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Kim Raver: Kim Zambrano, Self



  • Jimmy : I can't believe you were hooking up with Boscorelli.

    Kim : We weren't "hooking up"... What?

    Jimmy : You always jumped me the hardest when we had the worst nights.

    Kim : That's not true.

    Jimmy : Look... I care about you. I just don't want to see anyone take advantage of you, that's all.

    Kim : We were talking.

    Jimmy : Well then he seriously needs to get his suspension looked at.

  • Carlos : I would think people would covet me as a partner.

    Kim : Covet?

    Carlos : I know my stuff, I don't get in the way, I'm not above doing some of the dirty work. I definitely know the medical, the paperwork's not a problem. I'll drive if you want, I'll ride if you want. I'm flexible, and flexible is what you want in a partner. You remember that.

    Kim : Oh yeah, not to mention sexist, self-absorb, juvenile...

    Carlos : Juvenile?

    Kim : Yeah, Joey's more mature than you.

    Carlos : Don't even bring that up... You're a juvenile!

  • [On one of Bobby's former girlfriends] 

    Kim : What's the matter? She's smart, sexy...

    Bobby : Then maybe YOU should sleep with her.

  • [Kim and Alex just met] 

    Kim : Great, another "ER" fan.

    Alex : I was a paramedic before I moved up.

  • [Kim is playing with her palm pilot] 

    Kim : That's it, instant access to every city phone number you could possibly need. Ha ha, look at that.

    Alex : Good. You can call somebody who cares.

  • [about Bobby] 

    Kim : He was just being a good Samaritan, and look where that got him.

  • [over ambulance speaker] 

    Bobby : Please move to your right!

    [vehicle moves left] 

    Kim : Your other right!

  • Kim : Hot damn, I love this job!

  • Kim : Jimmy came over last night.

    Bobby : For what?

    Kim : He left this morning.

  • Kim : I'm not spending the next five years of my life having Joey listen to his mom audition husbands on the other side of the wall.

  • [about the obese woman] 

    Kim : Any ideas on how to get her out of here?

    Bosco : Put her on a diet and wait for spring.

    Kim : Any good ideas?

  • Jimmy : Workplace love affairs, never easy.

    Kim : Don't start with me Jimmy.

    Jimmy : What? I saw it on "Rosie."

  • Kim : How come we never get the overturned armored car jobs?

    Doc : Because we're lucky.

    Kim : Yeah, it would be hard not to accidentally let a few bucks fall into our med bag.

    Doc : That's why we're lucky.

  • [about Kim's taste in men] 

    Bobby : Jimmy Doherty.

    Kim : It was a weak moment.

    Bobby : Kim, you married him!

  • Yokas : Hey, you're wearing a vest.

    Kim : Yeah, my ex-husband's idea of a birthday gift.

    Yokas : Yeah, I usually get a dustbuster or something equally romantic.

    Kim : Yeah, a dustbuster I could use. This thing is just hot and uncomfortable. Not to mention it looks like I'm wearing a barrel.

    Bosco : You look pretty good to me.

  • [to Bobby] 

    Kim : You know what? You're gonna end up one of those lonely old guys shuffling around the park feeding stale rolls to pigeons.

  • Coach Capri : This isn't Campfire Girls. It's a contact sport. That's why they call it hockey.

    Kim : Yeah, you said that already. What, is your needle stuck?

  • Kim : Jimmy rappelled off the roof?

    Doc : Yeah, took us out a window. Good thing too. A couple more minutes up there we'd of been toast.

    Bobby : Long way down.

    Kim : Crazy son of a bitch.

  • Bobby : You learn the same things in public school. The only difference is you're having sex in the subway instead of at the Waldorf.

    Kim : You had sex in the subway?

    Bobby : Stand clear of the closing doors, baby.

  • Kim : Doc was too busy helping mother Teresa with the bandages.

    Bobby : Come on, you must have done some crazy stuff man. Give it up.

    Doc : Between the Peace Core and the soup kitchen I barely had enough time to train all those seeing eye dogs.

  • Kim : What happened?

    Bobby : Doc was playing God again.

