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25 Stars Who Need Only an Oscar to Egot, From Cynthia Nixon to James Earl Jones (Photos)

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The Egot — an acronym for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony — is the greatest honor in entertainment. These stars are (or were) close to achieving it. A select group of entertainers can round out their trophy cases with a competitive win from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Harry Belafonte (1927 – ) Emmy: Performance in a Variety or Musical Program or Series, “The Revlon Revue” (1960). Grammys (2): Folk Performance, “Swing Dat Hammer” (1960); Folk Recording, “An Evening With Belafonte/Makeba” (1965). Tony: Supporting Actor in a Musical, “John Murray Anderson’s Almanac” (1954). Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) Emmy: 7 individual wins, including for “Omnibus” (1957...
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Cover Art for The Walking Dead #173 and Omnibus Volume 7

No journey in the world of The Walking Dead is a safe one, and Jesus encounters what could be a "final fight" on the road in November's issue of Robert Kirkman's living dead series, which is teased in the official cover art for the new issue, along with a look at The Walking Dead Omnibus Volume 7.

Created by Charlie Adlard and Dave Stewart, the cover art below is thanks to our friends at! Keep an eye out for issue #173 when it hits shelves on November 1st, the same day that The Walking Dead Omnibus Vol. 7 will be released.

In case you missed it, check out the cover art for issues #171 and #172 of The Walking Dead.

"The Walking Dead #173

Story: Robert Kirkman

Art: Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano & Cliff Rathburn

Cover: Charlie Adlard & Dave Stewart

November 1

32 Pages | Black & White | Mature | $2.99

Final Fight

Jesus is confronted on the road…"

"The Walking Dead Omnibus Vol.
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Joe Corallo: Kick(start) Out The Jams!

Last week here I wrote about the Kickstarter that’s currently running for Unmasked Volume 2. It’s still going strong, so check it out if you haven’t yet.

This week is all about the Meatspace Universe Omnibus Collection on Kickstarter. It’s a video game revenge thriller in a cyberpunk setting written by Josh Gorfain with various artists including Andrew MacLean. This Kickstarter will be funding an ambitious expansion of the Meatspace-Verse including a prequel volume and a sequel volume illustrated by one of my favorite artists, Sean Von Gorman. They currently have a little under three weeks to raise another $12,000 to reach their goal.

I got the chance to chat with Sean and Josh about this Kickstarter the other which you can read below.

Joe: Sean, Josh, what are your elevator pitches for Meatspace Volume 2?

Sean: Full Body Amputee turned Cyborg fights for Internet fame and sometimes Crime
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Film critic Barry Norman dies aged 83

  • ScreenDaily
Film critic Barry Norman dies aged 83
Norman hosted the BBC’s Film… show for 26 years.

Film critic and TV presenter Barry Norman has died aged 83, according to his family.

He died in his sleep on Friday night (June 30). His daughters Samantha and Emma said in a statement: “He had a great life, a wonderful marriage, and an enviable career.”

“He leaves behind a family who adore him and a great roster of friends who love him too. We will miss him more than we can say.”

Norman presented the BBC’s Film… show from 1972 to 1998. He was the programme’s longest running host.

Son of director Leslie Norman, Barry Norman started out as a journalist, working for The Daily Mail, The Observer and The Guardian.

He became the host of the BBC’s Film… show in 1972, presenting it for 26 years (he briefly left to present Omnibus in 1982 but returned the following year).

Norman quit the programme for good in 1998, defecting to Sky. His
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Comics Corner: Penny Dreadful, The Walking Dead #167, Outcast #27, Paper Girls #14

Welcome back to another Comics Corner, highlighting some of the most interesting horror-related comics now in circulation. Miss The Walking Dead on your TV screen? Well, Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead #167 from Image Comics is out now, and we have the cover artwork! Also: Penny Dreadful: The Awaking #2.2, Blood Blister #2, Outcast #27, Fissure #2, Paper Girls #14, Big Trouble in Little China/Lost in New York, and Clive Barker's Hellraiser: Omnibus Trade Paperback Volume 1.

Penny Dreadful: The Awaking #2.2: "Continues the story directly after the shocking events of Penny Dreadful’s season three TV finale, featuring Ethan Chandler, Sir Malcolm Murray, Ferdinand Lyle, and Lily! Written by Penny Dreadful TV series co-executive producer Chris King with interior art by Jésus Hérvas (Sons of Anarchy).

