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9 Jan. 2004
A Call for Help
Bosco and Munro are called out to an anonymous call for help, and find a guy who says he has been in a fight.
16 Jan. 2004
Black and Blue
Jimmy is happy with his life. Sasha talks with Cruz about taking the Sergent's exam. Ty and Sully find an injured woman, who later says she was raped by police.
6 Feb. 2004
Sleeping Dogs Lie
Jimmy proposes. A new Captain arrives at the fire house. Cruz extracts a murder confession from a man who Munro saw elsewhere at the time of the crime.
13 Feb. 2004
Blessed and Bewildered
Steeper orders the paramedics out of the house. Bosco finds out Allie Nardo has visited Rose Boscorelli. Doc invites Christian along in the bus.
20 Feb. 2004
No More, Forever
Sasha loses her off-duty weapon. Doc prepares for a special day in the firehouse. Faith returns to work. Bosco takes a personal day for a family emergency.
27 Feb. 2004
Family Ties: Part 1
The investigation into Doc's actions starts. Rose invites Bosco to dinner, unbeknown to him with his brother. Fred is upset that Faith is partnering with Bosco again. A dead body is found, near signs that a drug war is starting. Cruz is miffed at being left out of a raid.
5 Mar. 2004
Family Ties: Part 2
Questions are asked about why Cruz and Dade were watching Bosco's brother. Autopsy reveals that Dade was poisoned by Teflon on the bullets. Bosco searches for Mikey. Mikey says he was the driver, but not the shooter.
9 Apr. 2004
Sasha rear-ends a car that has a child in the front seat. Ty and Sully sit the LSAT exam. There is a new firefighter in the crew, a former cop, which causes friction between the two houses.
16 Apr. 2004
Spanking the Monkey
Bosco's father engages an expensive lawyer for Mikey. Kim gets caught up in a rave where anti-crime and the drug squad are making a raid, and a fire is started. Cruz continues to compete against the drug squad.
23 Apr. 2004
In Plain View
Sasha returns to work. Bosco prepares for his brother's court appearance. Sully's breakfast routine is broken when the owner of a restaurant he frequents is killed in a hold-up. Rebecca collapses, and it is found that she has been badly abused. The LSAT results arrive.
30 Apr. 2004
Higher Calling
Sully and Ty discover a headless body in the trash. A new medic joins the team. Faith sits vigil with Rebecca, and tries to understand how a mother could allow this to happen to a child. Mikey is located.
7 May 2004
Faith pleads for her marriage. Bosco prepares for his brother's funeral. Donald Mann plots revenge including killing all the police who were at his son's death.
17 Sep. 2004
More Monsters
Masked gunmen shoot up the ER. Bosco is badly injured. Cruz goes after Mann, Faith goes after Cruz.
24 Sep. 2004
Alone Again, Naturally
The shooting at Mann's apartment is investigated, and all involved stood down for three days. Upon their return Faith gets served, and receives a promotion. Cruz has a new boss and gets an anonymous tip about a rat in the house. Ty meets up with some old foes and bungles their arrests. Munroe has a secret.
2 Oct. 2004
Last Will and Testament
Ty gets a rookie partner with family connections to IAB. Carlos gets cursed by a patient's psychic. A Chinese bride is shot at her wedding. Faith asks Fred if their kids can attend her promotion ceremony at One Police Plaza. Monroe finds a way to connect with Yokas.
15 Oct. 2004
Faith starts duty as a detective, with Jelly filling her in on the details. Sully and Monroe attend a domestic and discover a suicide in the upstairs apartment. Faith takes an interest in the guy's background and finds he may have killed a woman. Sasha and Ty make up, then find a dead body in the garbage by the squad's house.
22 Oct. 2004
The Hunter, Hunted
Miller recognizes the M.O. of the body found dumped by the squad house and works on the case with Yokas. Finney and Buono get talking. Carlos denies there is anything happening with him and Levine. Munroe is working to a deadline. Carlos and Buono are ambushed. The murderer hands himself in - after he has set up another girl to die slowly.
29 Oct. 2004
Greatest Detectives in the World
Yokas and Miller are working against the clock. Finney's father barges in at the hospital.
5 Nov. 2004
Leap of Faith
Faith and Fred go to court to fight for custody of the kids. IAB interrupt, taking Faith away with them. A cute new firefighter arrives. Cruz is denied bail and sent to Rykers on remand. Under full immunity, Faith confesses the truth. A potential suicide causes problems. Sully tells Ty something about the history between himself, Ty's father, and C.T. Finney. Bosco wakes up.
12 Nov. 2004
Munroe looks into the past. A missing councilman is found by Carlos and Grace in a bloody and dazed state. Fred's girlfriend reports Charlie missing to Faith. Finney Sr gets wind of Ty's investigations into his father's death.
22 Oct. 2004
Sins of the Fathers
Faith and Jelly investigate the murder of a Muslim school girl and Faith suspects an honor killing. Ty continues to ask questions about his father. Munroe's secret is revealed. Brendan is a hero and gets a second chance with Grace. Emily makes a choice.
3 Dec. 2004
Rat Bastard
Ty reveals Munroe's secret to the squad. When Munroe and Finney Jr are attacked, there is little response to their 10-13 call. Faith investigates the murder of a retired IAB detective. The fire crew have a has-been actor on a ride-along to study for a part.

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