    Kim : Oh, you got promoted from saint to the big guy?

  • [after someone shoots Rudy in the back of the police car] 

    Kim : You guys sure you're okay?

    Yokas : Yeah, I'll let you know when my ass unpuckers.

    Bobby : Mine wouldn't until April.

    Yokas : Who would want to hurt Rudy Granger?

    Bosco : Obviously someone who wants me to have a really bad day.

    Davis : I bet you Rudy'd say his day was worse.

  • [Kim is showing off new boots that she got] 

    Kim : Laugh all you want now, but you're gonna be begging for a pair of these puppies next time we have to stand in the snow for two hours.

    Doc : When do we ever have to stand in the snow for two hours?

    Bobby : Never.

    Jimmy : What the hell are those?

    Bobby : Kim's entering the Iditarod.

  • Kim : [Sam is laying in the middle of the road]  Oh great, a human speed bump.

  • Carlos : Maybe you should focus less this way and more on that fruit loop you got for a partner now.

    Doc : Hey, watch your mouth.

    Kim : [walks in]  What's he talking about, a woman he has no chance with?

    Carlos : No, a breakfast cereal.

  • Junkie : You wrecked my high.

    Kim : You're welcome.

    Junkie : I never meant to hurt her.

    Kim : Kill her, you mean.

    Junkie : What?

    Kim : You beat her to death. And here we are making sure you survive. It's awake, Bosco!

  • Carlos : I never lost consciousness! Come on!

    Taylor : You called Jimmy "Charlene" and said you didn't want to go to school today.

    Doctor : What happened?

    Kim : 20 foot fall. He's got a lump, a scalp lac, and a big mouth.

  • Doc : [about Carlos]  Either of you know what the hell he was doing on that pole?

    Taylor : No, but I wish I had some photos.

    Kim : Walsh said he heard him screaming for someone to call 9-1-1.

    Taylor : You're kidding.

    Doc : It's not funny, guys.

    Taylor : Oh come on, Doc, it is too funny.

    Kim : [imitating Carlos]  "Call 9-1-1!"

  • Kim : [about the Palm Pilot]  This thing is gonna change my life. No wonder I can't ever find anybody. I got listings under last names, first names. I got you under 'P' for Paramedic.

    Taylor : Why not 'D' for delightful?

  • Kim : I never really thought about it. Lieutenant Zambrano, Lieutenant. Lieu.

    Carlos : Ooh, I just got chicken skin.

    Kim : Hey Lieu, got a minute?

    Carlos : It's a strange coincidence, don't you think? The two

    [Doc and Kim] 

    Carlos : of you get on the promotion list at the same time.

    Kim : It's a test, Carlos. A civil service exam.

    Carlos : Yeah, but I mean, you know, what were you doing, having secret study groups or something? You could have at least told me about it.

    Kim : You're certifiable, you know that?

    Carlos : Oh, that means a lot coming from you, Lieu.

    Kim : Oh shut-up.

    Carlos : Yes sir.

    Kim : What the hell is chicken skin?

  • Kim : Who the hell would voluntarily live in a neighborhood like this?

    Doc : My place is three blocks from here.

    Kim : Not to say that there isn't potential.

  • Doc : [about the junkie]  Weak pulse, needs air.

    Kim : Yeah, that's a matter of opinion.

  • Kim : [about working together]  Seemed kind of smooth, didn't it? Kind of right.

    Taylor : Yeah, kind of right.

    Kim : Yeah. Except for the lifting of that big guy part.

    Taylor : Oh, lifting definitely sucked.

  • Taylor : Well, looks like I got the rest of the day off.

    Kim : Well, that's the first time I considered you lucky for working with Carlos.

  • Doc : I don't hear anybody calling you "granny."

    Kim : That's 'cause they know I'd kick their ass.

  • [after being hit by a car] 

    Taylor : I'm glad you weren't there or you could've gotten hit too.

    Kim : Eh. I would have looked both ways.

  • Carlos : Any chance you'll name that baby after me?

    Kim : Absolutely none!

    Carlos : That's fair enough. Carlos Doherty wouldn't make much sense anyway...

