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Season 7

25 Mar. 2003
Lies and Secrets
With Ingrid missing for seven days, the intensive police search to find her begins to lose momentum with everyone beginning to believe they're looking for a body. Everyone that is except Church, whose determination to find her brings him into conflict with his colleagues. Chris reluctantly goes undercover to investigate the mother of a close friend.
1 Apr. 2003
Angie is undercover in an art gallery looking for an insider connection to a spate of robberies when a balaclava-clad bandit bursts in. The gallery manager is held at gunpoint while the rest of the staff are forced into the storeroom. After being released, the prized Loxton painting is missing and an investigation ensues. Meanwhile, Harris has a copy of the Church/Ingrid sex tape in which Ingrid professionally compromises herself.
8 Apr. 2003
Harris attempts to teach a mate a lesson in crime and punishment, but his plan backfires with disastrous consequences. Meanwhile, news of Church's tape-recording implicating Ingrid Burton has been leaked to the papers.
15 Apr. 2003
Your Cheating Heart
Angie meets with two brothers who are looking for a nurse to do a mysterious "job". She's amazed when she's quickly hired by the pair and has to accompany them on the job immediately. Without backup, Angie is forced to go with them or miss out entirely on knowing what they're up to.
22 Apr. 2003
Don't Look Back
Chris Dichiera's future is jeopardised when she's forced to shoot dead a former acquaintance who is looking to settle on old debt
29 Apr. 2003
Snakes in the Grass
Angie, Harris and Sophie lose a colleague when a siege situation erupts at Police Headquarters. Special Investigations welcomes a familar face as its newest member.
6 May 2003
Church goes undercover as a limousine driver to investigate the murder of an informatnt and friend. In the aftermath of the seige, an unscrupulous journalist uses Sophie to get information on the unit. Church loses Angie's heart to his boss, Luke Harris.
13 May 2003
Priapus' Playground
Church and Angie penetrate the liberated world of swinging couples and find that love really is a drug.
20 May 2003
The Eighth Day
Church embarks on his latest operation, infiltrating a Jewish crime family. But is the seasoned undercover operative going too far when he fakes the murder of a security guard to truly ingratiate himself with the family?
27 May 2003
Sex & Drugs & Deep House
Christina's relationship with a lesbian clubber turns to tragedy when she discovers that her lover is a murderer.
3 Jun. 2003
New Blood
When Special Operations investigate a renegade young detective working subversively in a suburban station, they discover he has all the qualities to become the new undercover recruit.
10 Jun. 2003
Cold War
New rookie Leo Flynn takes the undercover unit on a wild and merry dance, investigating a drug war between two rival ice cream vendors and ends up biting off more than he can chew.
17 Jun. 2003
Acts of Love
Harris takes an impulsive trip to Singapore in an attempt to win Angie's heart and protect her from Internal Affairs. This plan backfires when she and her sister are taken hostage by a drug boss.
24 Jun. 2003
Angie's latent feelings for Church resurface when a young deaf girl arrives at Police HQ declaring she's his daughter. When Harris uses her to solve a crime, all hell breaks lose.
1 Jul. 2003
Sons & Lovers
Special Operations and the Drug Squad simultaneously pursue a suspected European war criminal and her drug-dealing son, thwarting Harris and Angie's attempts to consummate their romance.
8 Jul. 2003
It Started with a Kiss
A sexual indiscretion of Harris' comes back to bite him on the arse when a demented woman sets her vengeful sights on Angie. While working undercover, church is hired to perform a hit on a colleague.
15 Jul. 2003
Wild Card
Church makes a dangerous call when faced with a conflict of loyalty between Harris and his old boss, Bernie Rocca. Having just made the discovery that his unpredictable boss Luke Harris is having a secret affair with colleague Angie, Peter resolves he's not going to stand back and do nothing. Pushing Harris into a corner, Church threatens to disclose Harris' secret to Angie unless Harris comes clean about his condition.
22 Jul. 2003
Practice of Deceit
Flynn endangers his life and that of his pregnant sister on a deadly assignment with two cop killers. Church faces legal repercussions for taking the blame in the shooting death of Laurie Nicholls.
29 Jul. 2003
Killing Heidi
Chris risks her life and puts her sexuality on the line to sting a sadistic chef for murder. Chris' cover is blown during the covert operation no thanks to new unit member Constable Leo Flynn. What's more, Flynn's feelings for Chris come dangerously close to the surface during the sting.
5 Aug. 2003
Sleeping with the Enemy
Sleeping with the enemy proves to be a dangerous cocktail for Church when he goes undercover in a dodgy furniture removal company to bust an interstate ecstasy shipment.
12 Aug. 2003
A Horse Is a Horse
Reg Masters makes a silk purse from a sow's ear in busting a racehorse stealing, coke dealing, porn king. Meanwhile Church has a surprise meeting with prostitute Lauren Davies prompting him to insert himself into Masters' operation to protect Oscar's friend. Leo's sister goes into labour.
19 Aug. 2003
Conversations with the Dead
After Flynn is almost killed in a buy bust gone wrong, Church goes undercover as a spiritual medium to hoodwink an international gun runner.
26 Aug. 2003
Free Radical
Sophie takes Church to lunch with two of the state's biggest criminals. But will the meal be Church's last? Harris is blackmailed by an adversary from his past who threatens to reveal his psychiatric disorder.
