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5 Feb. 2002
Thin Ice
Mackenzie becomes the victim of a grifter on the eve of her interview for Head of Homicide. Meanwhile, Church finds his career threatened when a journalist attempts to expose him in a newspaper article.
12 Feb. 2002
An Anonymous Guy
Angie faces one of her toughest cases yet when she has to develop a romantic relationship with a murder suspect then coerce him into becoming an informant. Meanwhile, Danni refuses to accept a transfer out of Undercover, and Church tells Mac he is the father of Danni's baby.
19 Feb. 2002
Cash on Delivery
Danni's determination to go it alone with her pregnancy clouds her professional judgement when she stumbles across an illegal adoption racket. In the course of the investigation, two members of the unit must pose as a couple looking to adopt a child.
27 Feb. 2002
What's Love Got to Do with It?
Mackenzie discovers the grifter who drugged her is linked to a senior colleague someone who has good reason to want her out of the running for Head of Homicide. Meanwhile, Danni and Church purchase a house, and Stone goes undercover as a trainspotter to catch a serial kille.
5 Mar. 2002
A Little Crush
Stone cultivates a live-wire young prostitute named Brittany to get information on a dangerous drug crime. Church and Danni move into their new home
12 Mar. 2002
No Promises
When Church is sent undercover to share a cell with a convicted murderer, Danni must face the toughest decision of her life alone.
19 Mar. 2002
Mule Train
Angie is forced to bend the rules as she attempts to prevent her sister Sam from being arrested on drug importation charges.
26 Mar. 2002
White Ants
Danni has to protect former undercover cop Gary Edgerton, a reluctant key witness in the trial of a major criminal, and help him prepare for his court appearance.
2 Apr. 2002
In the Gun
Stone goes undercover as a hitman to investigate a woman who is organising a hit on her husband, while Mackenzie is dealing with hitmen of a different kind when she finds herself the suspect in a murder.
9 Apr. 2002
In Plain View
Angie and the rest of the Undercover Unit rally around Mackenzie, risking their jobs in order to prove her innocence. While working undercover in Homicide gathering evidence against Harry Love, Angie recruits Church and Danni to help investigates a triple murder.
16 Apr. 2002
Fatal Flaw
With Harry Love in a position to make his final move against Mackenzie, she and the Undercover Unit are forced to take desperate action, with tragic consequences.
23 Apr. 2002
Undercover teams up with Armed Robbery to bust a violent robbery ring. Church infiltrates the group but is forced to bow out when he is given a shotgun and told to rob a convenience store. It looks like Undercover has blown it until Angie uses her real-life romance with informant Marty Engle to gain access to the ring, a situation that places them both in dangerous territory.
30 Apr. 2002
Big Fish
Stone and Church go undercover to investigate a pair of teenage drug manufacturers, with unexpected tragic consequences.
7 May 2002
Stone is abducted when Undercover's attempt to bust an international ring of arms dealers, run by lethal ex SAS officers, fails. With Church embedded with the dealers, it is up to him alone to keep Stone alive when his cover is blown and contact with the support team is lost.
14 May 2002
Blow Off
When a failed drug bust leaves the Undercover Unit looking at a dead dealer and a high-class prostitute holding a couple of bags of cocaine, the Drug Squad and the Unit team up to undertake an operation inside a busy brothel and a foreign consulate.
21 May 2002
Inside Man
With the help of Angie's informant Marty Engle, the Undercover Unit prepare to move in on a drug deal to catch notorious dealer Leo Goldman. However, when their operation causes the death of a young woman, Church and Angie are faced with the dilemma of saving one dangerous criminal from another.
28 May 2002
Mind Games
Working with criminal profiler Vicki Quinlan and the new Head of Homicide Frank Callahan, the Undercover Unit investigate a serial murderer but their attempts to trap the killer leaves Mackenzie fighting for her and her best friend's life.
4 Jun. 2002
Disgraceful Conduct
Stone, still dealing with his cancer, heads undercover to expose a high-powered businessman trading cars for heroin, but experiences a crisis of conscience when he discovers a young prostitute he has cared for is in danger as a result of his actions.
2 Jul. 2002
Smoke and Mirrors
Church becomes convinced he is being stalked by a man who holds him responsible for the murder of his girlfriend, causing him to jeapordise the Unit's current operation, busting an illegal tobacco ring.
9 Jul. 2002
Too Much Information
When the Unit try to nab a standover man for murder, Angie's relationship with informant Marty Engle results in a confrontation within the ranks and the Stingers having to face the fury of one of their own.
