Third Watch (TV Series 1999–2005) Poster


Skipp Sudduth: John Sullivan, Self



  • Sully : Bet you didn't figure on watching fake vampires your first day back.

    Bosco : There was a time I didn't figure I'd have a first day back.

    Sully : I always knew.

    Bosco : No you didn't.

    Sully : When you were hurt, way back in the beginning, when we were coming over to your room and sitting with you, I realized something.

    Bosco : What? That you had better things to do?

    Sully : No. I realized why you rub me the wrong way.

    Bosco : 'Cause I'm so much better looking than you?

    Sully : When you first came on at the 5-5 you were this gung-ho, 100 miles an hour, true believer. All you wanted to do was catch bad guys.

    Bosco : And you were the opposite.

    Sully : No. I was exactly the same way when I came on. There was no one more excited about being the police. But the system beat it out of me. Bad guys I worked hard to get went free... Cops I respected ended up being dirty. Even did a few things myself I'm not too proud of.

    Bosco : Yeah?

    Sully : So I kept waiting for it to beat you down. But you never let it. And that's what I realized one day sitting by your hospital bed. You piss me off so much because you remind me that I let the system beat me.

    Bosco : You're a pretty damn good cop, Sul.

    Sully : I don't really believe there's a greater good anymore. But you still do. So I always knew that if you woke up, you'd be back out here. 'Cause you're a true believer, Bosco.

    Bosco : [after an awkward moment]  I'm not gonna kiss you.

    Sully : Unless you wanna get shot again.

  • Sully : You know this thing with Faith, all that stuff her old man said? Nothing's ever one person's fault.

    Bosco : You haven't spent enough time around me.

  • Sully : Finney, I've been doing this since you were a careless night waiting to happen.

  • Bosco : You seen Yokas? I've been trying to call her all weekend.

    Sully : Maybe she has caller ID.

  • Sully : I'm not afraid of much, really. Not blood, not snakes or rats, not even heights. Everyone has something that makes their skin crawl. Something that wakes them up from a deep sleep in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat, reaching for the bedside lamp. My nightmare comes to visit maybe every month. It stalks me, slips in, bringing with it the smell of wet dirt and a confined space. See, I'm terrified of being buried alive.

  • Davis : I made a nice collar and you just gave it away.

    Sully : All right. You were masterful. I laughed, I cried. It became a moment I'll treasure for the rest of my career.

  • Sully : My first kiss, the girl sneezed in my mouth.

  • [about Bosco] 

    Sully : He doesn't even know where he's going.

    Yokas : Like that's ever stopped him before.

  • Davis : What do you do?

    Sully : What do you mean "what do I do"?

    Davis : To, like, kick back, have like, Sully fun, what do you do? I sort of picture you... sitting at home in your boxer shorts watching old movies on black and white TV.

    Sully : This is what you do, conjure up images of me in my underwear?

    Davis : I'm not saying it's pretty.

    Sully : You're way off you know.

    Davis : About what?

    Sully : I got a color television.

  • [to Yokas] 

    Sully : You know, you should make it official. Adopt Boscorelli. Then you can list him as a dependent and take him as a deduction on your taxes.

  • [about Cruz] 

    Sully : Man, I knew she was a bitch but I didn't think she'd do anything like that.

    Bosco : I was sleeping with her and I was fooled. How's that for stupid?

  • Sully : One universal truth to policing, any day that begins with a domestic is not gonna be a good day.

    Monroe : Well, then we're screwed already.

  • Woman : Hi. Uh... we didn't call the police.

    Sully : Oh, we're here because we care.

  • [at Aaron's apartment] 

    Carlos : Whoa! Possible DOA?

    Sully : I thought I saw him move.

    Grace Foster : He's already started to decompose.

  • Sully : Rat Junior shows up here and a month later one of us is behind bars. Nah, I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

    Brendan Finney : I thought she did herself in.

    Sully : You pick that up with your supersonic hearing or is my locker bugged?

    Brendan Finney : Nah, nobody needs either with your mouth.

  • [to Dante] 

    Yokas : You know, I gotta tell you, if I ever caught you with my daughter, you'd get to test that whole "vampires are immortal" theory.

    Bosco : Emily's not that stupid.

    Sully : Dante's not that immortal.

  • Sully : All right Kathy, don't get startled, but there's a moron coming to save you.