Written by: Chris King

Art by: Jesus Hervas

Colored by: Jason Wordie

Cover by: Tristan Jones

Genres: Action/AdventureHorrorMovies & TV

About Book

Page Count: 31 Pages
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Criterion Reflections – Spirits of the Dead (1968) – Fs

David’s Quick Take for the Tl;Dr Media Consumer:

The resume is solid and the references check out: Federico Fellini, Louis Malle, Roger Vadim each shouldering a directorial third of the project, with talented crews working at their behest to create visually elegant environments to support the stories they tell. Top shelf recruits from leading “beautiful people” actors of their generation: Brigitte Bardot. Alain Delon. Jane Fonda. Peter Fonda. And then there’s Terence Stamp, probably less renowned than the preceding quartet, is roguishly seductive as a disheveled blond wastrel with a suicidal bent. Source material drawn and freely adapted from short stories by Edgar Allan Poe. Ray Charles contributes to the soundtrack. A goosebump inducing first person Pov midnight dash through the streets and alleyways of Rome in a vintage 1964 Ferrari Lmb Fantuzzi just adds extra sprinkles on top. Though the overall impact of the film makes it
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Christmas 2016: our books and comics gift guide

Rob Leane Dec 2, 2016

Is there any older tradition than giving books at Christmas? Well yes, there is. But here's a list anyway...

Books! Undeniably, the combination of ink, paper, a nice cover and a gripping story makes for a classic Christmas present.

See related The Man In The High Castle season 2: new trailer

Whether you and your loved ones are into books or comics, biographies or crime, laughs or love stories, we hope you’ll find something in our gift guide of the biggest and best books coming to shops both real and digital this festive season...

Out now A Life In Parts

If you saw Bryan Cranston on The Graham Norton Show, you’ll know that he’s lived a fair few different lives, from waiter to actor via murder suspect and online dating expert. He chronicles all those roles, and the ones he’s played in TV and film.
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London’s National Film and Television School Launches New Initiatives to Bolster Female Directors

London’s National Film and Television School Launches New Initiatives to Bolster Female Directors
In an attempt to increase the number of female directors working in the United Kingdom’s film industry, London’s National Film and Television School has announced three new initiatives: a mentorship program for every female student working toward an Ma Directing degree at Nfts, a tuition-free directing workshop for female graduates and/or women with at least three years of professional experience and a paid internship pairing all participants in the workshop with a writer, producer or director.

Read More: Showrunners on This Fall’s New TV Series Are 90% White and 80% Male

Nfts made the announcement at its annual fundraising gala last night. Barbara Broccoli, chair of the fundraising gala and a producer of both “Spectre” and “Skyfall,” said she is “excited by the initiatives announced today to boost the number of female filmmakers but there is more to be done by the industry itself. We women in film,
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Comics: Samurai Finds A New Home In Titan Comics

Titan Comics is delighted to announce the continuation of Samurai, written by Jean-François Di Giorgio with art from Frédéric Genét with an all-new story arc. This epic new series picks up after the events of the previous Samurai volumes and follows Takeo on an entirely new adventure.

Titan Comics published the Samurai Omnibus in 2015, this contained Volumes 1-4 of the comics as originally published by Marvel.

The terrible battle against the treacherous Akuma has been won, and the empire is safe once more. But Takeo has set out for the mysterious Unnamed Island to continue his quest to finally discover the truth about his brother and his family… and the symbolic tattoo that saved his life.

"We're very excited to follow Takeo on to new adventures," said editor Lizzie Kaye. "This all-new comics series is going to be an absolute treat for fans of the original Samurai collection and comic readers in general.
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6 actors you never knew played James Bond, from Toby Stephens to... Tom Hiddleston?

Gun to your head - or, rather, powerful laser device pointed close to your groin - you could probably list all six actors who've played James Bond.

But Connery, Brosnan, Moore and so on are the just the tip of the (admittedly quite small) iceberg, as this list of the "other" Bonds proves...

1. Bob Holness

Best known for everyone's favourite pee-themed, letter-obsessed quiz show, Holness enjoyed a wide and varied career before he settled down behind the Blockbusters desk, once working as an airborne traffic reporter and briefly holding down a job in a South African printing press.

How he then ended up as secret agent James Bond 007 seems as great a mystery as "Who are the kind of parents that call their daughter Pussy Galore?" But he did, thanks to a 1956 BBC radio play based on Moonraker.

2. Barry Nelson

Eight years before Sean Connery met Dr No, Barry Nelson
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Movie Review – By Our Selves (2015)

By Our Selves, 2015.

