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17 Oct. 1976
Episode dated 17 October 1976
Barry Norman returns with a round-up of reviews, previews and interviews from the movie world. "From Noon Till Three": Charles Bronson commenting on his latest film - a tragi-comedy which goes on general release today. "Murder by Death": Neil Simon's mystery comedy based on vintage whodunits, featuring David Niven, Maggie Smith, Peter Sellers, Peter Falk and Alec Guinness as the blind butler. "The Shootist": John Wayne's new film about the last days of a gun-fighter, with Lauren Bacall as his widowed landlady and James Stewart as the town doctor.
24 Oct. 1976
Episode dated 24 October 1976
Barry Norman presents a round-up of reviews, previews and interviews from the movie world. Futureworld: Peter Fonda investigates a world takeover plot involving robots in this sequel to Westworld. No Deposit, No Return: The latest Disney comedy kidnap adventure features David Niven as a grandfather. The Eagle has Landed: Donald Sutherland, Michael Caine and Jenny Agutter are interviewed on location in Berkshire for this World War II story directed by John Sturges.
31 Oct. 1976
Episode dated 31 October 1976
Barry Norman presents a round-up of reviews, previews and interviews from the movie world. The Return of a Man Called Horse: Richard Harris comments on his latest film, a sequel to A Man Called Horse, and set among the American Indians in 1830. Carry On England: the 28th Carry On takes place at the start of World War II with Kenneth Con -nor as Captain S. Melly and Windsor Davies as Sgt Major Bloomer. Stay Hungry: Jeff Bridges as a wealthy Alabama aristocrat and Arnold (Mr Universe) Schwarzenegger in an off-beat story involving real estate and body-building.
7 Nov. 1976
Episode dated 7 November 1976
The Song Remains the Same: the British pop group Led Zeppelin's first feature film shows them in concert, back-stage and at home, plus special fantasy sequences. F for Fake: Orson Welles's film on Howard Hughes, Clifford Irving, art-forger Emyr de Hory and his own film-making career, opens the 20th London Film Festival. Nasty Habits: Glenda Jackson is interviewed during the making of this Watergate-type conspiracy set in a convent about the election of a new Abbess.
21 Nov. 1976
Episode dated 21 November 1976
Bad News Bears: Tatum O'Neal is the ace pitcher and Walter Matthau the boozy coach in this comedy of junior league baseball. Survive: this Mexican film, based on the true account by survivors of the famous Andes air crash, has just opened in London. Jabberwocky: Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam of Monty Python fame talk on location about their latest medieval romp.
5 Dec. 1976
Episode dated 5 December 1976
Barry Norman presents a round-up of reviews, previews and interviews from the movie world. Silent Movie: director, writer and star Mel Brooks is interviewed about his latest comedy-spoof which closed the 20th London Film Festival tonight. I Will... I Will... For Now (1976): Elliott Gould and Diane Keaton star in a marital comedy set in New York. White Rock: the British feature-length documentary about the Winter Olympics was previewed at this year's Teheran Film Festival.
19 Dec. 1976
Films of the Year: 1976
A personal selection by Barry Norman. Is All the President's Men the best film of 1976? How does the new version of King Kong rate? Is Farewell my Lovely the best thriller-or is it Hitchcock's Family Plot? Is The Sunshine Boys the year's best comedy-or is it The Pink Panther Strikes Again?
9 Jan. 1977
Episode dated 9 January 1977
Barry Norman presents a New Year round-up of reviews, previews and interviews from the movie worlds. Raid on Entebbe: Charles Bronson and Peter Finch star in one of three current film versions of last year's Israeli rescue of hijacked hostages. The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976): Peter Sellers for the last time plays the world's most bumbling detective, Chief Insp Clouseau. Airport '77 (1977): James Stewart, Olivia de Havilland, Jack Lemmon, Lee Grant and Christopher Lee are interviewed in Hollywood during the making of the year's first disaster movie.
23 Jan. 1977
Episode dated 23 January 1977
March or Die: Gene Hackman is interviewed in Spain where he has been making an adventure film about the Foreign Legion. Carrie: Sissy Spacek plays the teenage schoolgirl of the title and Piper Laurie is her evangelical mother, in Brian De Palma's latest metaphysical suspense drama. Battle of Midway: Charlton Heston, Henry Fonda, James Coburn and Glenn Ford star in this recreation of the sea battle which was the turning point in the Pacific for US troops in World War II.