    Kathy : Go back down there!

    Brendan Finney : No, ma'am. That would ruin my whole hero routine.

  • Sully : You don't take a crap without your gun, Bosco!

  • Sully : [repeated Line]  Crap!

  • [Bosco and Faith are considerably content in the locker room] 

    Sully : [groans]  I've gotta get out of here before these two starting singing Raindrops on Roses.

  • Davis : Who are you?

    Taylor : From the outfit I'd say I was a firefighter.

    Sully : You're supposed to have a Barco-Lounger attached to your ass. Where is it?

  • Sully : You want to come with me?

    Taylor : Sure, I'll keep you company, Santa.

    Sully : Does that make you one of the elves?

  • Sully : What the hell's a Smoova?

  • [about Carlos] 

    Sully : I hear both of his oars aren't in the water.

    Ty : I don't even think he has a boat.

  • Sully : The day you work buy-and-bust is the day...

    Ty : the day you do a sit-up. Oh!

    Sully : The day you work buy-and-bust is the day...

    Ty : the day you eat a salad. Oh!

  • Sully : You ever see these people that pile on the condiments? Ketchup, relish, kraut, onions, chili. I tell you, it breaks my heart, defiling a perfectly good wiener when it can be simply and elegantly complimented with the all-American zester, yellow mustard.

  • Bosco : I'm telling you. If they gave me the power to decide who lives and who dies, the world would be a better place.

    Sully : Bosco as God.

    Bosco : Morons shouldn't have drivers' licenses.

    Faith : Worse... Bosco as the DMV.

    Ty : Isn't that a lateral move?

  • Davis : Hey, I found a wallet!

    Sully : You're a bloodhound.

  • [about Sully and Davis] 

    Bobby : There goes Salt n' Peppa.

    Sully : Word up.

  • [two drunks are fighting] 

    Sully : Looks like we found our combatants.

    Davis : Either that or a ballroom dance competition.

  • Sully : You working today Boscorelli, or you gonna give us another performance of your "Holiday in Uniform" routine?

    Bosco : No powdered sugar on your shirt, Sully. What? Krispy Kreme burn down?

  • Bosco : I am a God.

    Sully : What?

    Yokas : Ignore Zeus.

  • Yokas : You didn't have to come.

    Sully : Oh, yeah. What am I supposed to do, wait in the car while you and Doc play follow-the-fetus?"

  • Sully : We broke into a merry-go-round. This night just keeps getting better and better.

    Yokas : Well, it was a pretty cheap lock.

    Sully : I missed the part of the law where it says that burglaries are graded based on the price of the lock.

  • [about why Sully won't ride the merry-go-round] 

    Sully : I'm allergic to horses.

  • [the cops catch them on the merry-go-round] 

    Sully : They needed to blow off some steam.

    Cop : But not you?

    Sully : I look like the merry-go-round riding type to you?

  • [about the body in the dumpster who keeps getting buried by stuff coming down the garbage chute] 

    Sully : We're going to have to keep track of the at-death and after-death injuries.

    Davis : Coroner's not going to be here for an hour. She's getting buried already.

    Sully : I don't hear her complaining.

    Davis : Could we get a little respect for the dead?

  • [Bosco has poison ivy] 

    Sully : You look a little puffy there, Bosco. That time of month?

  • [Bosco is getting treated for poison ivy] 

    Sully : [singing]  Bosco, with your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight?

  • [about Bobby] 

    Davis : You ever talk to him much?

    Sully : Caffey? No. You?

    Davis : I puked in his car once.

    Sully : Now there's a memory.

  • Sully : Yesterday my car goes up in a ball of flames, today I gotta play nursemaid to Judge Perfect!

    Davis : Maybe we should get you a nurse's outfit. Little hat...

    Sully : Whole thing sucks.

    Davis : Are you familiar with the theory that you attract what you send out? Negative energy comes right back at you?

    Sully : Listen, Kojak, you're gonna go all happy-crappy New Age on me, you can get out and walk your ass to the detail.

    Davis : Yeah, you know what? That's much more positive.

  • [about Taylor] 

    Doc : She doesn't want to be on the bus.

    Sully : Yeah, well I don't want to write up a six-car accident, but we all have our crosses, right?

  • Woman : Hey, Sully. You've been losing some weight.

    Sully : Oh yeah. End of the week I'll be in a thong.

