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Adult Appeal
RamblerRandy21 September 2006
This series has adult appeal as the plots are sophisticated and intelligent and relaxing for the overworked adult and not very childish.

The stories are dark oriented but poke fun at all sorts of sources and subjects.

Generally the series ranks close to the Fox Network lineup of cartoon based shows but lacks nudity (I think!) and vulgarity so it has a universal "PG" rating like appeal. More like the Shrek movies.

There is good consistency amongst the writings and design that keeps it interesting and a long of tongue in cheek humor that adults would enjoy without any significant childish components typical in "children only" cartoons.

I'm sure everyone of every age would enjoy this series.
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One of the great Cartoon Network shows...
RabGuy131 October 2006
Along with Dexter's Laboratory, this is the show that has kept me watching Cartoon Network, even when they put dribble like "Totally Spies" on.

This series, although having a few 'flat' episodes, is a great example of a well made cartoon. Rarely do you hear the same music twice (which has, on numerous occasions destroyed other series where you hear the same stuff over again over numerous seasons), the voice acting is always great (from the main characters to Mr. Katz and the Goose God), the animation is great (the varied reactions they give Courage is worth watching for alone) and the stories are always unique, even when they're not up to the series standard bar (which is pretty darn high, IMO).

Ultimately, the series is a culmination of so many excellent factors, with the most important being the way that it can be scary but not so much that you can't let kids watch it. It's the perfect black humor cartoon for kids and adults that I wish was out on DVD, as I'd buy it in an instant.

My personal favorite episodes are "The Chicken From Outer Space", "Revenge of the Chicken From Outer Space", "King Ramses' Curse" and "The Gods Must Be Goosey". I am very glad that they're currently re-showing this on Cartoon Network, because if you haven't seen it, you deserve to.
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Great show.
m0rpher20 July 2003
As someone stated earlier, it can be disturbing in a way at times, but the episodes are always entertaining, clever and super-original. I haven't yet seen a single boring episode.

I love this show. I recommend it to anyone. Little kids might find a few episodes disturbing, but I think they'd like the show anyway. Adults will enjoy this show too.

Oh, and the music is great! I was watching an episode a few hours ago, and the music was worthy of any good horror movie. Thumbs up for whoever made the music. ;)

I give it 5 stars, definately!
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One of the most interesting and disturbing cartoons ever.
CaptainMidnight21 June 2003
Since Cartoon Network had been on, I had taken note of its shows, but I never considered watching them. I didn't think much of their shows when passing through them to get from one channel to the next, but when I sat down and saw "Courage the Cowardly Dog", I was amazed. I easily became addicted to watching the shows (and even staying up until 3:00 in the morning just to see the rerun of the prime time episodes again). Essentially, the show is about a dog named Courage who is adopted as a puppy by an elderly woman (most likely in her fifties or sixties) named Muriel, who is married to an equally aged man named Eustace Bagg. Muriel is kind-hearted and compassionate, but Eustace is selfish and inconsiderate (most of the time). They live in the middle of Nowhere, which is an actual place (with a city a few miles away by the same name). Strange events plague Courage's family, and since Muriel and Eustace don't have enough wisdom or sense to recognize these events, Courage has to save them from whatever is happening. Along with Johnny Bravo, I'm surprised to see this on Cartoon Network. The elements of the shows are very cartoony yet disturbing. While I've never put my finger on it, my brother has the idea that it could be the music. Whatever it is, the show is great.
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The best Cartoon Network show!
Ericho7 March 2003
Oh, man, this show rocks!!! Who could forget the crazy antics of Courage, and how he'd always scream in a different way each time (i.e. his guts fly apart, his eyes grow, he's cut in half) They would have like a different villian for every episode, and there were all kinds of crazy things like snowmen, the Sandman, Eustace as a pickle pirate(!) and such. I must say even Eustace has become likeable to me! He does show redeeming qualities in a few episodes ("Serphent Of Evil River", "The Mask"). I've liked some episodes so much I've even written down stories of them!