6 Feb. 1977
Episode dated 6 February 1977
Network: Peter Finch in an interview with Barbra Paskin in Hollywood just before his death, talks of his role as an ageing TV anchor-man in Sidney Lumet's new film. Next Stop, Greenwich Village: Shelley Winters and Lenny Baker star in Paul Mazursky's latest film about New York life in the 50s. A Nous les Petites Anglaises!: two 17-year-old French boys who flunked their English exams are sent to Ramsgate for their summer holidays and not, as usual, to St Tropez - with comic results.
20 Feb. 1977
Episode dated 20 February 1977
Barry Norman presents a round-up of reviews, previews and interviews from the movie world. Cross of Iron: Sam Peckinpah's new film about World War II stars James Coburn, Maximilian Schell, James Mason and David Warner. 25 Years - Impressions: last Wednesday the Royal World Premiere was held of the Queen's Silver Jubilee film by Peter Morley. Audrey Rose: Anthony Hopkins, Marsha Mason, director Robert Wise and 12-year-old Susan Swift are interviewed in Hollywood during the making of a new film about the supernatural.
6 Mar. 1977
Episode dated 6 March 1977
Barry Norman presents a round-up of reviews, previews and interviews from the movie world. A Star is Born: Barbra Streisand is interviewed in Hollywood by Iain Johnstone about her new film in which she plays a musical superstar. Nickelodeon: father and daughter Ryan and Tatum O'Neal star in Peter Bogdanovich's latest comedy set in the silent days of movies. The Squeeze: American actor Stacy Keach comments on his role as an ex-London detective in a British-made thriller which also features Carol White , Stephen Boyd, David Hemmings and Freddie Starr.
22 Mar. 1977
Episode dated 22 March 1977
Barry Norman presents a round-up of reviews, previews, and interviews from the movie world. Joseph Andrews: Ann-Margret who co-stars with Peter Firth in Tony RIichardson's 18th-century romp comments on her unusual role as an English titled lady. Rocky: an interview with the American actor/writer Sylvester Stallone who has two nominations for next week's Oscar ceremony. Silver Streak: a preview of next Wednesday's Royal Film Performance which features Gene Wilder and Jill Clayburgh in Arthur Hiller's comedy-thriller set on a train journey from Los Angeles to Chicago.
3 Apr. 1977
Episode dated 3 April 1977
In the final programme in the present series Barry Norman presents a round-up of reviews, previews and interviews from the movie world. The Spy who Loved Me: A report from Pinewood Studios on the making of the latest James Bond adventure, including interviews with Roger Moore, Barbara Bach and Curt Jurgens. The Eagle has Landed: Michael Caine and Donald Sutherland star in this World War II story about a plot to kidnap Churchill. Treasure of Matecumbe: Peter Ustinov plays a 19th-century 'quack' doctor who journeys down the Mississippi with two young boys in search of ...
9 Oct. 1977
Episode dated 9 October 1977
Barry Norman presents a round-up of news, reviews and interviews from the movie world. Slap Shot: Paul Newman plays a professional ice hockey player in director George Roy HilFs latest comedy-drama. Valentino: Rudolf Nureyev makes his screen acting debut in Ken Russell's film about the legendary silent screen star. March or Die: Gene Hackman, Terence Hill and director Dick Richards are interviewed in Spain during the making of their Foreign Legion film.
23 Oct. 1977
Episode dated 23 October 1977
Barry Norman presents a round-up of news, reviews and interviews from the movie world. Equus: Richard Burton and Peter Firth star in director Sidney Lumet's film version of Peter Shaffer 's successful stage play. Demon Seed: Julie Christie is attacked by a rebellious computer in a fantasy-horror movie set in the not-too-distant future. Alex and the Gypsy Jack Lemmon in Hollywood talks to Barbra Paskin about his latest role as a bail bondsman who befriends a gypsy.