  • [they are taking their time walking to a call] 

    Davis : Shouldn't we at least be jogging or something?

    Sully : What? Do you think one of your relatives is involved?

  • Bosco : You jealous Sullivan?

    Sully : Of your extra guns? If you fall over you'll explode.

  • Sully : [to Bosco]  Looks like you could use a smoova.

  • Sully : 17?

    Davis : I got big feet.

    Sully : Bozo's got big feet. Those are water-skis.

  • French : I just assaulted you.

    Sully : I forgive you. You hit me again you're gonna be a free man with a foot up his ass.

  • Sully : Your mom's still doin' your laundry for you?

    Davis : She doesn't like it when I use the machines. I always screw up the colors.

    Sully : She still cutting the crust off your sandwiches too?

    Davis : They're better that way.

  • Sully : You can beat a dog to make it stay, but it's fear not respect.

    Bosco : Who cares, as long as it's too frightened to bite.

  • [about going on the raid] 

    Davis : We need any special equipment?

    Sully : "Special equipment"? We're taking down a bookie, not Lex Luthor.

  • Davis : You want me to kick it in?

    Sully : I tell you what, Tarzan. Why don't we keep that as a backup plan, but let's see if the Super has keys first.

    Davis : Yeah that could work too.

  • Sully : Vouchering property from a suicide is a good learning tool for our young office here.

    Lt. Swersky : Sure is. Handle it, Finney.

    Brendan Finney : This isn't our job.

    Lt. Swersky : Handle it!

    Sully : [to Finney]  And I bet you signed up for the glitz and glamour.

  • [trying to get Kathy off the ledge] 

    Brendan Finney : At least I got enough guts to be out here.

    Sully : At least I got enough sense to be in here.

    Brendan Finney : Hey, I'm sure he didn't mean it like that, ma'am.

  • Monroe : So the boyfriend's upstairs. His name's Christopher Hayden.

    Sully : Star quarterback for Carver High.

    Jelly : I hate quarterbacks.

    Sully : Spoken like a true fellow defensive lineman.

  • [about needing a Queens phonebook - to Jelly] 

    Sully : Desk said you needed this. What, did you finally eat up all the pizza in Manhattan?

  • Lt. Swersky : Don't you wanna know who you're riding with?

    Sully : Please tell me you're not sticking me with some rookie I'm gonna have to baby-sit all day.

    Bosco : Actually, boss wants me to keep an eye on you.

  • Sully : An hour back and I already hate you.

    Bosco : Good.

    Sully : Good!

    Bosco : Hate me! Call me names. Just don't ask me if you can help me or if you can do anything for me. I'm not handicapped.

    Sully : You're still a jerk.

    Bosco : 100 percent!

  • Yokas : You guys wanna, uh, ride with me on this?

    Sully : I could use some air.

    Bosco : Yeah, I could do this later.

    Sully : Where we going?

    Yokas : To talk to some vampires.

    Sully : I gotta say, I didn't see that coming.

  • Yokas : Alternative lifestyles. Welcome to New York City.

    Sully : Why don't they ever put 'em in the brochures?

  • Davis : That'd be a bitch, you search a guy, put him in the RMP, he gets his weapon back here.

    Sully : That almost explains the whole searching thing.

  • Sully : We had a pool going.

    Davis : A pool for what?

    Sully : How long you'd stay. I said four days.

    Davis : Four days?

    Sully : I wanted two, but Bosco got that first.

    Davis : So who won?

    Sully : Yokas. She had two weeks. That was the longest anybody guessed.

  • [about a horse that has been in an accident] 

    Yokas : That poor thing is in a lot of pain.

    Sully : Yeah.

    Yokas : Well, isn't there something we can do to help him?

    Bosco : You want me to shoot him?

    Sully , Yokas : No!

  • Yokas : So, do you have any testosterone laden tales you want to share with us, Sully?

    Sully : Uh, not that I want to share.

  • Davis : If you won the lotto you could buy a helicopter to get to work.

    Sully : To get to work?

    Davis : What are you gonna do? Sit at home all day?

    Yokas : Yeah 70 million dollars, I'm gonna be strapping on a bulletproof vest 'cause I need a hobby.

  • Tatiana : Policeman has good benefit, right?

    Sully : Pretty good. You? The benefits?

    Tatiana : No. But, I wear short skirt, so... I get good tips.

