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7 Jan. 2002
Sex, Lies & Videotape
Doc is up for paramedic of the year and is being followed by a film crew. Doc may have made a medical mistake when treating a patient. Faith recovering from cancer treatment and on the job fails to back up Boscoe while chasing a suspect.
14 Jan. 2002
After seeing his young son, Joey (recurring guest star KRISTOPHER SCOTT FIEDEL), fall and break his arm in a playground accident, Doherty fights through a burning apartment building to save a frightened boy of Joey's age. Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Doc can't stay away from a recuperating teenager, Ryan Buckley (recurring guest star GEOFF WIGDOR), who was accidentally paralyzed while under Doc's care. Taylor is annoyed by a new probationary firefighter, Ken Prescott (recurring guest star JASON CERBONE - "The Sopranos"). Bosco and Yokas search for a drug addict, Larry (...
21 Jan. 2002
Old Dogs, New Tricks
Carlos has a life-changing experience in the hospital after he falls down the fire pole. Tatiana leaves her mother-in-law alone in the house for a moment, with disastrous results.
28 Jan. 2002
The Long Guns
Bosco tries to protect an old ESU sharp shooter from spiraling out of control. Faith contemplates taking the sergeant's exam. Davis and Taylor have a steamy affair. Doc feels the guilt over a mistake that made a boy a paraplegic.
4 Feb. 2002
Cold Front
Feeling betrayed, Doc angrily confronts his former friend, Jerry Mankowitz, an attorney's investigator who tricked him into confiding vital information about a pending malpractice suit.
25 Feb. 2002
Superheroes: Part 1
Bosco is giving Faith the cold shoulder and teams up with Ross for patrol. Faith teams up with rookie Gusler. Tatiana's son is admitted to the ER after being beaten by Russian mobsters.
4 Mar. 2002
Superheroes: Part 2
Tatiana panics and leaves Sully's apartment. There is a question about who killed Ross. Faith gets a few days off after killing someone.
1 Apr. 2002
Thicker Than Water
It is the anniversary of Bobby's death. Kim finds a girl beaten on the street, whose friends don't want her to help. The investigation into the shooting gets underway, and Ross's shooter is identified. A baby is left at the fire house.
8 Apr. 2002
Bosco starts having panic attacks. Carlos is discovering the trials of single parenthood, and starts thinking about adoption. Faith is studying for the Sergent's exam.
15 Apr. 2002
The Unforgiven
Faith and Sully find a little girl in a box. Sully has flashbacks.
22 Apr. 2002
The Greater Good
Kim gets a new PDA, which she uses to work out why so many patients have come from the same area. Carlos makes a decision about Kylie.
29 Apr. 2002
In a cross-over episode, Susan Lewis (from "ER") comes to New York looking for her niece Suzy. Tatiana comes home. Jimmy finds life with Joey is good.
6 May 2002
Two Hundred and Thirty-Three Days
Alex's father is found, and the funeral held 233 days after 9/11.
13 May 2002
Fred reluctantly goes to the doctor for a physical. The power goes out while he and Faith are leaving the doctor's office, and they're left stuck in an elevator. Everyone else is dealing with the pressures of the city with no electricity.
30 Sep. 2002
Lights Up
It is evening and the power is still off. Sully, Ty and Bosco are out on the streets dealing with the rioting. Faith tries to find help for Fred.
7 Oct. 2002
The Chosen Few
Fred needs surgery, and his parents have arrived to help. Doc hears that his former girlfriend got married. Sully learns more about his wife than he wanted to know.
14 Oct. 2002
To Protect...
Bosco and Faith search for a missing boy who is diabetic. The boy's father is arrested for beating a pedophile.
21 Oct. 2002
Crash and Burn
Sully spots the tail put on Tatiana while he is out with her. Jimmy is involved in an multi-vehicle accident out on his motorbike, and Alex is hit by a car while attending the scene with the crew.
28 Oct. 2002
Judgment Day: Part 1
Fred comes home from the hospital. Tatiana's son is killed when he returns to New York.
28 Oct. 2002
Judgment Day: Part 2
News of Tatiana's death spreads. Emily resents Faith.
11 Nov. 2002
Bosco is at a supermarket with his mother when it bursts into flames. He and Faith go in search of the arsonist. Doc has another try at romance. Ty is assigned to drive the Chief, who he saved during the riots.
18 Nov. 2002
Ladies' Day
Faith and Emily go out together, and Emily learns something about her mother.
2 Dec. 2002
Crime and Punishment: Part 1
Bosco and Cruz attend a shooting and mess up a dying declaration. Sully is back at work, but Faith isn't sure he is ready to return to duty.
9 Dec. 2002
Crime and Punishment: Part 2
Bosco and Cruz go after Miguel's shooter. Sully has vague memories of the day before. Ty confronts his boss.

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