6 Nov. 1977
Episode dated 6 November 1977
Welcome to L.A. (1976): Sissy Spacek, Keith Carradine and Sally Kellerman star in a Robert Altman production which opens London's new cinema, Screen on the Hill. Voyage of the Damned (1976): The story of 937 German Jewish refugees who sailed in May 1939 in a bid for freedom, features Faye Dunaway, Malcolm McDowell, Max Von Sydow and Orson Welles. Prey (1977): This location report shows how a group of film technicians banded together to make their own sci-fi horror movie.
20 Nov. 1977
Film '77
Barry Norman presents a round-up of news, reviews and interviews from the movie world. The Amsterdam Kill: Robert Mitchum plays a discredited US cop who tries to break up an international drugs ring. Chinese Roulette (1976): the prolific German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder's latest film which charts the emotional entanglements of a group resident in a castle over a long weekend, is premiered tomorrow at the 21st London Film Festival. The Last Remake of Beau Geste: Marty Feldman, on location in Madrid, talks about his first film as director, writer and star with comments from his ...
4 Dec. 1977
Episode dated 4 December 1977
Barry Norman presents a roundup of news, reviews and interviews from the movie world. Dominique (1979): Cliff Robertson, Flora Robson, Simon Ward, Jenny Agutter and director Michael Anderson talk about a new film now being made at Shepperton Studios. Golden Rendezvous (1977): Richard Harris and David Janssen star in Alistair Maclean's latest adventure about drug smuggling in South Africa. The Black Panther (1977): Donald Sumpter plays the title role in Ian Merrick's film dramatisation of the notorious 1975 kidnapping case.
18 Dec. 1977
Episode dated 18 December 1977
Barry Norman presents a round-up of films and film books for Christmas. The Gauntlet - Clint Eastwood, star and director, talks in New York about his latest film in which he plays a loner cop who is framed by a corrupt superior. Star Wars - Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Peter Cushing and Alec Guinness star in director George Lucas 's space fantasy which has already become the world's biggest box-office attraction. Rollercoaster - George Segal plays a safety inspector turned detective, Henry Fonda his boss and Richard Wid mark a special agent in the latest disaster ...
15 Jan. 1978
Episode dated 15 January 1978
Barry Norman presents a New Year round-up of news, reviews and interviews. International Velvet: Child star Tatum O'Neal and director Bryan Forbes talk about the sequel to the 1944 MGM classic, National Velvet, which they are making at Pinewood Studios. The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training: The famous kids' baseball team goes to Texas and recruits William Devane as coach for a big game. The Glenn Miller Story: James Stewart and June Allyson star in the 1954 biography of the famous band leader which opens London's new Plaza 4 cinema, devoted to re-issues of famous ...
29 Jan. 1978
Episode dated 29 January 1978
Barry Norman presents a round-up of news, reviews and interviews from the movie world. Julia: Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave star in Fred Zinnemann's new film based on the American writer Lillian Hellman 's memoirs. The Choirboys: Robert Aldrich directs the film version of Joseph Wambaugh's best-selling novel about a group of hard-drinking cops who patrol the streets of Los Angeles. The Class of Miss Macmichael: Glenda Jackson and Oliver Reed on location in South London, talk about their third film together, a black comedy set in a school for maladjusted teenagers.
12 Feb. 1978
Episode dated 12 February 1978
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: Frankie Howerd, making his first film in Hollywood, talks about his unusual role in this pop/rock film. Candleshoe: Jodie Foster, David Niven and Helen Hayes star in the latest Disney suspense comedy set in England. International Velvet: child star Tatum O'Neal and director Bryan Forbes talk about the sequel to the 1944 MGM classic, National Velvet, which they are making at Pinewood Studios.
26 Feb. 1978
Episode dated 26 February 1978
Silver Bears: Cybill Shepherd, Michael Caine and Stephane Audran star in director Ivan Passer's comedy involving a 'friendly' Swiss bank. The Four Feathers: Beau Bridges, Robert Powell, Simon Ward and Richard Johnson star in a remake of this classic romantic adventure. The Swarm: Henry Fonda, Richard Chamberlain, Michael Caine and producer-director Irwin Allen comment in Hollywood on their disaster movie about killer bees.
