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One of my all-time favorite shows
yolkbolt11 July 2004
I accidentally happened across an episode of Largo Winch about 3 months ago and was totally hooked on the show right away. I have seen almost every episode (there are 39 episodes in total - including the 2 hour pilot) and am currently trying to record all of the episodes on DVD. (To date I have 18 recorded) The show has a lot of action and adventure and in addition, the episodes usually have a sub-plot as well as the main plot - so the episodes are never boring, move along well, and capture your interest. I feel that all of the actors in the cast were well picked and really play their roles well and are believable - as well as they have the chemistry required to make a show work and they all interact well with each other. This is definitely one of my all-time favorite shows, and I highly recommend it to anyone. Currently, it is playing on Showcase at 10:00 AM - EST in case you're wondering. A point of interest for the women...(in case you're not familiar with the show - and I can't resist saying this) Paulo Seganti is a major hottie and makes watching the show worthwhile just to FOR THE GUYS....Sydney Penny plays Joy Arden - Largo's female bodyguard - she does an awesome job and could very well be worth your interest....
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"Largo Winch" (2001)
kiepie_els29 April 2004
This is a super cool story. With a red hot hunk and a super lady. My goodness, why are we only seeing this now? The best is the tension between Joyce and Largo, Man when are they going to get together? Largo is such a casinova.... and a caring one too.

Please, please let there be more where this came from. It is the very best story ever.

So many cultures and backrounds mixed together and blended to a perfect taste of laughter, tears, tension and action.

Go get them and please do not wait too long before you show us the Largo Winch III
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Creates a world of it's own which makes it interesting and exciting...
dlih3g24 June 2005
I usually get bored with action series but somehow Largo Winch was impossible to be bored with. The show in some way creates a world of it's own and I find that new and interesting. Besides the action the show also had mystery as Largo found out more about his father's history. And I always appreciated the friendship between Largo and Simon. Too often in similar type of shows friends end up as each other's enemies but here the friendship lasted throughout everything that happened. Also as a nice bonus the characters were very good-looking, men and women, but never mindless bimbos. They all had brains and personality as well as looks. I was sad when the show ended because except for some minor faults I thought the show was brilliant!
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It's Great,.....but some remarks
Largo Winch6 October 2001
First I was very afraid. I thought, just another comic book adaption that will rape the original comic book itself. BUT it's a GREAT adaption. It has the action from the comic book, the photography and stunts are super, and most of the actors really look like the ones in the comic books. Seganti really looks like Largo,but Wallraff(Ovronnaz) and Houde (Sullivan) are both coming so close to their comic book alter ego that it's almost amazing ! On the other hand I was a bit disappointed in the character of Van Dreema that doesn't look at all like the comic book version and the character of Nerio that looks like a playboy while in the comic book he's a sick and old man in a wheelchair (except in flashbacks) I'am also missing 3 very important characters from the comic book in this series until now (I only saw the first episode). Where are Miss Pennywinkle, Mr.Cochrane and the evil Mr. Cotton ??? Now we only have Cardignac as evil person but in the comic books he's killed by Ovronnaz in the 2nd book. Will this character be the evil one for all 26 episodes ? Personally I would suggest the producers to make a prequel of the series as a full movie where the plotline and all characters of the comic books are more present. In most cases we first get a movie and then a television series. Why not do it the opposite way now ???? Anyway this series is A MUST SEE for anyone who likes some good action and entertainment, but if you're a fan and reader of the comic books you might (I said might) be a little bit disappointed from time to time.
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Largo Winch
jr-20012 October 2005
I would like to state that I did like Largo Winch and I do know of a lot of South African people who are interested in knowing if there would be more of Largo Winch and most of them are not woman. Camera angles were great and the script I feel was excellent. By saying this the scripts was entertaining especially the Simon character. All the characters were great in performance and I don't want the production company to change there formula. The locations that they choose was very scenic and I must not forget the different cars they have driven. There is a lot of people that do not have money to travel the world and thus everyone can get an idea of how the world looks around them.
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I watch the re-runs everyday
mysteryman_4269 July 2004
I like the show and the technical part meaning (Georgy) he has quite the sense of humor and Largo and Simon are very funny at times and lets not forget about Joey she is Hot and very clever. But, there is one problem the series got canceled and they are only running re-runs now on showcase east if i had one dream i wish they would bring the show back to prime time, it only lasted one and a half seasons and i have seen mostly all the episodes i am having LARGO with drawl i need more episodes laugh out loud. Anyways i recommend that if you haven't watched this show, you should check it out. And please if there are any critics reading this page please consider making this show alive again. Thank you
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Paulo Seganti makes it all worth while
sweetrupturedlight11 November 2002
Largo...ummm...what to say. Entertaining. that is actually the first word that pops into mind. yes, true that the plot is far from original, having been based on some cartoon from Europe, but hell, Largo Winch is a slick, SEXY man. add the fact that the series has humour, a lovely leading lady and a drop dead gorgeous leading man, what more could you ask for? Seganti's acting isnt bad either. if i was going to critique something, it would have been that.

out of 10, i'll give it a pleasant 7.5!
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short resume of my point of view
pandao147 February 2001
It's the best action serie I've ever seen! We get a new changement at every minute. We can also note the special style of the producer, which gives the serie a plus. Besides you have a nice and talented actor in the first role!

PS: I'm only 15 and I'm french so don't criticize my poor english
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alpalmer28 July 2003
I first started watching this series as a fan of Geordie Johnson - but I was quickly hooked in, and watched every episode I could get my hands on! Paolo Seganti is great as Largo Winch! I have enjoyed the entire series... it is just the right mix of action, espionage, and romance to keep me watching. It isn't for everyone, but it is worth watching at least once! Maybe you too will become as addicted!
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The adventures of a real life comic book hero
fio400023 July 2003
Not many series featuring an hero taken out of the hardcover comic books and adapted for television with real humans can become so successful that its success has gone beyond the co-producers hope in France. Why ? because Largo is an hero who deals with real problems in the real world in each episodes. No magic powers, exagerated special effects and gimmicks like they use with other comic books hero that have been adapted for television. Of course, the main actor's charm played a lot for the success of this series and now has a loyal following of fans, and so has the rest of his team helping him. What is the main attraction of this series ? apart from the search for the truth about his father, there is the Adriatic Commission. A secret organization trying to get rid of Largo and who its goal is to control the world. Will they succeed ? well, you will find out by watching the 2 seasons of this internationally made television series.
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Bad, worst, "Largo"
vlahov29 September 2007
Come on, people! I read the above comments and cannot believe my eyes. How come you be so stupid and give this a chance? This is the stupidest TV sitcom I've seen in YEARS. The acting is SO BAD, the directing is awful. The cameraman moves the camera just like a first grade school boy would move it... In summary: DON'T WATCH IT! SAVE YOUR TIME FOR SOMETHING ELSE! In addition: why am I required to put 10 lines commenting something that does NOT deserve a single one? Who am I? Why have I come to the Earth? these are the questions that have NOT been answered when watching Largo. and also ... make a product that even a fool can use and ...
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If you have read the comic...
Gat Spier11 November 2001
If you have read the comic, you shouldn't watch this. The comics are far better! I thought this series was laughable! The acting is so bad, and the story is so unbalanced, I was shocked! How could they make such a bad TV-series based upon this great comic-strip? If anyone knows the answer, don't hesitate to tell me!
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