And Dootuss...If Scooby Doo is scarier than Courage, how come Scooby Doo is BRIBED into doing his bravery (by getting scooby snacks) and Courage does it because he loves his owners?! He's a LOT braver than Scooby-Doo! I also doubt SD could handle a giant fungus foot, or a little mind-controlling alien, or a crazed, emotionally disturbed goat.

Pure genius! I must say, when Arthur Anderson had to voice Eustace and Lionel Wilson quit, Eustace really lost his pizazz. But that doesn't stop me from liking everything else about the series!! My favorite episodes are "Human Habitrail" "Mission To The Sun" "King Ramses' Curse" "The Transplant" "The Tower Of Dr. Zhalost" "Mondo Magic" "Dome Of Doom" "Farmer-Hunter Farmer-Hunted", the list goes on! I rank this with "Pokemon" as one of my favorite cartoons!

Lint Lady: It's my lint!
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I think that courage cowardly dog should be continued
monetgraves28 March 2008
I may only be 13 years old but i love courage the cowardly dog! I think it SHOULD continue because it is very entertaining and fun to watch.

i have plenty of friends who say they miss it. even though it stopped making new shows in 2002 doesn't mean it couldn't come back on, also even though it comes on about 3 to 4 times a day i think it should make a new show it is very important to me and all of the other fans. John r. DIlworth to me is a very creative guy who should continue.

Now a days we have these non- entertaining shows like chowder, George of the jungle, out of jimmy's head, squirrel boy, my gym partners a monkey,and fosters. i think its outrageous and i can't stand it (also this is my opinion so you can't get mad if you agree). ( no offense and i don't mean to offend or insult these shows but they are pathetic?. its very irritating it makes me want to cry cartoon network used to be vicious about 3,4,5 years ago but now its gotten worse. i still love it and all of its old shows like boomerang too i want a channel like that but not that old about 5 years ago i miss those things dearly please hear me and try to make an effort to change. my number is 202-423-9487 (cell) or 202-545-8885 (home) any one who agrees with me please call and we can try to work things out.

Thank You, Monet Graves
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Psade56931 July 2002
Who ever doesn't like this show is a PATHETIC person who has no, absolutely No sense of Humor! Courage is so sweet, he reminds me of a dog I used to have. Sure, It is pretty gross, but so was Ren and Stimpy and people loved that show, (well everyone I knew loved it) Courage is not supposed to be brave and protect his owner. Come ON, what does he look like, a Guard Dog?! Besides he is a cartoon, and he ends up saving his master like dogs would. This is definetly good, different from that TRASh on Nick, Eeh, just to think of those Horrid Shows, well anyways it is has a creepy quality to it, which is great, and Courage is a loveable character.
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One of the Best Animation Shows On Cartoon Network
redfarmer16 January 2002
Call me a softie but I just love Courage! His weekly exploits as he saves his owners from certain doom are just wonderful. The animation is terrific and the plots are funny and well written.

Anyone who dislikes this show has no sense of humor.

Oh, and if Johnny has five apples and Davey has four apples, why don't they just shut up and eat?

Stupid dog!
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Stupid dog. You make me look bad.
Op_Prime2 June 2000
Courage the Cowardly Dog is an excellent show. It has great animation, funny characters and creative stories. That's something you can't really say about recent Cartoon Network originals (example: Ed, Edd and Eddy). It's pretty much a super natural show, with odd and strange things going on each episode (alien ducks, big foot, crazy barber, etc). Overall, it's a great show.
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My Favorite Cartoon Network Show
kdnor201111 January 2012
I love Courage the Cowardly Dog, I have loved it ever since I was a kid, and I still love it to this day. Why? Because it is the perfect blend of humor and horror.