12 Mar. 1978
Episode dated 12 March 1978
Barry Norman presents a round-up of news, reviews and interviews from the movie world. Looking for Mr Goodbar: Diane Keaton stars as the good/ bad girl who teaches by day and cruises the singles bars by night. The Stud: Oliver Tobias as The Stud himself; actress Joan Collins and her writer sister Jackie Collins talk about the film they are making based on Jackie's best-selling novel. Swept Away: Giancarlo Giannini stars in Italian director Lina Wertmuller's film about a man and a woman cast away on an island.
26 Mar. 1978
Episode dated 26 March 1978
Barry Norman presents a round-up of news, reviews and interviews from the movie world. The Goodbye Girl: Richard Dreyfuss is an aspiring actor and Marsha Mason an ex-chorus dancer in Neil Simon's latest comedy set in New York's theatreland. Saturday Night Fever: John Travolta, who has been hailed as America's latest sex symbol, plays a salesman who comes to life only on Saturdays at the local disco. The Hound of the Baskervilles: Peter Cook and Dudley Moore comment on their latest film based on the famous Sherlock Holmes story, which is now being made at Bray Studios.
9 Apr. 1978
Episode dated 9 April 1978
Telefon: Charles Bronson and Lee Remick star in Don Siegel's spy thriller about a KGB agent sent to America to find a demented Russian traitor. Roseland: director James Ivory's new film is set in New York's ornate dance-hall, Roseland, where Teresa Wright, Geraldine Chaplin, Lou Jacobi and Christopher Walken live out their fantasies for a few hours a day. Jaws 2: Roy Scheider and Lorraine Gary once again play husband and wife in the sequel to Jaws which they are making in Florida. Barbra Paskin talked to them about the problems of trying to repeat the success of the ...
23 Apr. 1978
From 'Metropolis' to 'Close Encounters'
A Film 78 special in which Barry Norman looks back over 50 years of science fiction films, including The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Day the Earth Caught Fire and Stanley Kubrick's 2001 - A Space Odyssey. Film director Richard Fleischer explains why he directed 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Soylent Green. Science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov talks about robots and androids.
21 May 1978
Episode dated 21 May 1978
Barry Norman presents news and reviews from the movie world. High Anxiety: Mel Brook's comedy is a spoof tribute to Alfred Hitchcock starring of course, Mel Brooks with Madeleine Kahn. Coming Home: Jane Fonda, Jon Voight and Bruce Dern star in a love story set against the background of the war in Vietnam. The Betsy: Laurence Olivier, Robert Duvall, Katharine Ross are in Harold Robbins's best-seller about power struggles in the car industry. Gray Lady Down: a preview of Charlton Heston, David Carradine and Stacy Reach involved in the rescue of a nuclear submarine ...
28 May 1978
Who's That with Adela?
A Film 78 Special in which Barry Norman talks to 84-year-old journalist Adela Rogers St. Johns in Desert Hot Springs, California, about the personalities she has known - THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF WINDSOR; Western hero Wyatt Earp; pioneer director D.W. Griffith; silent screen stars RUDOLPH VALENTINO, MARY PICKFORD, JOHN GILBERT and TOM MIX; Hollywood stars GARY COOPER and JEAN HARLOW; Senator HUEY LONG and ex-President RICHARD NIXON.
1 Oct. 1978
Episode dated 1 October 1978
Barry Norman presents a round-up of news, reviews and interviews from the movie world. An Enemy of the People: Steve McQueen returns to the screen after a four-year break in a film version of Henrik Ibsen's play. The Legacy: American actress Katherine Ross stars in a thriller set in the English countryside. The Fury: Brian De Palma's new film about the supernatural features Kirk Douglas and John Cassavetes in an elaborate game of mind control.
15 Oct. 1978
Episode dated 15 October 1978
Barry Norman presents a round-up of news, reviews and interviews from the movie world. The Driver (1978): Ryan O'Neal plays a getaway driver and Bruce Dern the detective who sets out to trap him in writer/director Walter Hill's action adventure. Watership Down (1978): a behind-the-scenes look at the making in London of an animated film version of Richard Adams 's best-selling book. Girlfriends (1978): the first commercial feature film to be financed from American public funds was directed by a woman, Claudia Weill, and stars Melanie Mayron as a young Manhattan photographer.
