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16 Jan. 2005
Hal Sleepwalks
Hal is stressed about a gift for Lois for their 20th anniversary. He begins sleepwalking, and Reese discovers Hal is highly suggestible in that state. Meanwhile, two of Dewey's Busey classmates run for student council.
23 Jan. 2005
Lois Battles Jamie
Trying to win a battle of wills with young Jamie, Lois brings Francis home to help her remember how she conquered him when he was a baby; and Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey struggle to dream up a fun use for an old diving board.
30 Jan. 2005
Malcolm's Car
Malcolm uses his illegal gambling profits to buy a junk car, which quickly takes over his life; Hal discovers a talent for hair styling; and Lois discovers Craig is having an affair with the boss' wife.
13 Feb. 2005
When Lois comes out of the store and catches the boys vandalizing a suggestive billboard from a strip club, Malcolm decides to challenge her by changing the display to "I Want Respect", thus starting a protest against it. Everyone in the lot believes them and follows the ruse. However, Lois doesn't believe them and thinks they're just being hooligans as usual.
20 Feb. 2005
Dewey's Opera
When his parents fight over a new bed, Dewey writes an opera based on their arguments; Malcolm gets into "street luging" and becomes obsessed with beating a cocky rival, unaware the talented competitor is Stevie; and Jamie has his first crush on a baby he sees through the window.
6 Mar. 2005
Living Will
Hal has a hard decision on his hands, one of the neighbors has been in a coma and he has to decide whether or not to keep him on life support or pull the plug. He's always turned to Lois to make decisions for him. After another argument between the nurse and the doctor, he ends up paralyzed from the waist up. Meanwhile, Craig enlists Reese, Malcolm and Dewey to help him fight dirty against a childhood bully, who is indeed his estranged, healthy father.
13 Mar. 2005
Tiki Lounge
When Hal and Lois carve out some time for deep personal discussions, Hal is upset to learn Lois doesn't believe in an afterlife; Malcolm is roped into emceeing a silly charity auction at school, but can't help taking his responsibility seriously; and Reese feuds with Jamie.
20 Mar. 2005
Ida Loses a Leg
When Grandma Ida visits the family once more, she ends up saving Dewey's life from being run over thus having her leg amputated. Lois forces Francis to take care of his grandma as he's unemployed. Meanwhile Reese and Malcolm decides to go three days without sleeping on the grounds that one of them will be super glued if he fall asleep. Dewey tries to have a leg funeral after feeling bad about what happened to Ida.
27 Mar. 2005
Chad's Sleepover
Dewey invites a destructive friend for an overnight visit; Lois is on the hunt for a decade old blender warranty.
3 Apr. 2005
No Motorcycles
Francis shows up for his 21st birthday anticipating Hal will come through on a promise to go on a motorcycle road trip; meanwhile, the boys are trapped in the house while a bully waits outside.
10 Apr. 2005
It's Spring break, and Malcolm is stuck working the graveyard shift with his mom, and Reese inherits a box of caterpillars from a shady pest controller. Malcolm investigates something weird at work.
17 Apr. 2005
Ida's Dance
Ida forces Lois to bake a special tart for an old-world saint's holiday; Malcolm meets his match with music appreciation; and Hal tries to bond with Reese by watching gory horror movies with him.
24 Apr. 2005
Motivational Speaker
The neighborhood dog pack adopts Reese as their new best friend, and Dewey gets caught after spending time with a new, better mom. Hal becomes the company's motivational guru.
1 May 2005
Malcolm gets promoted to a position promoting the Lucky Aide from atop a pair of stilts; Hal tries to make up for accidentally blowing the household budget on a phone-sex line; Dewey thinks Jamie has found a stash of Lois' jewelry hidden by Francis years ago; and Reese joins multiple drug studies.
8 May 2005
Buseys Take a Hostage
Unable to function without Dewey, Buseys special needs class panics and takes their teacher hostage when he threatens to call the police on one of the kids for a minor infraction. After other faculty members are taken, a return visit from Dewey accompanied by Francis leads to a new revelation about the "education" the kids are receiving.
15 May 2005
Mrs. Tri-County
The boys, in an effort to prank their mother, enroll Lois in the Tri-County Mom Pageant, with Hal as her coach.
30 Sep. 2005
Burning Man
The family joins the Burning Man Festival, where Reese and Lois find creative freedom, Malcolm finds love, Hal finds a big audience and Dewey find himself doing all the chores.
7 Oct. 2005
Health Insurance
Having forgotten to pay the bill for the family's health insurance, Hal tries to protect the boys from all accidents for the weekend; meanwhile, Lois accidentally gets Craig into trouble with their co-workers.
21 Oct. 2005
Reese vs. Stevie
Dewey and Hal attempt to quit their vices, Reese threatens Stevie, and Lois opens up to Jamie.
28 Oct. 2005
Reese and Malcolm find out that there was a murder in the family's house before they moved in. Hal is highly agitated in fear of ghosts from the murder and Malcolm tries to reason him out of it. Meanwhile Reese and Dewey take Jamie Trick or Treating and make a persistent enemy, whereas Lois is stuck at work because of a shoplifter no one want to take care of.
4 Nov. 2005
Jessica Stays Over
Jessica teaches Malcolm how to manipulate Lois, Reese prepares to mail himself to China, and Hal is terrorized by a bee.
11 Nov. 2005
Secret Boyfriend
Malcolm gets involved in complicated relationships with the hottest girl in school and Jessica. Lois worries about what Reese will be doing in the future.
18 Nov. 2005
One fish, two kobe steaks, three girls, four sub-plots, and five brothers come together for an evening at home when the power goes out.
2 Dec. 2005
Army Buddy
Reese is visited by an Army buddy who develops a crush on Lois. Hal starts feeling useless when Lois buys orthotics and no longer needs his tender loving care.
16 Dec. 2005
Malcolm Defends Reese
When Malcolm's arch nemesis and former teacher, Mr. Herkabe, crosses the line and hurts Reese's feelings too many times, he decides to pay him back for hurting his brother by revealing his former teacher's awful secret. He had flunked gym and lied about it. Because of that truth, the Principal decides to strip him of his trophy and hand it back to the one who passed gym, despite her blindness. Meanwhile, Hal gives Dewey a ton of wrong advices to a girl he likes.

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