Directed by Andrew Kötting.

Starring Toby Jones, Iain Sinclair, Alan Moore, Andrew Kötting.

Synopsis: A surrealist film documenting the inner thoughts and wanderings of John Clare, both physically and mentally on his “Journey out of Essex”.

A cinematic cognitive mapping of John Clare’s fractured and adopted identities; By Our Selves is an absurdist art-house film not for those naive to Kötting’s surrealist melancholic style.

Known as the Northamptonshire peasant poet, John Clare lived in the early 19th Century later turning mad as his identity was parted between the simple country life of his home town and the opportunities London possessed at a time when the emergence of rural poetry was popular. Displaced somewhere between the genres of documentary and drama, Kötting’s film looks less at the history behind Clare’s life and more at the cerebral fractures that marked the dissatisfaction he had with his own identity.
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By Our Selves review – Toby Jones retreads the journey of poet John Clare

The actor takes a role also played by his father, Freddie, for an occasionally exasperating drama-documentary

In 1970, Freddie Jones played the part of John Clare (“a minor nature poet who went mad… ”) in a BBC Omnibus broadcast. Forty five years later, his son Toby revisits the role, retreading Clare’s 80-mile walk from an asylum near Epping Forest to his Northborough home in search of lost love Mary Joyce. As Toby wanders, Freddie reads from a collection of Clare’s autobiographical writings, providing a quasi-commentary for this strange odyssey.

Part drama, part documentary, part enthralled (sh)amble, By Our Selves finds director Andrew Kötting and writer/collaborator Iain Sinclair indulging their passion for Clare without necessarily engaging ours. En route, we encounter celebrated graphic novelist Alan Moore, who describes the inescapable Northampton as “a cultural black hole with an incredible mass”, hear from Professor Simon Kövesi (dressed as a prizefighter,
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By Our Selves review – disturbing journey through John Clare's poetry

Andrew Kötting recreates scenes of the fascinating and melancholy 90-mile walk undertaken in 1841 by the nature poet John Clare, in a bizarre documentary

Film-maker Andrew Kötting again takes inspiration from that great psycho-geographer Iain Sinclair – with whom he recorded an unclassifiably strange journey by pedalo in the 2012 film Swandown. Now he has been inspired by Sinclair’s book Edge of the Orison, about the fascinating and melancholy 90-mile walk undertaken in 1841 by the nature poet John Clare, from a mental asylum in Epping to Northampton, on a pilgrimage to find Mary Joyce, the woman with whom he believed himself to be in love.

Kötting has Toby Jones recreate the scenes of Clare’s great journey or ordeal, often amid bizarrely alienating and alienated scenes of modern life. Jones recites some of Clare’s work in voiceover, and Kötting also asks Jones’s father Freddie Jones to recreate his performance as Clare from a 1970 Omnibus documentary,
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Cover Art for The Walking Dead #149 and Omnibus Volume 6

  • DailyDead
With each passing month, readers get closer to what should be a big event in The Walking Dead's 150th issue. The newly revealed cover art for The Walking Dead #149 teases a familiar devil on Rick's shoulder, while the cover for The Walking Dead Omnibus Volume 6 features an eye-popping walker.

Due out on December 9th and December 2nd, respectively, the art below for The Walking Dead #149 and Omnibus Volume 6 is thanks to our friends at!

The Walking Dead #149

Story: Robert Kirkman

Art: Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano & Cliff Rathburn

Cover: Charlie Adlard & Dave Stewart

December 9

32 Pages | Black & White | Mature


The devil on your shoulder.

The Walking Dead Omnibus Vol. 6

Story: Robert Kirkman

Art: Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano & Cliff Rathburn

Cover: Charlie Adlard & Dave Stewart

December 2

560 Pages | Black & White | Mature


Signed & Numbered Edition: $150.00

This deluxe hardcover features 24 issues of the hit series, The Walking Dead, along with the covers for
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Modern Doctor Who: an episode roadmap for beginners

Want to catch up with post-2005 Doctor Who but don’t have 85 spare hours to watch the whole thing? We’ve some tips for you…

Maps To TV Shows: Is there a popular show you’d really like to watch but you just don’t have time to wade through years of it all at once? Do you just want to know why that one character keeps turning up on Tumblr? Do the fans all tell you ‘season one is a bit iffy but stick with it, it gets great!’, leaving you with absolutely zero desire ever to watch the boring/silly/just plain weird season one? Then Maps To TV Shows is for you!

