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Season 62

13 Jan. 2014
I Want My Baby Back
John Sweeney examines the secretive world of the family courts and asks if they have unfairly removed children from their parents based on flawed medical evidence. Tiny fractures on juvenile bones may be evidence of abuse - or rickets.
20 Jan. 2014
Police: Shooting to Kill
The police firearms units are elite, highly-trained marksmen authorized to use lethal force if necessary. They are also under intense scrutiny following a series of high profile cases. Panorama gets unprecedented access to these officers.
27 Jan. 2014
Putin's Games
The cost of the Sochi Winter Olympics have quadrupled to more than £30 billion. John Sweeney investigates claims of massive corruption.
3 Feb. 2014
Educating North Korea
In the heart of the most closed and secretive state on Earth sits a university paid for and run by the West, which attempts to open the minds of its pupils.
10 Feb. 2014
Immigration Undercover: The Student Visa Scandal
Panorama lifts the lid on the multi-million pound trade in immigration visas, uncovering the frauds that allow bogus foreign students to remain in the UK. They also show how Government-approved exams are being sat by bogus students.
17 Feb. 2014
Britain Underwater
As Britain is once again battered by extreme weather conditions, Richard Bilton explores the causes of the widespread flooding that is ruining lives. Can anything be done to prevent it or will the Government have to choose areas to save?
24 Feb. 2014
Kidnapped: Betrayed by Britain
Panorama investigates the mysterious disappearance of a British businessman in Dubai. British authorities handed confidential documents over to the Iranian Government, despite warnings that to do so would endanger his life.
3 Mar. 2014
Hungry Britain?
Panorama investigates the dramatic increase in the number of food banks across the UK and the numbers of people claiming free food from them. Is this due to benefit changes, the economic slowdown or people taking advantage.
10 Mar. 2014
The Revolution That Shook the World
Paul Kenyon presents a special report from within the Ukrainian military bases in Crimea that are now cordoned off by Russian troops in a deadly stand-off. With exclusive interviews of commanders on both sides of the conflict.
17 Mar. 2014
A Week in A&E: Condition Critical?
Panorama reporter Vivian White spends a week in the Accident and Emergency department of The University Hospital of North Tees. He interviews staff struggling to cope with the unrelenting demand and some who have already quit.
24 Mar. 2014
The Great NHS Robbery
With the NHS facing unprecedented financial pressures it is also being subject to an increasing amount of fraud. Fiona Walker investigates claims that this fraud is now larger than benefit fraud and what is being done to prevent it.
31 Mar. 2014
The Mayor and Our Money
Panorama investigates whether the system of directly elected mayors has placed too much power into the hands of one individual. John Ware focuses on the mayor of Tower Hamlets in London who has been accused of injecting faith into politics.
2 Apr. 2014
The Pope's Revolution
On the eve of the Queen's historic visit to the Vatican, Panorama studies the reforms Pope Francis has pledged to make to the Catholic church. Is there substance to his promises? Will the church actually allow him to make these changes?
7 Apr. 2014
Don't Take My Car: Bailiffs Undercover
Panorama goes undercover to expose the tactics used by some bailiffs pursuing unpaid parking fines. As well as seizing cars and charging large sums to release them they are accused of intimidating motorists and lying about their powers.
10 Apr. 2014
Don't Cap My Benefits
Panorama follows the personal stories of some of the people who are being affected by changes to the benefit system. Claimants struggle as their benefits are reduced and they are asked to move to areas with cheaper rents.
14 Apr. 2014
Who's Paying Your Doctor?
With the NHS spending more than £10 billion a year on drugs, Panorama looks at some of the tactics used by pharmaceutical companies to tap into that market and influence which drugs medics choose to prescribe for their patients.
28 Apr. 2014
Bernie Ecclestone: Lies, Bribes and Formula One
F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has run the sport for more than 40 years and made billions but two courts say he paid a $44 billion bribe and he may have evaded paying a billion pounds in UK tax. Panorama asks how is he still in charge.
30 Apr. 2014
Behind Closed Doors: Elderly Care Exposed
Secret filming inside two care homes in Britain reveals what can happen out of sight of the inspectors and relatives of the residents. The lives of vulnerable elderly people are being blighted by poor standards of care.
12 May 2014
From Jail to Jihad?
The number of Muslims imprisoned in England and Wales has doubled in the past ten years. The prison system has the greatest concentration of radical and extremist Islamists, are they converting and radicalizing other prisoners?
19 May 2014
Behind the Balaclavas
Paul Kenyon travels around Eastern Ukraine to meet some of the separatists who are seizing control of towns and fighting for a breakaway republic.
2 Jun. 2014
Savile: The Power to Abuse
As both the BBC and the Department of Health prepare to publish the findings of inquiries into the Jimmy Saville scandal, Shelley Jofre investigates how the DJ was able to worm his way so far into the British establishment.
4 Jun. 2014
Brazil: In the Shadow of the Stadiums
The most successful nation in the history of the FIFA World Cup, Brazil, hosts the 2014 tournament but there have been violent protests against the cost of hosting the games in a nation where the divide between rich and poor is so extreme.