  • Sully : I learned something this morning, too.

    Tatiana : What's that?

    Sully : My clothes look a hell of a lot better on you than they do on me.

  • Sully : Sergeant Christopher, the uh, Captain requests your presence front and center.

    Christopher : Did he look mad?

    Sully : Not until I finished talking with him, he didn't.

  • [about the engagement ring] 

    Doc : Is it too much?

    Sully : I don't know about too much, but I would definitely marry you.

  • Sully : I still want to be able to chase down fly balls, play some one-on-one. You know. I'll be pushing 60 years old.

    Davis : Can you chase down fly balls now?

  • Davis : You get any rest.

    Sully : Not much.

    Davis : Yeah, me neither.

    Sully : Oh yeah, you got a Ukrainian carnival at your house too?

  • Sully : [about the jumper]  You know if she lived here?

    Yokas : She wouldn't even tell me her name, Sully. Address, phone number, favorite color. Those would have been my follow-up questions.

  • Bosco : [running]  Better not slow down Sully, I'll be up your ass.

    Sully : You just try to keep up with my ass, Bosco.

  • Davis : [they avoid an accident]  Whoa! What was that?

    Sully : Old school, my man.

  • Bosco : She says in a few weeks I should be able to put my feet behind my ears.

    Davis : Who?

    Bosco : My yoga teacher.

    Sully : She say when you'd be able to pull your head out of your ass?

    Davis : That's the advanced class.

  • Bosco : Yokas and I are joining the law enforcement elite.

    Sully : You're becoming Ninjas?

  • Sully : Why were you busting her chops?

    Tatiana : She needs chops busted.

  • Sully : You don't look so good.

    Yokas : Wow, you do know how to talk to a lady, huh?

  • Tatiana : [about milk]  Number one fat.

    Sully : Oh, no, number two fat.

    Tatiana : Number one fat! Come on, hurry up take a shower. You're gonna be that late bird that don't get worms.

  • Yokas : What, are you dieting?

    Sully : Well, it's the Tatiana effect. She's feeding me better food, vegetables, fish, chicken. And we take these power walks, sometimes twice a day.

    Bosco : Can you believe this, Davis? Before you ladies turn the discussion to deal-a-meals and thighmasters, do you mind letting me go to work?

  • Davis : Now that you mention it, your ass is looking a tighter.

    Sully : Davis...

    Davis : More toned, a little firmer.

    Sully : In the car!

    Davis : Sexy!

  • Bosco : I feel like I'm riding a lawnmower.

    Sully : Wanna walk?

    Bosco : It'd be faster.

  • Bosco : Lighten up, Mommy. I'll ride with Sul.

    Yokas : Okay, nevermind.

    Sully : Mommy? How do you put up with that?

    Yokas : Oh, it's an acquired taste.

  • Girl : [on crossing guard duty]  I'm gonna be a policeman someday.

    Bosco : Yeah? Good for you.

    [to the next kid] 

    Bosco : What are you looking at?

    Boy : I didn't know men do this.

    Bosco : I'm sorry?

    Boy : I didn't know men do this.

    Bosco : [blows whistle]  Sully! That's it!

    Sully : What now?

  • Sully : Go take care of your floater.

    Madjanski : You didn't touch anything, did you?

    Sully : I took all the dough out of his wallet and I'm wearing his shoes. Is that a problem?

  • Lt. Swersky : Davis, you'll be in 5-5 David with a brand new probationary patrolman fresh from the academy.

    Davis : A rookie! Seriously?

    Lt. Swersky : Oh, after the fine homicide arrest you made the other day, I'm making you a Field Training Officer.

    Sully : Yeah. I've been with a rookie. The perks aren't worth it.

    Davis : Well, it was no picnic for me either. I didn't get any perks.

    Sully : Hey, I gave you a million dollars worth of law enforcement knowledge.

    Davis : Right. We're "solving problems." That's genius!

  • [shoots the gunman in the head] 

    Sully : Nice shot, Jelly.

    Jelly : I was aiming for his leg.

  • Sully : You know, there was a time when the drug dealers ran away from us. That's how you could tell you were winning.

    Davis : Most of them still do.

    Sully : Less and less all the time though.

  • [to Davis and Carlos] 

    Sully : You two make a hell of a team. Maybe they'll let you share a cell.

