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8 Jan. 2018
Millionaire Bankrupts Exposed
Samantha Poling goes undercover to expose some of the tricks used by the wealthy to conceal their assets before declaring bankruptcy, while those to whom they owe money are left with nothing.
15 Jan. 2018
Trump Voters: One Year On
Donald Trump has changed the face of American politics, but what do those who voted for him make of his first tumultuous year in office? Filmed over a year in Michigan, Florida, Texas and Wyoming this edition asks Trump voters.
22 Jan. 2018
White Fright: Divided Britain
In 2007 Panorama reported on increasing segregation between the White British and Muslim Asian populations in Blackburn, Lancashire. A decade on the situation has worsened despite government policy.
29 Jan. 2018
Addicted: Last Chance Mums
Can a mother addicted to drugs change? Should the state be helping her or taking her baby away? Panorama gains exclusive access to a residential unit where mothers try to prove they're fit to be a parent.
12 Feb. 2018
Who Wants to Be a Bitcoin Millionaire
BBC Click (2000) presenter Spencer Kelly investigates bitcoin, visiting a bitcoin mine in Iceland, bitcoin millionaires in Silicon Valley and people who have been scammed out of their savings.
21 Feb. 2018
Evicted for No Reason
British courts ordered more than 24,000 "no-fault" evictions in 2017. Richard Bilton meets some of those evicted with little notice or explanation and the private landlords for whom such evictions can be a lifeline.
1 Mar. 2018
Weinstein: The Inside Story
A 1-hour special edition of Panorama (1953), co-produced with PBS Frontline (1983), examining the lengths that Harvey Weinstein went to to silence and discredit his accusers.
7 Mar. 2018
Immigration: Who should we let in?
Britain leaves the EU in one year, but the government have been silent on how a new immigration system will work. Nick Robinson travels around the UK asking what immigration people want.
14 Mar. 2018
Taking on Putin
The forthcoming Russian presidential election is expected to be a mere formality for Vladimir Putin. John Sweeney travels to Russia to experience what life is like for those who oppose Putin.
19 Mar. 2018
Britain's Equal Pay Scandal
For the first time major employers in the UK are having to reveal the average wages they pay men and women. At the same time organisations like the BBC are in battles over equal pay. Jane Corbin meets workers fighting for equality.
16 Apr. 2018
North Korea's Secret Slave Gangs
An investigation into modern day slavery. It is thought that more than 100,000 North Korean workers are posted abroad to earn money for the cash-strapped regime - money that is then ploughed into its nuclear programme.
23 Apr. 2018
Gangsters' Dirty Money Exposed
Why does London attract so much dirty money? Leaked documents reveal gangsters, their families and associates are taking advantage of offshore secrecy and ineffective money laundering controls to buy property and art in the capital.
30 Apr. 2018
Getting a Fair Trial?
Everyone has the right to a fair trial but how sure can people be that they will get one? Katie Razzall investigates cases where evidence has not been investigated by the police or withheld from defendants.
16 May 2018
Police Under Pressure
With a surge in violent crime in London and recorded crime on the increase across Britain, Panorama asks if police can cope following eight years of austerity.
21 May 2018
Grenfell: Who Is to Blame?
1 year on from the Grenfell Tower fire no-one has been arrested or held to account. Richard Bilton reveals new evidence about the safety failures that led to 72 deaths and tracks down those with questions to answer.
30 May 2018
Last Chance for Justice
Reporter Mark Daly asks if the Criminal Cases Review Commission, the body tasked with investigating alleged miscarriages of justice, is fit for purpose discovering new evidence in cases they rejected.
4 Jun. 2018
Tessa Jowell: Her Last Campaign
In 2017, former Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. This documentary follows her as she spends the final weeks of her life campaigning for other sufferers.
4 Jul. 2018
Smartphones: the Dark Side
People are all increasingly glued to their smart phones and consumed by social media, but why? Panorama reporter Hilary Andersson tracks down tech insiders who reveal how social-media companies have deliberately developed habit-forming technology to get people hooked. A former Facebook manager tells the programme: 'Their goal is to addict you and then sell your time' and the creator of the 'like' button warns of the dangers of social-media addiction. Panorama investigates the science behind the lure of technology, and shows how behavioural science has been used to ...
3 Sep. 2018
Murder on the Streets
There have been over 90 murders in London in 2018 alone, which includes sixteen teenagers. Panorama investigates why young people are losing their lives.
26 Nov. 2018
The Great Implant Scandal
Reporter Deborah Cohen investigates an industry where some patients are treated like human guinea pigs and then abandoned when things go wrong.
3 Dec. 2018
Ripped Off? Join the Club
Panorama investigates a businessman targeting sports and social clubs with offers of financial help that can end up costing them everything.
17 Dec. 2018
HS2: Going off the Rails?
Thousands of home and businesses are affected and land is already being cleared to make way for the new High Speed 2 train line - the biggest infrastructure project in Europe.
My Return from IS
The story of a British woman who is back in the UK after living with so-called Islamic State in Syria for more than two years before she managed to escape.

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