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15 Feb. 1973
And the Bones Came Together
When a graveyard caretaker is fired from his job, his exacts a terrifying supernatural vengeance.
10 May 1973
The Color of Blood
A young girl on a train finds out that her companion is a serial killer.
4 Dec. 1973
Murder and the Computer
Gary Merrill heads the cast of Murder and the Computer as a brilliant electronics scientist. Merrill is in the vicinity when a computer technician is murdered. He finds himself one of six suspects, all computer wizards. The six hackers team up to solve the murder themselves, meaning that only five of them is truly interested in unearthing the mystery. Shot on videotape, Murder and the Computer was a 1973 entry in ABC's late night anthology Wide World Mystery.
11 Jan. 1974
The Satan Murders
A woman enters into a pact with the devil to murder her husband.
22 Jan. 1974
A Beautiful Killing
A pair of detectives are faced with murder at a plush health spa for women.
28 Jan. 1974
Shadow of Fear
Rich woman, an industrialist's wife, finds her home nearly destroyed and with menacing phrases painted on the walls. Besides calling the police, her husband calls his security manager, an ex-cop who hesitates before accepting the task.
12 Feb. 1974
Hard Day at Blue Nose
Backwoods officers try to uncover clues about the mysterious death of a young woman at a dude ranch.
12 Mar. 1974
Legacy of Blood
An insurance man is heavily in debt to a money lender and must pay or die.
26 Mar. 1974
Murder Impossible
A scientist is murdered and his new invention is stolen and held for ransom.
23 Apr. 1974
Murder by Proxy
The president of an electronic's corporation dies and a mysterious caller tells officials at his company that they will be dead soon too.
14 May 1974
Come Die with Me
A man kills his older brother when he is refused a loan and then is held in bondage by the housekeeper who knows of the murder.
8 Jul. 1974
The Break
Two strangers break into a man's house and subject him to a series of terrifying - and humiliating - mind games. But why?
23 Jul. 1974
Death Is a Bad Trip
A planned explosion at a bookstore sets off a chain of daring escapes.
20 Aug. 1974
Nightmare at 43 Hillcrest
Police looking for drug dealers mistakenly raid the house of a typical suburban family. However, rather than admit their mistake and jeopardize their careers, several of the police officers decide to plant heroin in the family's house, and change the records of the raid to make it look like the family was the target of their investigation all along. Based on a true story.
10 Sep. 1974
Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are
Two American girls go on a vacation to England and mysterious things begin happening when one of them falls to her death from atop a monument.
15 Oct. 1974
The Haunting of Penthouse D
A troubled young woman agrees to spend two weeks at a friend's Manhattan penthouse while the friend is away on a modeling assignment, but a series of mysterious disturbances begin occurring during the night.
1 Nov. 1974
The Cloning of Clifford Swimmer
Clifford Swimmer is an angry and abusive man, unhappy in his marriage and cruel to his wife and son, and he wants out. He finds a unique solution: he will have himself cloned and will replace himself while he goes about the world "a free man." With the help of a scientist doing cloning research, the replacement of Swimmer is created. The clone takes over as head of the family, while the real Swimmer travels the world. Meanwhile, the clone has turned out to be the opposite of the original -- a gentle and sensitive husband and father -- and the wife and son come to love...
3 Dec. 1974
A Killer with Two Faces
A crazed killer escapes from an asylum and goes on a murder spree, all connected with his fetish for physical perfection. He assumes the identity of his twin brother, a famous and respected architect. A beautiful woman, unaware of his true identity, hires him to make some changes to her house. Complications ensue.
10 Jan. 1975
Visit from a Dead Man
Sally Carter finds escape in the arms of a handsome attorney who arranges her husband's death. It soon becomes apparent that her husband has a life beyond death.
13 Jan. 1975
The Black Box Murders
A group of interested parties searching for stolen campaign money in a deserted house learn a murderer is among them.
24 Jan. 1975
The Werewolf of Woodstock
At the site of the 1969 rock concert at Woodstock, New York, an electrical charge turns a local farmer into a murderous werewolf.
27 Jan. 1975
The Deadly Volley
A professional tennis team is suspected in the attempted murder of its owner.
4 Feb. 1975
The Centerfold Murders
Models from a financially struggling girlie magazine begin turning up dead.
10 Mar. 1975
Please Stand by for Murder
The wife of a TV executive, who thinks she might have committed a murder, is tormented by a stalker while locked inside an empty TV station.
21 Mar. 1975
Rock-a-Die Baby
In this mystery, someone has a premonition that comes true when the members of a rock group begin to die off for no apparent reason.
4 Apr. 1975
The Two Deaths of Sean Doolittle
A man has absolutely no fear of dying, because he believes he has found a doctor who is able to restore him back to life if he dies.
15 Apr. 1975
The Impersonation Murder Case
A woman's husband is shot to death by her long-lost stepson who has assumed another identity.
12 May 1975
Mirror of Deception
A young woman attempts to find her roommates when they disappear after answering a newspaper employment advertisement.
9 Sep. 1975
The Norming of Jack 243
In a society of the future, a conformist falls in love with a fugitive, who forces him to rethink his attitudes about the society he lives in.
21 Oct. 1975
Distant Early Warning
Aliens infiltrate an Arctic research station, and perform experiments on the unsuspecting crew by mind control which makes them think they are seeing dead members of their families.
25 Nov. 1975
Alien Lover
An orphaned teenager becomes involved with an alien who was beamed to Earth from another galaxy in a TV signal. Is the alien a dream come true or a harbinger of doom?
23 Dec. 1975
Mr. & Mrs. and the Bandstand Mystery
A young couple investigates the murder of a rock singer.
9 Mar. 1976
Terror in the Night
An law student and his wife get caught up in murder and blackmail when they visit an influential attorney's remote island home.

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