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Baltimore Sun
Surprisingly funny, a deep-down-good-hearted take on that oldest of comedy conventions, the ill-prepared rube caught up in a situation that somehow never gets the best of him.
It's actually a sweet, often very funny story about a schlemiehl redeemed by love.
L.A. Weekly
It's short, this movie, an attribute Sandler himself might take heed of, and if the teenagers in the back row are laughing harder and more often, you might at least find yourself smiling (guiltily) every few minutes.
Rob Schneider's stab at an "Ace Ventura"-like gamble for stardom.
USA Today
A pathetically dumb attempt to string a bunch of second-rate skits together like a garland of rotten cranberries.
Chicago Reader
After loosening us up with some irresistible shtick that rigorously fulfills genre expectations, the movie subtly, systematically begins to break down familiar tropes in the depiction of attractiveness, attraction, and heterosexual courtship.
Philadelphia Inquirer
The jokes are unabashedly pitched at 12-year-old boys, with flatulence, masturbation and excretions as the leading themes.
Entertainment Weekly
Just when you're sure that Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo can't get any less funny, the movie douses the trailer's best gag, as that prosthetic leg turns out to be attached to Deuce's true love.
A sign that the Sandler comedy empire is expanding and reaching new depths of pure gross-out stupidity.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
An insufferably insipid comedy with a cruel subtext.

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