9 Jun. 2014
Justice for Sale?
Expert witnesses who give evidence in court are supposed to be impartial. But an undercover investigation by Panorama discovers handwriting experts, CCTV analysts and animal behaviorists who are hiding the truth to protect their clients.
23 Jun. 2014
Britain's Homeless Families
The number of people made homeless due to eviction by private landlords has tripled over the last 5 years. Richard Bilton talks to families forced out of their homes and asks if Government policies are putting vulnerable people at risk.
25 Jun. 2014
Hacking: Power, Corruption and Lies
Following the 'Phone Hacking Trial', Robert Peston asks if the police and politicians from all parties helped cover up the activities of the press in order to protect their own relationships with Rupert Murdoch?
7 Jul. 2014
Bedlam Behind Bars
The American prison system is having to cope with an influx of prisoners with serious mental health problems. Hilary Anderson investigates reports of mentally ill inmates being chained to beds, kept in isolation indefinitely and abused.
14 Jul. 2014
ISIS: Terror in Iraq
Paul Wood travels to Iraq to see for himself how ISIS is tearing the country apart and asks if British recruits will bring the terror to these shores?
21 Jul. 2014
Drivers Who Kill
Panorama investigates if changes to the driving laws in the UK have seen the justice system soften its approach to dangerous driving and if in-car technology is driving Britain's drivers to distraction.
27 Aug. 2014
Last Chance Academy
A report on Baverstock Academy, which attempts to save problem pupils from the scrap heap. The Headmaster of the school explains why they oppose the exclusion of disruptive children and hope to provide an example for others to follow.
1 Sep. 2014
Stolen Childhoods: The Grooming Scandal
Alison Holt travels to Rotherham to investigate how and why the police and local authority ignored warnings of the large-scale abuse of children.
8 Sep. 2014
Putin's Gamble
John Sweeney challenges Russian Premier Vladimir Putin over his country's involvement in the Ukrainian civil war and the shooting down of flight MH17.
15 Sep. 2014
Scotland's Decision
On the eve of the referendum on Scottish Independence, Allan Little presents an exploration of the issues facing Scotland and the UK. How, over the past 40 years, has this question gone from a fringe idea to dominating British politics?
22 Sep. 2014
Scotland: The People's Voice
In the aftermath of the Referendum on Scottish Independence, Panorama travels around Scotland following the lives of ordinary people who took part in this momentous decision.
23 Sep. 2014
War of the Tunnels
For seven weeks Hamas rockets roared over the border into Israel while Israeli bombs pounded Gaza. Panorama's Jane Corbin goes deep into the underground tunnels where battles have been fought to investigate the war that has devastated Gaza.
29 Sep. 2014
Born Asleep
3,000 babies are stillborn each year in the UK, one of the worst rates in the developed world. Paul Kenyon meets the clinicians who claim that lives could be saved with simple and cheap interventions that hospitals appear slow to adopt.
6 Oct. 2014
Workers on the Breadline
Many British workers receive benefits to 'top-up' their wages. These in-work benefits cost £28 billion a year. Why are they needed?
13 Oct. 2014
The Farage Factor
UKIP have shaken up British politics attracting disillusioned voters and defecting MP's. Darragh MacIntyre asks if their charismatic leader, Nigel Farage, is really any different from the politicians that he challenges?
20 Oct. 2014
Inside the Taliban
On the eve of the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan, Panorama gains unique access to a Taliban stronghold 60 miles from Kabul.
21 Oct. 2014
To Walk Again
Panorama tells the story of the paralyzed man who's able to walk again thanks to a revolutionary new technique using regenerative cells.
3 Nov. 2014
Drugs and Money: Dog Racing Undercover
An undercover investigation reveals blatant cheating and the drugging of dogs in the UK dog racing industry. Is it now time for the sport's self-regulation to be re-examined?
10 Nov. 2014
The Girl Who Vanished
11 years on from the disappearance of Blackpool schoolgirl Charlene Downes, Shelley Jofre asks why has no-one been convicted of her murder?
12 Nov. 2014
The Fake Sheikh Exposed
Mazher Mahmood has exposed a large number of scandals whilst posing as 'the fake sheik' for a national newspaper. But after Mahmood was branded a liar in a British court recently, Panorama investigates his methods.
17 Nov. 2014
Ebola Frontline
Panorama spent a month in Sierra Leone following British doctors and nurses who are working in clinics tackling the devastating Ebola outbreak.
24 Nov. 2014
Did the Bank Wreck My Business?
Have two of the banks bailed out by the British taxpayer been deliberately running down businesses that they are supposed to be helping?
8 Dec. 2014
Domestic Abuse: Caught on Camera
Panorama reveals the harrowing footage of domestic violence that is being captured by a new style of police evidence gathering.
15 Dec. 2014
The Innocent Serial Killer?
Mark Daly asks if Scottish nurse Colin Norris, dubbed the Angel of Death by the press, was wrongly convicted of multiple murders.
18 Dec. 2014
Apple's Broken Promises
Panorama goes undercover in China and Indonesia to discover how workers involved in the production of the new Apple iPhone 6 are treated.

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