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Season 1

21 Sep. 1999
Pilot (The Douchebag Aspect)
Andy's perfect life is suddenly a perfect mess: Nerdy teen brother Kevin moves into his loft apartment.
8 Oct. 1999
Kevin's Problem (Porno for Pyro)
A mini-mart burns - the results of Kevin having a, uh, romance with a porno mag in a back room.
25 Jun. 2000
Andy and Kevin Make a Friend
Sibling rivalry ratchets up as Andy and Kevin fall for the same girl.
2 Jul. 2000
Kevin vs. the SAT
Kevin tries to crack the code for the SAT to get a perfect score rather than study for it. Posey's ad in the paper for her massage services has a typo that sends the wrong message.
9 Jul. 2000
Andy Gets a Promotion (or How to Get Head in Business Without Really Trying)
The sellout: Andy gives up his cartooning ambitions and becomes a sleazy biz man.
16 Jul. 2000
Unemployment: Part 1
Right before pay day, Andy's boss, Ron, is arrested for tax evasion and the water bed store is closed down, leaving Andy unemployed. Kevin becomes the owner of Ron's car after convincing him to sign a form giving Andy unemployment benefits.
14 Jul. 2002
Unemployment: Part 2
About two months into unemployment after Ron's arrest, Andy is still content with slacking and living off unemployment checks. This attitude changes, however, when he witnesses the high-ranking job that Jim has.
26 May 2002
Andy Joins the PTA
While attending parent teacher night at Kevin's school in place of their parents, he falls in love with his English teacher and joins the PTA just to impress her. Posey tries to make a profit off of her vegetables.
9 Jun. 2002
Andy vs. the Real World
Andy is Keeping it real, alienating the whole neighborhood when he becomes part of a TV reality show.
21 Jul. 2002
Kevin Loves Weirdie
Kevin asks out the nerdiest girl in school, Eunice Eulmeyer, after finding out that she is the daughter of Dr. Paul Eulmeyer, co-creator of the hydrogen bomb. Meanwhile, Andy, Jim, and Posey create a nightclub.
4 Aug. 2002
Happy Birthday, Douchebag
It's Kevin's first birthday away from home and he's used to his birthday being the best day of the year. However, things are much different in Mission Hill than they were back home. Meanwhile, Natalie brings home a snake.
11 Aug. 2002
Plan 9 from Mission Hill (or I Married a Gay Man from Outer Space)
Back in the 50s, Wally directed and Gus starred in a movie, "The Man from Pluto," that turned out to be one of the worst movies ever. In the present day, Wally discovers the movie is being screened at the local theater and is terrified.

 Season 1 

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