2 Sep. 2003
Daddy's Little Diamond
While playing nanny to the daughter of a suspected hitman, Chris is horrified by the child's revelation. Luke grows increasingly agitated while dealing with his blackmailer's ever-changing demands.
9 Sep. 2003
Time Out
The gang try to find Gail Lynch's husband who is out for blood, but will she fold under the pressure? will she tell them where he is.
16 Sep. 2003
Perfect Match
Luke's blackmailer, ex-con Brett Linton, asks Luke for a favour when he comes under investigation for a new crime. The Unit puts a team undercover at the wedding of the daughter of a reputed mafia hitman. Angie receives a proposal of marriage.
23 Sep. 2003
Brett Linton, the man who has been blackmailing Luke Harris for several weeks, turns up on Angie's doorstep claiming he is looking to buy her car. Luke's career is put in jeopardy when a journalist surfaces armed with information about his bipolar condition. Working undercover to locate a chop-shop, Leo befriends the woman who nearly ran Chris down. Reactions in the office are mixed to the news of Angie and Luke's engagement.
7 Oct. 2003
Troppo Fest
Angie realises her honeymoon is over before it began as she is forced to quickly come to terms with the extent of Luke's illness. A freaked-out Harris confesses to her that he has come off his medication for bipolar disorder, and everything goes haywire. With Harris admitted to a psychiatric hospital for ECT treatment, and Peter and Angie in search of Linton, Harris' worst nightmare is realised when Linton abducts Angie.
14 Oct. 2003
Train Wreck
Church unwillingly agrees to play cupid for an informant and his estranged wife until she turns up murdered and her secret identity as an online sex worker is exposed. Meanwhile, Angie, forced out of Special Operations due to her relationship with Harris, begins a new job with Homicide.
21 Oct. 2003
The Thin Blue Line
Special Operations and the Drug Squad once again come into conflict when Leo suspects a hot-shot detective of planting evidence on his target. Sophie has important news for Church, and Flynn finds himself in a treacherous love triangle when he is seduced by a colleague.
28 Oct. 2003
Love's Labours Lost
The undercover squad are working on a drug sting in the rave scene when they discover that the drug dealer's 12 year old daughter is the girlfriend of Detective Bryan Gray's teenage son Frank. When Bryan finds out, his response is typically insensitive and it jeopardizes the operation. But it leads to a watershed in Bryan's strained relationship with his son and forces Luke Harris to re-appraise Bryan Gray. Meanwhile Luke is pressuring Angie to give their very brief marriage one more go. He wines and dines his estranged wife, but it seems she can't be won over. Angie ...
28 Oct. 2003
Fashion Victim
Sparks fly when Chris meets up with an old flame during an undercover job in Fashion Week. Things become more complicated for Angie when she discovers that she is pregnant with Harris' baby. Meanwhile, Chris, who has been working on another case with Leo, is shot in the head outside her house as Leo watches helplessly from the side of the road.
9 Mar. 2004
Total Recall
Eight months have passed since Chris Dichiera was shot in the head by an unseen gunman. Fleeting memory-flashes play on her mind, but they put her no closer to working out the shooter's identity. When the principle suspect is ruled out, the investigation turns up new evidence that suggests the shooter is someone much closer to home. Flynn attempts to warn Chris but it's too late -- she's already unwittingly walked into the dragon's lair. Meanwhile, Harris is doing all he can to help Angie through her pregnancy and is there by her side for the birth of their son.
16 Mar. 2004
The Wrong Man
When a surveillance target unexpectedly collapses with a heart attack, Church is forced to step into his shoes as a hitman in a desperate attempt to save a kidnapped girl.
23 Mar. 2004
The Weakest Link
Church's efforts to nail a high profile people smuggler are thrown into chaos by a rogue Homicide detective hell-bent on playing undercover cop. Angie reconsiders her future in Homicide.
30 Mar. 2004
Flynn wakes up in a hazy, drug-induced state in a hotel room next to the body of a dead prostitute. With all evidence pointing to Flynn as the killer, he has a hard time proving he's not guilty. Meanwhile, Sophie is curious anout Peter's new housemate while Angie looks to rejoin Undercover.
6 Apr. 2004
The Object of My Affection
Drug dealer Charlie Sanderson tries to romance undercover officer Chris at a buy bust. Charlie offers to act as an informant for the police in his father Ned's drug organisation. But he has a condition -- Chris must go on a date with him.
13 Apr. 2004
From Russia with Love
Committed to forging ahead with his plan to set up house with Anna Trukan, the Polish daughter of one of his informants, Church is still not convinced that he can trust the woman he has agreed to help stay in the country. While he follows her, he's unaware he too is being followed by his colleagues Chris and Flynn, who are under the instruction of Harris. Things get out of hand when shots are fired and one of the key players suffers a massive heart attack.
20 Apr. 2004
Cops and Robbers
Church is hamstrung when an illegal poker game he's involved in is run through by a gang of crooks among them, his colleague, Leo Flynn who is working undercover with armed robber Damien Broadbent. Back at PHQ, Flynn comes clean to Church and hands back part of the haul, an expensive engagement ring on one proviso, the cops can't pressure Broadbent for their booty as it could blow his cover and put his life at risk. Church agrees, but when Anna Trukan finds the ring, she believes Church is offering his hand in marriage. Without the heart to tell her otherwise, and ...

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