29 Oct. 1978
Episode dated 29 October 1978
Barry Norman presents a round-up of news, reviews and interviews from the movie world. Death on the Nile (1978): Peter Ustinov is the new Hercule Poirot with Bette Davis, David Niven, Mia Farrow and Maggie Smith as co-stars in a film version of Agatha Christie 's famous thriller. The Greek Tycoon: Jacqueline Bisset and Anthony Quinn star in a thinly-disguised film biography of Jackie Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis. The Thirty-nine Steps: actor Robert Powell , producer Greg Smith and director Don Sharp explain why they are re-making an already successful 1935 film by Alfred Hitchcock.
12 Nov. 1978
Episode dated 12 November 1978
Barry Norman presents a round-up of news, reviews and interviews from the movie world. Hooper: Burt Reynolds, Jan-Michael Vincent and Brian Keith star in a story of three generations of Hollywood stuntmen. Stevie: Glenda Jackson re-creates her stage characterisation of the eccentric English poet Stevie Smith. Newsfront: Australian director Phillip Noyce's highly-acclaimed film about the life of a newsreel cameraman opens this year's London Film Festival.
26 Nov. 1978
Episode dated 26 November 1978
Piranha: Bradford Dillman, Kevin McCarthy, Keenan Wynn and killer fish are the stars of Roger Corman's latest disaster movie. Black and White in Colour: an Oscar-winning French film tells how colonials in West Africa reacted when they heard about the outbreak of World War I - a year late. The Spaceman and King Arthur: Kenneth More plays King Arthur in the latest Disney film being made at Pinewood Studios.
6 Dec. 1978
Film 78 Special
To coincide with a season of Woody Allen films at the National Film Theatre, this Film 78 special, introduced by Barry Norman, presents an interview with the writer-actor-director Woody Allen, whose film Annie Hall won this year's major Oscars. Woody Allen talks, wittily and candidly, not only about his work in the cinema, but on subjects ranging from philosophy to phobias, from psychiatrists to sex. Allen: I've been going to an analyst for about 22 years now.' 'How's it going?' 'Slowly.' Plus extracts from his most successful films.
10 Dec. 1978
Episode dated 10 December 1978
Jaws 2: Roy Scheider as the island police chief once more fights the indifference of the mayor when another great white shark threatens. Every Which Way But Loose: Clint Eastwood in Texas talks about his change of role in this comedy adventure. Force 10 from Navarone: Alistair Maclean's sequel to The Guns of Navarone stars Robert Shaw. No Bed of Roses: Hollywood actress Joan Fontaine on her recently published autobiography. Watership Down: The soundtrack album features music by Mike Batt and Art Garfunkel.
7 Jan. 1979
Episode dated 7 January 1979
Barry Norman presents a New Year round-up of news. reviews and interviews from the movie world. Capricorn One: a science-fiction thriller about a bogus Mars landing features Elliott Gould, James Brolin and Brenda Vaccaro. The First Great Train Robbery: Sean Connery as an English gentleman and Donald Sutherland as a Cockney pickpocket attempt a gold bullion robbery from a moving train travelling between London and Folkestone in 1855. Players: stars Ali McGraw and Dean Paul Martin. Director Anthony Harvey and producer Robert Evans explain how they used the Centre Court ...
4 Feb. 1979
Episode dated 4 February 1979
Foul Plan: Goldle Hawn plays an innocent bystander who becomes involved in murder plots, wild chases and bizarre attempts on her life in this comedy-thriller. Paradise Alley: Sylvester Stallone wrote, directed and stars in this story of three brothers in the slums of New York during the 1940s. Players: stars Ali McGraw and Dean Paul Martin. Director Anthony Harvey and producer Robert Evans explain how they used the Centre Court at Wimbledon for the first time in a feature film.
18 Feb. 1979
Episode dated 18 February 1979
Barry Norman presents a round-up of news, reviews and interviews from the movie world. Too Many Chefs: George Segal, Jacqueline Bisset and Robert Morley star in a romantic murder mystery featuring several famous European restaurants. Just a Gigolo: Marlene Dietrich, now 78, makes her first screen appearance for 17 years with David Bowie as co-star and David Hemmings as director. Yanks: British director John Schlesinger explains why he has returned to England after seven years to make a love story with a World War II setting, plus comments from two of the film's stars ...