16 Jul. 2002
Pale Horse
The Unit seems on shaky ground when Homicide attempt to charge Church with the murder of Denny Kaplan, but are devastated when Stone goes beyond the call of duty to save Church.
23 Jul. 2002
A Girl's Best Friend
Mackenzie is faced with a choice between her personal happiness and her successful career when she becomes involved with a charismatic art thief who entices her into believing that love is more important than the law.
13 Aug. 2002
Collateral Damage
Oscar Stone's killer is brought to trial in a situation of high security. The accused is represented by a high-profile criminal barrister, Ingrid Burton. That, and the presence of a mysterious Mr. Brown in court, has the police on edge. Undercover moves into a new home.
20 Aug. 2002
The Last Dance
When Church goes undercover as an armed robber, he is busted by a young cop who so impresses Harris that he arranges for her to join Undercover for a trial period. Meanwhile, the brutal murder of an old woman sees Danni go undercover as a carer in a retirement village.
3 Sep. 2002
Church's undercover assignment results in the kidnapping of a drug dealer's son. Meanwhile, Chris finds herself on what appears to be a routine surveillance job at a video store but it proves to be anything but routine.
10 Sep. 2002
Looking After Number One
An attempt to sting a drug distributor results in tragedy, with accusations made against an undercover operative. Church goes undercover as a recovering alcoholic to befriend the brother of a soon-to-be-paroled armed-robber to learn the location of the unrecovered cash.
24 Sep. 2002
Old Scores
After the fatal shooting of Homicide's Inspector Callahan, Harris sends Chris undercover to infiltrate a violent gang of brothers despite Church's reservations about her inexperience. When Church realises that Chris has a longstanding relationship with a street contact who gets her closer to the gang, a window on Chris's former life begins to open.
1 Oct. 2002
Separation Anxiety
A middle-aged woman, Helen, brings a cardboard box into police headquarters and makes a statement that indicates it contains a bomb. In fact, it contains something even more bizarre, a severed scrotum that is determined to belong to her husband, Miles. A series of mishaps prevents Angie from getting the box to Miles at the hospital, and Ingrid Burton complicates matters when she reveals that she will represent Miles in his attempt to sue the police and Angie. In the search for a motive for the assault, the disappearance of the couple's daughter comes to light, a ...
8 Oct. 2002
Slow Hand, Easy Touch
Church's hapless persuit of the coke-dealing Vidarl crew takes a turn for the worse when most of them turn up dead -- victims of a bloody armed robbery. There is however, one survivor, but there's a catch.
15 Oct. 2002
Scratch Me Lucky
Church goes undercover on a building site to investigate Union corruption and the disappearance of activist Craig Shore. Matters are complicated when Ingrid Burton enters the equation. However, things take a surprising turn when Church and Burton discover they have more in common than they thought.
22 Oct. 2002
Harris puts Church undercover on the construction site where Ingrid Burton's client, Steer, was murdered. Meanwhile, Church is convinced that Harris is corrupt, and goes to extreme lengths hoping to prove it.
29 Oct. 2002
The Whole Truth
Church and Angie continue piecing together links between Conrad, suspected drug kingpin Stig Endquist and known union basher Rick Tyson. Church suspects Harris of protecting these men. Harris, for his part, suspects Church of corruption, and assigns Chris to spy on him in an attempt to bring Church down. But the tables are turned when it is revealed that Chris has her own secret and Church is the only one who knows the truth.
5 Nov. 2002
Harris is clearly losing it and is convinced that his officers are out to get him. In his paranoid state, he decides it's time to do something about Church -- kill him. Meanwhile, Angie is having a hard time dealing with the intimacy between Church and Ingrid, the lawyer who got Stone's killer off the hook.
12 Nov. 2002
Partners in Crime
The cat is well and truly set among the pigeons when Church and Harris are forced to work together determined to catch two small-time dealers. Things get complicated when Chris, who knows nothing of Harris and Church's dilemma, wants to set up a bust of her own.
19 Nov. 2002
Revenge of the Turtles
As Harris' mental state continues to deteriorate, Church and Harris find themselves under extreme pressure to clear their names after drug boss Stig Endquist calls the Police Integrity Unit in to investigate the duo's involvement in a drug trade.
26 Nov. 2002
Uriel's Sword
When drug boss Stig Endquist survives an attempt on his life orchestrated by Church and Harris, Church convinces him that the assailant was Stone's killer, Conrad. Endquist agrees to put out a bounty on Conrad in retaliation, but when Ingrid gets an inkling of what Church is up to, she threatens to expose him. Soon after, though, she is kidnapped by Conrad. The race is on, as Church faces a battle against the clock to find Conrad and discover Ingrid's whereabouts.

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