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Season 4

6 Sep. 2002
A Beaver's Tale/The Nutcracker
"A Beaver's Tail" The Family awakens one morning and discovers a lake outside their home. When the water rises and begins to flood the farmhouse, Courage reluctantly goes to find the cause. He finds a beaver completing a huge dam on the Nowhere River. Courage must get the beaver to stop building the dam and save his family and home from being flooded out. "The Nutcracker" The Family browses in a junkyard and accidentally get locked in. As evening falls, evil rats emerge and begin a macabre dance to music from "The Nutcracker Suite." The rats capture Muriel and The ...
13 Sep. 2002
"Rumpledkiltskin" Muriel is summoned to Scotland by her uncle to weave the family tartan, as the last surviving family member who knows how to do it. Upon arrival she learns that her uncle is an imposter. He imprisons her (with Courage) and forces her to weave thousands of kilts. Courage must find a way to rescue them both. "Housecalls" Dr. Gerhardt von Orbison, a brilliant and lonely scientist, wants neighbors and decides to bring them to him. The Family is awakened to find the Farmhouse "walking" itself to a new location. The Farmhouse settles next door to von ...
20 Sep. 2002
Le Quack Balloon/The Windmill Vandals
"Le Quack Balloon" Le Quack returns with a new scheme: he replaces Muriel's cookie recipe with one that calls for "rare Swedish vinegar" - then arrives on the scene to take her to Sweden in a hot air balloon so she can get some. His plan is to use her to steal money from the Piggy Bank of Sweden, and Courage must find a way to save her. "Windmill Vandals" The farm's windmill begins to jam, and when Courage tries to fix it, he discovers strange rune symbols carved behind each of the blades. He hears the sound of horses' hooves approaching, and ghosts of saber-wielding ...
27 Sep. 2002
The Uncommon Cold/Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted
"The Uncommon Cold" Muriel gets a terrible cold and starts sneezing uncontrollably. Courage notices that Muriel's sneezes produce a strange cloud in front of her face - and in each cloud is seen the image of an odd creature crying for help. She sneezes out a cloudy map, which Courage follows to the Bayou, with a desperately sneezing Muriel in tow. Courage must find a way to cure Muriel of the cold that threatens to do her in. "Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted" The start of hunting season is announced, and a prize is offered to whomever blasts the biggest deer. The Farmer ...
4 Oct. 2002
Bride of Swamp Monster/Goat Pain
"Bride of the Swamp Monster" The truck crashes into a swamp one night and Muriel loses her new locket, which holds a picture of her inside it. The locket descends into the murky swamp and is found by the Swamp Monster, who sees Muriel's picture and believes she is his long-lost love. He vows to find her and bring her home. Swamp Monster tracks Muriel down and takes her to the swamp to be his bride. Courage must locate his REAL long-lost love and save Muriel. "Goat Pain" Muriel wakes one morning with a terrible backache, and is advised by Dr. Vindaloo to travel to a ...
11 Oct. 2002
Muriel Blows Up/Profiles in Courage
"Muriel Blows Up" One evening, a stray military test rocket bursts overhead above the Farmhouse. It showers the ground with debris and a mysterious residue, which only Courage notices. The next morning, Muriel finds a carrot growing in her garden. Courage notices it's growing very quickly and warns Muriel. She ignores his warnings, eats the carrot, and begins to grow, eventually becoming as tall as the house. Courage and the Farmer hear a news report on the TV about the test rocket that exploded, and learn that Muriel will grow until she explodes. Courage has to get ...
18 Oct. 2002
The Mask
"The Mask: Part 1" Kitty, a dog-hating stranger wearing a mask, arrives at the Farmhouse. Muriel invites her in as their guest, much to Courage's distress. Kitty tells the family her story, that she's been forced to run away to save herself from being killed by Mad Dog, an evil and vicious gangster who was jealous of her closeness with his girlfriend, Bunny. As a result, Kitty hates all dogs and beats Courage whenever she can. Courage goes in search of her friend Bunny, hoping to find a way to get Kitty to leave. "The Mask: Part 2" Kitty, a dog-hating stranger wearing...
25 Oct. 2002
Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog/Muted Muriel
"Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog" The family is taking a tour of the Great Wall of China, led by their tour guide, Di Lung. Muriel is suddenly abducted, orchestrated by Di Lung in the service of his godmother: the Empress Dowager of China. The Empress has kept the people of China in her thrall, but now the secret source of her power -- the magic silkworm -- has transcended to another world. The only way the Empress can contact the silkworm is through the bones of a genuine soul... and Muriel, innocent source of tranquility, is that soul. Courage must find a way to rescue ...
25 Oct. 2002
Aqua-Farmer/Food of the Dragon
"Aqua-Farmer" When the Family visits an aqua-park, The Farmer boasts loudly that he can swim better than the dolphin in the water show. The Farmer is challenged to a swimming contest with the dolphin and loses. The humiliation the Farmer experiences causes him to confront his failure. He becomes obsessively determined to win. The Farmer challenges the dolphin to a re-match, offering Muriel as the prize if he loses. He begins training and Courage must help him win, or they will lose Muriel. "Food of the Dragon" A large dragon arrives at the Farmhouse looking for food -...
1 Nov. 2002
Last of the Starmakers/Son of the Chicken from Outer Space
"Last of the Starmakers" Out in space, two beings -- a husband and his pregnant wife -- scatter stars in the blackness. They are star makers, and are the last beings of their kind. Suddenly a predator attacks them. The husband tells his wife to save herself, go to Earth to give birth. His wife escapes, landing beside the Farmhouse, where she digs a hole deep in the ground and lays her eggs. Muriel and Courage discover her. Muriel instantly bonds with the being, and becomes her nursemaid. The Farmer secretly sells her to a science lab, and the scientists come for her. ...
8 Nov. 2002
Courageous Cure/Ball of Revenge
"Courageous Cure" Alien naturalists descend upon the Farmhouse in their spacecraft and suck up the Family as specimens of earth life, and begin to study them. They are desperate to discover if their own perishing species could be genetically hybridized with humans, in hope of finding a serum that will save their race from a destructive virus. Courage must find a cure for the virus so he can save himself and his family. "Ball of Revenge" The Farmer is in an exceptionally bitter mood, taking note of all the attention Muriel gives to Courage. The last straw breaks when ...
15 Nov. 2002
Cabaret Courage/Wrath of the Librarian
"Cabaret Courage" The Family is sightseeing in Hollowood, California, when a manhole opens beneath their feet. They plummet down a series of long, intestine-like tubes and land in an underground cabaret, in what appears to be a stomach. A homunculus, embedded in the wall of the stomach, offers the Family great prizes if they perform for him. The Farmer and Muriel eagerly accept the opportunity, but end up being thrown into an intestinal pit to be digested, because they performed not for genuine feeling and generosity but for personal and material gain. Courage, ...
22 Nov. 2002
Remembrance of Courage Past/Perfect
"Remembrance of Courage Past" Courage sees a "Missing Dog" ad on the side of a milk container, which causes him to have flashbacks of himself as a puppy going to the veterinarian -- where his parents were kidnapped, and Courage failed to rescue them. The flashbacks cause Courage to get depressed, so Muriel takes him to Doctor Teenytodd, a veterinarian who turns out to be the kidnapper from Courage's flashbacks. He kidnaps dogs and sends them into space. Courage is kidnapped and headed for the same fate as his parents, unless he can overcome his past, destroy the ...

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