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14 Jan. 2019
Takeaway Secrets Exposed
The UK takeaway industry is booming, but at what cost? Planning laws are being subverted and food safety legislation flouted in the battle to give us what we want when we want it.
21 Jan. 2019
Killed in Hospital
Richard Bilton investigates events at Gosport War Memorial Hospital after an official inquiry found that more than 450 patients had their lives cut short, many given fatal doses of painkillers.
4 Feb. 2019
Brexit: Who's in Charge?
Adrian Chiles follows MPs through a historic fortnight in Westminster to find out who is in charge - and are they putting party politics before the best interests of the country?
11 Feb. 2019
Million Pound Selfie Sell Off
Catrin Nye investigates the use of digital influencers in the advertising industry, whether companies are up front about their use and the impact this new form of advertising is having on consumers.
25 Feb. 2019
Trans Kids: Why Medicine Matters
Dr Faye Kirkland investigates how much we understand about the care being offered to transgender children at a time when more young people than ever are exploring their gender identity.
4 Mar. 2019
These Pills Could Kill You
What's behind Scotland's rising toll of drugs deaths? Chris Clements reveals the growing abuse of prescription pills, investigating the illicit online trade in pills that is being driven by social media.
18 Mar. 2019
Britain's Most Controversial Landlord
Richard Bilton meets the controversial landlord who is now evicting 90 families so that he can cash-in on his property empire and finds out what life is like for the families facing eviction.
25 Mar. 2019
The Academy Schools Scandal
Bronagh Munro examines the shocking way in which some academy trusts are running schools, speaking to former teachers turned whistle-blowers alleging nepotism, cheating on exams and financial irregularities.
8 Apr. 2019
Can We Trust Huawei?
They're one of the biggest and most powerful technology companies in the world, but can we trust the Chinese telecoms giant Huawei to build the next generation telecoms network in the UK?
15 Apr. 2019
The Gatwick Drone Attack
Justin Rowlatt investigates the 3 days of disruption at Gatwick Airport, asking what really happened? Why no-one has been caught? Was there a drone at all? What needs to be done to protect our skies?
29 Apr. 2019
Scandal in the Church of England
Jane Corbin investigates cases of child sexual abuse that were ignored for years by senior clergy in the Church of England and asks whether the Church has now learned the lessons of the past?
8 May 2019
GPs: Why Can't I Get an Appointment?
Across Britain it is getting harder to to get an appointment to see a GP. As demand increases there is a huge shortage of doctors and local practices are struggling to cope.
13 May 2019
The Iraqi Orphan: 30 Lost Years
Amar, a victim of napalm attacks by Saddam Hussein's forces in 1991, returns to Iraq for the first time in 30 years to try to find his family.
20 May 2019
Salmon Farming Exposed
Lucy Adams explores the £1 billion industry producing one of the UK's biggest food exports and one of the country's favourite fish but is salmon farming really sustainable?
22 May 2019
Undercover Hospital Abuse Scandal
An undercover report inside a hospital for vulnerable adults showing how staff taunt, abuse and provoke patients with autism and learning difficulties then restrain them.
29 May 2019
Crisis in Care - Part 1: Who Cares?
The first of a two part report revealing the failings of our social care system as our population ages and more and more of us need help with day to day living.
3 Jun. 2019
The $10 Billion Energy Scandal
Reporter Mayeni Jones investigates an energy deal involving secret payments made by a controversial businessman to the family of a senior politician. Why has one of Britain's biggest companies invested in the project?
5 Jun. 2019
Crisis in Care - Part 2: Who Pays?
With more and more care homes closing and a shortage of carers, Alison Holt meets some of the vulnerable people threatened with selling their homes to pay for their care.
10 Jun. 2019
Britain's Drink Problem
With alcohol-related deaths on the rise, Adrian Chiles investigates what we know about the dangers of drinking, and why the alcohol industry isn't telling us more.
17 Jun. 2019
Easy Money, Tough Debt?
Fiona Phillips investigates some of the lenders who have stepped in following the collapse of Wonga and asks why the cap on payday loans doesn't apply to other types of lending?
24 Jun. 2019
The Race for Number 10
After a bruising round of campaigning and vote-offs, there are just two candidates left in the race to be the next Prime Minister, John Pienaar asks if either can end the Brexit deadlock.
8 Jul. 2019
No Deal Brexit: Are We Ready?
