room!

    Anne : There was!

    Grace : You're lying!

    Anne : I AM NOT!

  • Grace : You told your brother there was someone else in the room.

    Anne : There was.

    Grace : That'll do, Anne.

  • Grace : My husband went to war and did not come back. Who will do the cooking?

    Mrs. Mills : I'm sorry, miss.

    Grace : Who will do the cooking?

  • Grace : [regarding Lydia]  Was she born like that?

    Mrs. Mills : Beg your pardon, ma'am?

    Grace : The girl. Was she born a mute?

    Mrs. Mills : No.

    [looks uncomfortable] 

    Mrs. Mills : I think I've finished here, ma'am. If you'll excuse me, I think I'll go and see if Mr. Tuttle needs a hand.

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