The Invisible Man (TV Series 2000–2002) Poster


Paul Ben-Victor: Robert Albert Hobbes



  • Albert Eberts : Great news, Robert. I was able to pull a few strings and managed to get you your very own staple remover.

    Robert Hobbes : That's great. You know, I'm a highly trained, decorated field agent, Eberts. I could kill a man right now with my bare hands.

    Albert Eberts : But can you collate?

  • Albert Eberts : I couldn't help but notice that mark on your chin.

    Robert Hobbes : Oh, right there. Yeah. Uh-huh. Bar fight in Madrid. A couple of Basque separatists took exceptions to my political views. Of course, I may have said something about soccer being the world's most boring sport.

    Albert Eberts : Zero-to-zero after four hours? I fail to understand its appeal.

  • Darien Fawkes : What, you never had an invisible friend?

    Robert Hobbes : I had invisible enemies.

  • Albert Eberts : Sir, may I have permission to go to the file room?

    The Keeper : Albert, we're less than twenty-four hours from being vaporized and you want to finish up paper work?

    Robert Hobbes : Leave him be. It comforts him.

  • Robert Hobbes : I have met three presidents. I have captured terrorists. I deserve to die in action, Eberts, not just to be filed away!

    Albert Eberts : What you regard as inconsequential dental forms are in fact more, much more.

    Robert Hobbes : Oh God.

    Albert Eberts : They are in fact symbols, symbols of America. When all the world will little note, nor longer remember what we have done today in these hallowed halls, I tell you this with no degree of uncertainty that forms filed in triplicate are the very foundation of democracy. Why do we file, Robert, why? One word... Freedom.

  • Robert Hobbes : One of my shrinks once said this to me, heal the past, live for the present, dream of the future.

  • Darien Fawkes : What's her name anyway?

    Robert Hobbes : "The", last name "Keeper"

  • Arnaud : You're sharp.

    Robert Hobbes : As a tack.

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