With a no-deal Brexit looking increasingly likely, Jane Corbin travels around the UK meeting those who welcome it and fear it and examines preparations for it.
10 Jul. 2019
Is Labour Anti-Semitic?
A look at the antisemitism controversy which has been tearing the Labour Party apart in recent years.
15 Jul. 2019
Sex Education: The LGBT Debate in Schools
The introduction of lessons in primary schools designed to promote greater tolerance in society, including learning about LGBT relationships, has caused protests by, mainly Muslim, conservative religious groups.
18 Jul. 2019
Britain's Brexit Crisis
For the first time, the politicians and negotiators on both sides of the channel tell the story of the key events, the mistakes and the miscalculations that made Theresa May postpone Brexit and forced her from office.
22 Jul. 2019
America's Abortion War
Hilary Andersson reports from Alabama, one of 12 US states attempting to overturn the constitutional right to abortion. She speaks to campaigners and politicians on both sides of the debate.
29 Jul. 2019
Boeing's Killer Planes
Richard Bilton investigates the fatal flaws of the Boeing 737 Max and asks whether the aviation giant should have done more to protect passengers.
5 Aug. 2019
Stacey Meets the IS Brides
Stacey Dooley travels to Kurdish-controlled northern Syria to holding camps where she meets western women who left their countries to join the so-called Islamic State.
12 Aug. 2019
Addicted to Gambling
Britain's betting industry is booming. The amount we lose to the bookies has almost doubled in a decade. Bronagh Munro asks if they are doing enough to protect problem gamblers?
2 Sep. 2019
Inside the School Cuts Crisis
Has education funding reached crisis point? This film follows pupils and staff at North Denes Primary in Great Yarmouth where the headteacher has had to lose almost a fifth of staff to balance the books.
5 Sep. 2019
The Hunt for Britain's Slave Gangs
This special edition follows West Midlands Police as they work to bring down the largest human slavery operation that has ever been caught in the UK.
9 Sep. 2019
Knives in the Classroom
Chanell Wallace, whose brother was stabbed to death when she was 11, meets young people growing up in communities where carrying a knife is now normal. She sees how knife crime is ruining lives and the impact of knives on the classroom.
30 Sep. 2019
The Khashoggi Murder Tapes
Jane Corbin investigates the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and asks if the West has turned a blind eye in pursuit of lucrative trade deals?
7 Oct. 2019
Secrets of the Seduction Bootcamp
Panorama investigates the multi-million pound industry that sells pick-up techniques to men by going undercover at a so-called seduction boot-camp.
14 Oct. 2019
Climate Change: What Can We Do?
The government has pledged to radically reduce carbon emissions to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. We'll need to make big changes to the way we live but how much difference will these changes really make?
21 Oct. 2019
Can You Trust the Billion Pound Investors?
Following the massive losses made by the man touted as the golden boy of investing, Neil Woodford, Richard Bilton investigates the secretive world of fund managers.
28 Oct. 2019
Following the Drug Money
Andrew Verity reveals how billions of pounds of drug money is laundered in the UK each year. He follows the criminal cash from the streets of London to the gold markets of Dubai.
6 Nov. 2019
David Dimbleby: How Brexit's Changed Britain
David Dimbleby travels around the UK to reveal why this is going to be the most unpredictable general election of his 50 year career. He finds a country divided as never before.
11 Nov. 2019
Can Flying Go Green?
Justin Rowlatt investigates plans by the aviation industry to reduce carbon emissions and asks whether it is promising more than it can deliver.
18 Nov. 2019
War Crimes Scandal Exposed
The government closed down investigations into alleged war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan before a single soldier was prosecuted. Has there been a cover-up at the highest levels of the British military?
25 Nov. 2019
How to Brainwash a Million People
Reveals how China runs its re-education camps, where more than a million people have been imprisoned. Uncovering the surveillance and abuse inside hundreds of new detention centres.
2 Dec. 2019
The Prince and the Epstein Scandal
As Prince Andrew steps back from his public duties, Darragh MacIntyre hears from the victims of his former friend and convicted child sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein.
9 Dec. 2019
Universal Credit: One Year On
One year on reporter Catrin Nye returns to Flintshire in North Wales to learn if the roll-out of Universal Credit is still causing difficulties for vulnerable claimants there.
16 Dec. 2019
Conned by My Church
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