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Season 2

31 Oct. 2000
The Magic Tree of Nowhere/Robot Randy
"The Magic Tree of Nowhere" Muriel orders new kitchen curtains and receives free seeds as a bonus, which grow into a magic tree.
8 Dec. 2000
The Curse of Shirley/Courage in the Big Stinkin' City
"Curse of Shirley" Shirley returns to the Farmhouse in the guise of a beggar. Muriel and Courage each give her something, but the Farmer slams the door in her face. She puts a curse on him that can only be undone if he learns to give of himself.
29 Dec. 2000
Family Business/1000 Years of Courage
"Family Business" A confused burglar fleeing the law breaks into the Farmhouse and mistakes the Family for his own relatives. He decides the Family should pull a heist together, and enlists the Family to help him pull his biggest job yet.
19 Jan. 2001
Courage Meets the Mummy/Invisible Muriel
"Courage Meets the Mummy" A Mayan mummy returns from the dead to seek revenge on the two people who wrongfully entombed him thousands of years ago -- two people who bore an uncanny resemblance to Muriel and the Farmer. "Invisible Muriel" A government facility captures Muriel after Courage gives her a magical gem that influences her to become invisible. The cure must be found in time for him to come to her aid.
23 Feb. 2001
Human Habitrail/Mission to the Sun
"The Human Habitrail" A sinister salesman (who is a gerbil) arrives at the Farm peddling vacuums. During his pitch, the salesman shrinks Muriel and the Farmer and sucks them up into his vacuum. Courage must find a way to rescue them.
16 Mar. 2001
Courage the Fly/Katz Kandy
"Courage the Fly" The kid down the block accidentally turns Courage into a fly while experimenting with his new science kit.
6 Apr. 2001
Nowhere TV/Mega Muriel the Magnificent
"Nowhere TV" The biggest lottery in Nowhere history is about to be announced, and the Family is anxious to learn if they've won. But their TV breaks, and the repairman arrives in the form of our favorite thief, Le Quack.
13 Apr. 2001
Bad Hair Day/Forbidden Hat of Gold
"Bad Hair Day" Because of her rare blood type, Muriel is abducted and taken to a Hair Farm to be used for growing hair.
20 Apr. 2001
Serpent of Evil River/The Transplant
"Serpent of Evil River" The Family signs up for a free sea-faring vacation, but instead of being guests, they end up having to serve as the ship's crew
26 Oct. 2001
Car, Broke, Phone Yes/Cowboy Courage
"Car Broke. Phone. Yes?" A strange visitor arrives at the Farm, claiming to have car trouble. Courage later discovers the visitor is really a floating alien brain on a mission to collect human qualities.
2 Nov. 2001
Evil Weevil/McPhearson Phantom
"The Evil Weevil" The Family nearly runs over a giant weevil with their truck, prompting Muriel to invite the bug to the Farmhouse to recover from his injuries.
9 Nov. 2001
The House of Discontent/The Sand Whale Strikes
"The House of Discontent" On the eve of the orange Harvest Moon, a traditional ceremony where the best crops are offered in exchange for luck, the Farmer has nothing to give.
16 Nov. 2001
The Tower of Dr. Zalost
Strange cannonballs fly from a huge walking tower of mad and miserable Dr. Zalost and rain down on the people of Nowhere, turning them gray and depressed.

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