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Season 2

16 Nov. 1950
Welcome Home
After two years abroad, war correspondents Mike and Ann return to the United States to an unexpected welcome. While they were gone, the network's publicity agent turned Ann into a media sensation as the great female reporter who can hold her own in combat. Despite their plans to be together, Ann gets swept up in the speeches, parties, and in being a celebrity.
30 Nov. 1950
Before You Came Along
The Bodericks are a middle-aged couple facing a marital crisis. Helen, insecure about her plain looks, flies off the handle when George tells her about running into an old girlfriend. He goes to visit his old flame Margie and is upset to find she doesn't remember him as fondly as he does her. In fact, she thinks he's someone else entirely.
14 Dec. 1950
A Man in the Room
Story of a woman who is competing as a business executive in a man's world.
28 Dec. 1950
Two White Horses
A Hollywood director wants to get away from it all.
11 Jan. 1951
Relatively Speaking
Melvyn Douglas in the story of a successful stock broker.
8 Feb. 1951
Eve Arden plays an older actress whose failed romance threatens to ruin another woman's career.
8 Mar. 1951
Miss Buell
High school teacher Miss Buell, responsible for the senior class play, is upset that the students get to elect the cast members. They've voted for Harry Santis, the arrogant star football player as the male lead in Romeo and Juliet.
22 Mar. 1951
Flaxen-Haired Mannequin
A shy Boston bookkeeper falls in love with a "flaxen-haired mannequin."
5 Apr. 1951
Season for Marriage
A young wife finds that the domesticity of married life has cost her the glamour she once had.
19 Apr. 1951
The Magnificent Faker
Dorthy Gish as a small-town society editor.
3 May 1951
I Guess There Are Other Girls
Wally Cox plays an expert on the oddities and peculiarities of the English language in this comedy.
17 May 1951
Bernice Bobs Her Hair
It's the Roaring 20s and Marge is the life of the party. Her flavorless cousin Bernice is visiting from Wisconsin and, despite having money, is a real wet blanket. Marge tries giving her advice on coming out of her shell before publicly challenging her to bob her hair, a major act of rebellion during those days.
31 May 1951
The Come-Back
A masseuse, a butler and a chauffeur pull strings to restore a faded movie star.
14 Jun. 1951
The Fascinating Mr. Hogan
A gas station attendant falls in love with an heiress.
28 Jun. 1951
Three Hours Between Planes
F. Scott Fitgerald's story about a man who looks up an old sweetheart while waiting for a plane.
12 Jul. 1951
The Big Head
Baseball story about a college student who refuses to take advice.
26 Jul. 1951
In a Military Manner
Story of two hard-nosed G.I.s whose bitter rivalry nearly ends in murder.
9 Aug. 1951
With Bated Breath
Western about courageous cowhands, a near murder, and an unlikely hero.
23 Aug. 1951
Lunch at Disalvo's
Story of an advertising man whose methods are outmoded.
6 Sep. 1951
Act of God Nonwithstanding
Disaster looms in the threat of a power plant failure.
20 Sep. 1951
The Gravy Train
Sally Servewell is the popular food editor of a women's magazine. In reality, she's the pen name of a guy named Mike. When the editor decides Sally would boost circulation if she was TV, an attractive woman from the typing pool is selected to be Sally on a cooking show. The new-found fame quickly changes "Sally" from sweet and innocent into a demanding "star," despite the fact that she is helpless in the kitchen without Mike directing her every move.

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