In these articles, we’ll outline routes through popular TV shows focusing on particular characters, story arcs or episode types. Are you really into the Klingon episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation? Do
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9 Times The Hitchhikers’ Guide To The Galaxy Accurately Predicted The Future


The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy – more popular than The Celestial Home Care Omnibus, better selling than Fifty-three More Things to do in Zero Gravity, and more controversial than Oolon Colluphid’s trilogy of philosophical blockbusters Where God Went Wrong, Some More of God’s Greatest Mistakes and Who is this God Person Anyway? Not only that, but it would appear that all that sending it forwards and backwards in time has granted it some excellent insights in to the technology of the future.

Douglas Adams, as a true visionary, total genius and loveable barmpot, was well known for his penchant for predicting the future. His documentary film Hyperland famously predicted the world wide web in 1990 and much of the technology that features in his most famous work, The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, can be found all around us today in one form or another.

Who knows, could
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Sdcc: Full list of winners from the 2015 Eisner Awards

Last night the Indigo Ballroom of the Hilton San Diego Bayfront played host to the 27th Annual Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, and thanks to Bleeding Cool we’ve got a full list of all the winners…

Best Short Story

“Beginning’s End,” by Rina Ayuyang,

“Corpse on the Imjin!” by Peter Kuper, in Masterful Marks: Cartoonists Who Changed the World (Simon & Schuster)

“Rule Number One,” by Lee Bermejo, in Batman Black and White #3 (DC)

The Sound of One Hand Clapping,” by Max Landis & Jock, in Adventures of Superman #41-42 (DC)

“When the Darkness Presses,” by Emily Carroll,

Best Single Issue (or One-Shot)

Astro City #16: “Wish I May” by Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson (Vertigo/DC)

Beasts of Burden: Hunters and Gatherers, by Evan Dorkin & Jill Thompson (Dark Horse)

Madman in Your Face 3D Special, by Mike Allred (Image)

Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration
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2015 Eisner Award nominations

  • Comicmix
Comic-Con International has announced the nominations for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards for 2015. The nominees, chosen by a blue-ribbon panel of judges, highlight the wide range of material being published in comics and graphic novel form today, from companies big and small, in print and on line. The awards will be given out during a gala ceremony on Friday, July 10 during Comic-Con International: San Diego.

Best Short Story

“Beginning’s End,” by Rina Ayuyang,

“Corpse on the Imjin!” by Peter Kuper, in Masterful Marks: Cartoonists Who Changed the World (Simon & Schuster)

“,” by Lee Bermejo, in Batman Black and White #3 (DC)

“,” by Max Landis & Jock, in Adventures of Superman #14 (DC)

“When the Darkness Presses,” by Emily Carroll,

Best Single Issue (or One-Shot)

Astro City #16: “Wish I May” by Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson (Vertigo/DC)

Beasts of Burden: Hunters and Gatherers, by Evan Dorkin
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Remembering Sidney Lumet

April 9th will mark the four year anniversary of director Sidney Lumet's passing, at age 86. Lumet was the first director I interviewed whose one-sheet posters hung on my wall as a kid. He was an idol, an icon, and an inspiration. I wasn't yet 30 in April 1997, when I met him at The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills for our interview at the press junket for "Night Falls On Manhattan," one of his solid, authentic urban dramas that blended crime, politics and personal revelations that became his signature.

Lumet immediately put any butterflies I had at ease. Diminutive, but with the infectious energy of a teenager, his was a disarming presence. He paid me a compliment on my sportcoat, saying that I looked a bit like the young Mickey Rourke (which I still don't see, but what the hell), then went on to regale me for an hour with
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Of Human “Bond”-age: Top Ten Actors That Had Played James Bond

Sure, there have been countless articles detailing the debonair men that portrayed the world’s most famous superspy in Ian Fleming’s creation of Agent 007 (a.k.a James Bond). And of course there have been many debates arguing who is considered the best Bond of them all (yes…I concur with the majority of the Sean Connery census that he is the ideal licensed to kill Lothario of them all). Plus, the listing of who’s the better Bond from top to bottom is always a lively discussion among Agent 007 aficionados.

Well, here is one more list to join the fray in terms of examining the actors that carried the action-packed load in bringing Fleming’s dashing Danger Man into the forefront of adventure, mystery, travel and romance. In Of Human “Bond”-age: Top Ten Actors That Had Played James Bond we will take a look at the actors
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