  • Sully : Most snow falls at 15 degrees Fahrenheit or greater. The air holds more water vapor at higher temperatures.

    Bosco : Thank you, Al Roker.

  • [bleeding from the head] 

    Sully : Am I still pretty?

  • Bosco : I got a whole family full of yous. Can't cope with life so they hide behind the bottle.

    Sully : But not you?

    Bosco : I guess I'm the black sheep.

  • Davis : Idle minds right? Devil's playground.

    Sully : I thought that was idle hands.

    Davis : How can a hand be a playground?

    Sully : And isn't it workshop?

    Davis : Is it?

    Sully : I don't know, you said it.

  • [with a hand full of money] 

    Lt. Johnson : Sullivan, what do you want me to do with this?

    Sully : What am I, a teller?

  • [questioning Noble about the stabbing] 

    Davis : And that is the black guy with the baseball cap?

    Aaron Noble : Yeah.

    Sully : That narrows it down for us. I wonder what Derek Jeter was doing.

    Davis : Yankees are on the road.

    Aaron Noble : Mets are still in town.

  • [to the FBI agents] 

    Sully : Wow, look at the size of those ID badges. Those come with Cracker Jacks?

  • Davis : Is it true? You ratted out Cruz to Swersky? Said she was dirty?

    Bosco : She is dirty.

    Sully : And yet she goes to church twice a week. There's a lesson in there somewhere.

  • [Bosco's sitting by the water] 

    Sully : You want us to throw you in, is that it?

  • [in a car chase] 

    Davis : You're running out of places to go.

    Sully : You're damn right he is.

    Davis : Nice... I take back everything I said.

  • Sully : I bet I could read you a question from this book and you'll be able to answer it correctly. You ready?

    Davis : I don't think I've ever seen you read anything that didn't have cartoons in it.

  • [shoots Frank in the hand causing him to drop the detonator] 

    Davis : I'm serious man. That was the most amazing shot I've ever seen in my life.

    Sully : Yeah, except I was aiming at his head.

  • Davis : Looks like Cruz is back in the game.

    Bosco : And I'm being passed over for a rookie.

    Sully : Maybe it's your winning personality.

  • Sully : You know what would make me happy? Knowing that little girl's in a warm bed tonight before it starts snowing. We make that happen, I'll sing a carol.

    Davis : You know a carol?

  • Sully : Either nobody's home or they just don't like me.

    Davis : Who wouldn't like you, with your sunny old disposition?

  • [to Doc] 

    Kim : What did we learn the first day of paramedic training? 'Cops are all jerks'.

    Davis : You guys all right?

    Kim : Yeah.

    Davis : You sure? You're good?

    Kim : Yeah.

    Sully : You know what they taught us the first day of cop school? 'Take a look around before you insult somebody'.

  • Davis : Hey, Carlos, you wouldn't happen to have like, big bolt-cutters on the rig?

    Carlos : Sorry.

    Monroe : Got a flashlight?

    Carlos : Nope.

    Sully : Band-Aids - - Adhesive tape?

  • Davis : What's with the new unis? What, you rethinking retirement?

    Sully : It's not how you begin the race, it's how you finish it. And I intend to finish this one with pride and honor. If I fail in those two areas at least I'll be looking good.

  • [about the Monroe/Doc relationship] 

    Bosco : Isn't he a little old for you?

    Sully : He's not that old.

    Davis : Come on, he's closer to a discount bus pass than he is to her age.

    Sully : He is not.

    Bosco : You seem a little defensive yourself there, Sully.

  • Doc : I was good too, Sully.

    Sully : Best ever.

    Doc : I'm gonna miss it.

  • Sully : This is the doer in the diner homicides. If he doesn't confess, tell him I'm coming back.

  • [Lloyd runs into the RMP] 

    Sully : Wow! Nice form, but he didn't stick the landing.

    Davis : Purse doesn't match the shoes.

  • Jelly : You notice how I didn't ask you guys if you touched anything, seeing as how you're a couple of wily veterans.

    Davis : But you're asking us now?

    Sully : He's got us, Davis. Go ahead and give him back the leg.

  • Sully : You don't seem too rattled considering the can of crap you just stepped in.

    Bosco : As long as Faith is all right I really don't care what happens to me.

  • Bosco : I'm not going to kiss you.

    Sully : You better not, unless you want to get shot again.

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