This show is ridicuously funny, there are several times an episode where I can't help but laugh. The plots are creative and ridiculous. Eustace and Muriel provide most of the laughs, I know this may sound mean but I think Muriel being fat adds a lot to her humor. Courage can sometimes get a laugh, but the computer in the attic is better.

Now for horror, oh God, this show is traumatizing. There are several episodes that scared me as a kid and still creep me out to this day. Freaky Fred was scary because that could actually happen. The puppet man was disturbing. But the one everyone remembers is King Ramses, if you watch that episode you will probably scream.

And the show is also dramatic, the last episode shows what happened to Courage's parents and I actually cried. And the other half of that episode, Pefect, was also sad. This is a great show, that still hold up really well today.
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"Courage The Cowardly Dog" is very good.
bandcrsh11 August 2003
"Courage The Cowardly Dog" is a very good cartoon show. That show is, likely to be on The Sci-Fi Channel. The show is about a dog named Courage, whose owner is Muriel Bagge, a warmharted and loveable woman and her husband Eustace is a coldhearted and hateful man. My favorite episodes are where this fortune teller named Shirley puts a curse on Eustace for being so heartless to her and the only way to remove the curse is to be a nicer person and the other episode where The Bagge Family goes to New York City and Muriel gets to perform her sitar there at Music Hall. I give this show ********* out of **********.
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Irony, simpleness, and unexpectedness makes this a decent show.
staryub11 August 2003
From battling ancient spirits to saving Muriel from an opera-singing sea serpent, Courage delivers an unexpected bit of fun for kids and kids at heart. Sometimes the simple show (which varies little as far as structure goes) delivers social commentary (where else do we see a computer as quick to judge as the Baggs's?) and simple messages for those who need to be reminded (and those who don't)... Personally, I like Courage in the time when so many "Cartoon Cartoons" are weaker or simply less fun to watch. Whatever happened to Sheep in the Big City? Why take that off and show Time Squad instead? At least Courage can speak to different ages and show people that sometimes it's not how you feel that matters but what you will do to save those you love...
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Remember when CN had GOOD TV shows? Yeah, this is one of them
joe_henson37 October 2010
Remember when cartoon network used to be all cartoons? Yeah, me too, and it was awesome. This show is one of the best cartoons ever made. The show was hilarious, well thought out, the jokes would make you burst out in laughter. The way courage described things in a charades-like manner was great. How courage had a minimal amount of dialogue made him a great character as well. Not to mention how he would pull off one the the funniest horror-ish screams, with the giant holes in his mouth, the overall increase in size of the mouth, and the noise as well. I'll admit, there were a few drab episodes but that is only a small percentage of the overall show. If anything, it is way, and I mean WAY better than the complete trash cartoon network has now.
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Courage is the best!
roztocze17 November 2003
Courage is one of the best toons ever! I don't really good speak english, but please - look here. Characters are super! Courage looking very good, Eustace too. I like Muriel, Pig, Little Girl, Fussili... He have great voices - especially Courage (Marty Grabstein is best voice) "Something smells fishy..." is fun. Everything what Eustace say is very fun, Courage is Super-Funny! Music is great (Courage in big stinkin city, hothead, 1000 years of courage, great fussili) Animation and all things are perfect. Why John Dilworth have not Oscar for "Chicken from outer Space?" I see this episode with my cousin 20 times. Best episodes: Great Fussili, Night at Katz Motel, Courage in big stinkin city, 1000 years of Courage. The House, the Doctor - every elements perfect!!! Lukas the Hawk from Poland
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A Masterpiece!
MatuxMatux30 November 2006
Perfect animation! Perfect music! I could go on for days...

I've loved it since I first saw it - and to this day worship it!

Anyone who doesn't like it Seriously (I really mean it) should consider seeing someone about their sense of humor.

Greatest show on Earth!!!

It just amazes me in about every aspect (and I'm not easily amazed).

It's one of those classics like my No.1 Favorite - "Freakazoid"

Worship The Classics Of CartoonNetwork!!!