  • [to a shooting victim] 

    Bosco : Your real name is Wiggy?

    Kim : Oh, great. I'm working overtime for a guy named Wiggy.

  • Carlos : My first day I was a half an hour early.

    Kim : Yeah, and the fire guys made you stand right over there for the 30 minutes until we got here.

    Carlos : [points in opposite direction]  No, no. It was more like over there.

  • Carlos : Where were these girls when I was in high school?

    Kim : In kindergarten. Remember that.

  • Kim : You're delusional Carlos. You can't even pass a woman without making some juvenile creepy comment. If you "accidentally" ever touched any part of my body, I'd want to be boiled.

  • [looking for fingers in the snow] 

    Kim : Hey, I got one!

    Man : She gonna find them all?

    Taylor : She won't stop looking till she does.

  • Grace Foster : I am gonna jump out of my skin.

    Kim : Oh, I'm sorry, Grace. You want me to run someone over so you can go out and patch them up?

    Grace Foster : Well, you'd have to hit them pretty good for it to be interesting.

  • Davis : I got the wind knocked out of me, that's all.

    Kim : Falling four flights will do that to you, superboy.

  • [after a car accident] 

    Kim : How's your breathing?

    Aaron Noble : Pretty good, pretty good, yours?

    Kim : You lose consciousness at all?

    Aaron Noble : Well, once in the 60s. But, ah well, it was the 60s.

  • Kim : Why would you leave if you were hurt?

    Aaron Noble : I don't know. I get frequent bleeder miles at another hospital.

  • Kim : All right, we gotta go to SoHo.

    Carlos : Do I look like a cabbie?

  • Old Man : If you'll snuggle with me I'll feel better.

    Kim : Well, thanks, but it's kind of serious.

    Old Man : So who's the lucky fella.

    Carlos : He's a writer. He's your age. You might have a chance.

  • Kim : By the way thanks for standing up for me back there... By saying that I looked good.

    Carlos : You ran me off for it!

    Kim : Still... That was perfect.

    Carlos : That was pretty good, wasn't it?

  • Carlos : You realize I'm not arguing with you?

    Kim : Well, what would you do?

    Carlos : You're asking me? My opinion?

    Kim : Just this once.

  • Bobby : Treva.

    Kim : What kind of name is that?

    Bobby : What? It's worse than Kim?

    Kim : What's wrong with Kim?

    Bobby : It's just Kim. It doesn't mean anything.

    Kim : Yes it does. It's like a saint or something.

    Bobby : Saint Kimberly? In what religion?

  • Kim : 'Hold this crystal'? A guy is bleeding out of his leg, how's holding a crystal gonna help him?

    Holly Levine : When he was holding the crystal he wasn't thinking about his leg.

  • Carlos : This came for you.

    Kim : It's official.

    Carlos : Right. That's probably why the word "official" is stamped all over it in big, red letters.

    Kim : Play nice.

  • Doc : Hey guys.

    Kim : Hey. Here to scare away the new guy?

    Doc : I am the new guy.

  • Kim : You purposely ran over someone today!

    Doc : He was shooting at Sully and Davis!

    Kim : So, what are you a cop now?

  • [to Doc] 

    Kim : What did we learn the first day of paramedic training? 'Cops are all jerks'.

    Davis : You guys all right?

    Kim : Yeah.

    Davis : You sure? You're good?

    Kim : Yeah.

    Sully : You know what they taught us the first day of cop school? 'Take a look around before you insult somebody'.

  • Kim : When did you become an old movie buff?

    Jimmy : I have a lot of downtime.

    Kim : Meaning?

    Jimmy : I don't date. I rarely hang out with the guys. I just go to work and take care of Joey. Who knew you could be happy doing that?

    Kim : Wow! You're almost a grown-up.

    Jimmy : Almost.

  • Jimmy : Don't you know that Cosmo says that you should do everything that you can to make your man feel important to you?

    Kim : You read Cosmo now?

    Jimmy : No. But it does sound like something they'd write, doesn't it?

  • [about Doc] 

    Kim : He seems incredibly happy.

    Carlos : Why wouldn't he be? He was right again.

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