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(1963– )

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Season 1

Beetle's High Horps
The General is frustrated that the Pentagon ignores Camp Swampy, so they mount their own space program, building a giant rocket and launch pad. Beetle is scheduled to be the astronaut, but a foul up sends Sergeant Snorkel accidentally is sent instead. Later, a kiss from Bunny sends Beetle into lunar orbit without a rocket.
The Bull of the Ball
Bunny breaks her date with Beetle so she can go out with a dashing playboy in his Italian sports car. Cosmo advises Beetle to follow them to a masquerade ball. In a hastily thrown together costume, he puts a mounted stag's head on and an impromptu bull fight ensues on the dance floor.
Grab Your Socks
Sarge's nightmares keep everyone awake before a super-important morning inspection.
Is This Drip Necessary
The plumbing in Gen. Halftrack's house goes haywire when Beetle takes charge.
Leap No More My Lady
The General is receiving a visit from an old friend and his lady, but no one is aware of who the lady is.
Camp Invisible
Camp Swampy disappears after Zero uses "invisible paint!"
'V' for Visitors
It's visitors day at Camp Swampy and Bunny's dad is visiting the camp.
Lucky Beetle
Our hero's good-luck magnet almost destroys the Camp.
Sweet Sunday
What starts as a pleasant Sunday drive for Beetle, Otto, Bunny, and Bunny's father turns into chaos involving littering, a speeding ticket, and an unexpected --and interrupted-- marriage ceremony for Beetle and Bunny by a rural judge.
The Diet
Sgt. Snorkle's diet wreaks havoc with the men.
The Jinx
When Beetle and his friends read a fortune cookie message saying to beware of beetles because they bring bad luck, his friends immediately jump to the conclusion that Beetle himself will be a jinx to them.
Everything's Ducky
The General is informed that Campy Swampy is receiving a senatorial inspection.

 Season 1 

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