Completion line 1... Completion line 2... Completion line 3... Completion line 4... I don't really like this 10 line minimum...
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A show that won my heart.
jaslinemenezes7 October 2013
It was a really good show. It was my favorite childhood show.I don't know why they had to cancel it. Nowadays the cartoons have no meaning in them. It's just the same version of the other cartoons. But Courage The Cowardly Dog was a show which didn't lack anything for me. It had comedy, horror, and everything i would want in a good cartoon. The show sometimes used to make me cry. There were crazy episodes every time. It was never the same type of episodes, which was an impressive thing for me.I used to wait for this show to come on T.V everyday... it was a golden show for me... It was an AWESOME show... and i want it to come back on air again.
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hgwqhge0318 August 2013
my favorite cartoon network show is courage the cowardly dog, it is about courage, a puppy who lives with his owners Muriel and Eustace Bash in the middle of nowhere i am a fan of dark humor and this show is great, i could watch it day and night

Even though a lot of weird stuff happens in this show it is never pointless and always has a meaning

The characters are very likable, even Eustace, who is meant to be a jerk and most knowing for saying: "Stupid Dog, you make me look bad, OOOGAH BOOGA BOOGA"

It is very sad that this show only lasted for four seasons
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Purely Genius!
w_powell6920 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Courage the Cowardly Dog is one of my childhood's fondest memories. Most of the episodes are dark, creepy, yet brilliant and makes you think. I rarely see shows like Courage nowadays. The voice actors are talented and perfect for the roles of Courage, Muriel, Eustace, the smart aleck computer, etc. There's also hidden meanings and morals in most of the episodes. In 'Mask,' there are references to feminism and domestic violence. In the episode where Courage discovers that one of the library books he borrowed from the local library are overdue (I forgot the name of the episode), the moral is "return what you owe." There are also some creepy, and sometimes downright disturbing episodes. There was an episode that haunted me for years, but yet, I love it; it's called 'King Ramses' Curse.' 'King Ramses' Curse' is one of the many episodes of Courage that would scar you for life. The antagonist of the episode (or should I say "victim of Eustace's greed," considering Eustace stole what isn't his) is the undead King Ramses, whose slab was stolen by Eustace, and he told them to "return the slab or suffer my curse" (one of the most memorable quotes from the show). Despite its scary episodes, it's a very good show overall. Both kids and adults can watch it and love it because it lacks childish humor, all of the characters are lovable, makes you think, etc. Too bad Cartoon Network cancelled this show so they could make room for their stupid, new shows. If you have never watched this show before and you find a DVD of it or it just happens to be on the air, I highly recommend you watch it; you won't regret it.
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Wonderful show
TheLittleSongbird12 February 2010
This is a perfect example of a show that was part of my childhood. I loved this show and I still have a soft spot for it now. The animation is excellent quite colourful and sophisticated, the music is great and memorable, the story lines are fun and engaging and the characters are endearing. Who cannot love Courage, if you thought Scooby Doo was cowardly, Courage is even more so. Eustace and Muriel are great supporting characters, and are very funny at times. This was one of my favourite shows on Cartoon Network along with Dexter's Laboratory.

Overall, I love this show. It is just creative and funny, and holds a certain nostalgic value. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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The best show on Cartoon Network!
myaddress824815 July 2002
I used to be a huge Nick fanatic until they started getting all--weird. so i started watching Cartoon Network and saw this show. This show rocks!! Its one of the best shows on Cartoon Network, along with PPG. I personally love the show, and highly recommend it to anyone!.
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We interrupt this program to bring you...
JonathanDP8127 May 2000
The adventures of Courage as he has to continually save his beloved Muriel from the strange and dangerous stuff that seems to happen every day in Nowhere, where they live, is a pleasant and interesting watch. The animation is very good for a weekly series and flows well. I enjoy his show quite a bit, through it's hard for them not to repeat themselves.
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Freaky and yet Naauuuughty!
BushidoHacks7 January 2002
I LOVE THIS SHOW! I'm 18 years old and I'm addicted to Cartoon Network! And its all because of Courage!

I like Muriel. She has a warm friendly voice that makes me wish that I was Courage. Eustice is a stupid human!

The bell ringer was cool and so was Freaky Fred who indeed was very Naaaauuughty!
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Smart, Creepy and Funny!
jessicagarnergirl31 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is a very well-made cartoon! All of the characters are very interesting.

First of all, it is a very smart cartoon. By smart, I mostly mean mature, because it is better at handling adult subjects than many adult cartoons I've seen. For example, there is an episode titled "The Mask", and it handles domestic abuse and lesbianism well.

Second of all, it is a very creepy and disturbing cartoon. The villains and imagery always sent chills down my spine as a kid. It works as a good show to watch during Halloween.

Lastly, it is a very funny cartoon! It also always made me laugh!

If you love horror and comedy, this is a lovable show. :)
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A another great Cartoon Cartoon.
Hello again Today I'm going to review another great Cartoon Network show that I watch as a kid called Courage the Cowardly Dog. This show is about a dog named Courage who lives in the middle of nowhere with his owners Muriel and Eustace Bagge. My Favorite Character is Eustace who is a mean old man who calls Courage a Stupid Dog all the time. My Favorite episode is The Mask wear a masked person comes to the farm and Courage has to find out about her. My favorite villain is Katz who is a cat who is always trying harm Courage. Anyway Cartoon Network may not air Courage the Cowardly Dog anymore but it's still on Netflix. Anyway I'm giving this show a 10 out of 10 stars. See you later. Updated on May 7th, 2016
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Terror In The Land Of Innocence.
Piccolo_King13 October 2014
I look back on Courage the Cowardly Dog and it's hard to question its uniqueness and boldness. In terms of content and presentation some shows simply have no equal and "Courage" is one of them. Horror comedy per se is a slightly tricky genre; it can be trickier still when catered primarily to a juvenile audience. But all this didn't stifle its creators as they stealthily ventured into thematic territories few of their contemporaries would dare, intermixing horror with comedy, comedy with horror, and every once in a while producing something that's nerve-jangling horror by any standard.

The opening intro sums up the premise quite well so I needn't go too much into the details. Courage is a timid, petrified canine who finds a home in the middle of Nowhere when he's adopted by Muriel to the dismay of her grouchy farmer-husband, Eustace. What follows is a chain of horrifying misadventures as Nowhere is anything but an ordinary town: it's a stygian barren land. Fortitude isn't the absence of fear but taking action despite its presence and Courage demonstrates that time and again in every episode by coming to the rescue of his new owners (even though Eustace abhors him).

Eustace's bumbling personality does allow for moments of comic relief but be warned, this is still a dark, dark show. Infidelity, prostitution, exorcisms, satanic curses etc. hardly qualify as the kind of stuff you'd expect to notice in children's television programming but it's all there -- well disguised, covert, hidden behind opaque curtains but still there. The effective technique of integrating CGI with traditional animation adds considerably to the show's dreamlike, disorientating aura. You, the viewer, become one with CtCD's supernatural landscape which makes for an impossibly engaging viewing experience. The soundtrack does a wonderful job augmenting the tonal sensibility of the story, mirroring the characters' momentary thoughts, (panic, peace, disbelief, awe, horror) and transplanting energy to the ambient scenery. The soundtracks of the episodes "The Great Fusilli", "King Ramses' Curse", and "Windmill Vandals" sound like the sort of music devotees would play while performing macabre rituals before the devil himself. Perhaps the technical adroitness and the mature subtext are the reasons John Dilworth's magnum opus still lingers in my memory deep into adulthood when so many other cartoons have faded into oblivion or simply don't hold up.

On a concluding note, I'd say Courage the Cowardly Dog is a timeless gem. Instructive but never overbearing; chilling but always heart-warming. :)
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