18 Mar. 1979
Episode dated 18 March 1979
The Boys from Brazil: Laurence Olivier and Gregory Peck star in the film version of Ira Levin's best-selling book about a worldwide plot to create a new Hitler, master-minded by a former Nazi. The Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Donald Sutherland plays a Department of Health investigator and Leonard Nimoy is his psychiatrist friend in a remake of the 1956 film about living organisms which come to earth from outer space. Murder by Decree: Christopher Plummer, who plays Sherlock Holmes, and James Mason, who plays Watson, explain at Shepperton studios why they are making...
1 Apr. 1979
Episode dated 1 April 1979
Hair: Central Park is one of the locations used for Milos Forman's film version of the famous stage musical, which has just had its world premiere in New York. The China Syndrome: Jack Lemmon explains the title of this contemporary thriller, also starring Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas. Norma Rae :Sally Field plays a widow in a Southern textile mill who rebels at the cruel conditions. The Wiz: Diana Ross stars in this version, set in New York, of the film classic The Wizard of Oz with Richard Pryor as the Wiz. Just Tell me What You Want: in New York's revitalised ...
15 Apr. 1979
Episode dated 15 April 1979
To celebrate the International Year of the Child, Barry Norman looks at children in movies - from the innocence of the 1920s and 30s to the precociousness of the 1960s and 70s. Child stars appearing are Jackie Coogan, Our Gang, Mickey Rooney, Shirley Temple, Bobby Breen, Freddie Bartholomew, Elizabeth Taylor, Jean Simmons, David Hemmings, Hayley Mills, Jodie Foster and Tatum O'Neal. Also a remake of the 1931 Jackie Cooper picture The Champ, and Britain's latest film featuring children, The Water Babies.
29 Apr. 1979
Episode dated 29 April 1979
Women in the Cinema. 'Sex means big box office and that, by and large, has been woman's role in the movies-to flaunt herself and thus to titillate. But happily, things are now changing.' Barry Norman looks at the changing image of women in the cinema, with the help of film stars Jane Fonda and Dyan Cannon, and the British film critic Margaret Hinxman. Films shown include Dance, Girl, Dance, made in 1940 by Hollywood's only woman director, Dorothy Arzner; Dyan Cannon's Number One; and this year's Oscar-winning Coming Home. Other actresses featured include Shirley MacLaine, Anne ...
13 May 1979
Episode dated 13 May 1979
Barry Norman presents a roundup of news, reviews and interviews from the movie world. Movie Movie: George C. Scott plays two roles in this spoof nostalgic double-feature complete with trailers and Movietone News. In Baxter's Beauties of 1933, he plays a Broadway producer, and in the classic boxing story Dynamite Hands, he plays a trainer. The Lady Vanishes: Elliott Gould. Cybill Shepherd and Angela Lansbury star in a remake of the classic 1938 Hitchcock movie. Agatha: A fictionalised solution to the mystery of why Agatha Christie, played by Vanessa Redgrave, ...
27 May 1979
Episode dated 27 May 1979
Barry Norman with his final programme in the present series. Moonraker - Roger Moore in Rio de Janeiro for the forthcoming James Bond movie, talks about his career as 007. Plus interviews with his co-star Lots Chiles, director Lewis Gilbert and producer Albert R. ('Cubby') Broccoli. Days of Heaven - Richard Gere plays a migrant worker in Texas who harvests wheat for an aristocratic farmer. Director Terrence Malick 's new film recently won an Oscar for Best Cinematography. Big Wednesday - Jan-Michael Vincent, William Katt and Gary Busey play three Malibu surfers in ...
10 Sep. 1979
Episode dated 10 September 1979
Barry Norman returns with a weekly round-up of news, reviews and interviews from the movie world. Alien (1979): a galactic horror story including some of the most spectacular special effects ever filmed. The Main Event: Barbra Streisand co-stars with Ryan O'Neal in this film about the world of boxing, billed as 'a glove story'. Dracula (1979): Frank Langella portrays the famous vampire as a romantic Byronic figure in this latest adaptation of Bram Stoker s novel, also starring Laurence Olivier and Kate Nelligan. Deauville : a report from the Fifth Festival of American Cinema - showcase for ...
17 Sep. 1979
Episode dated 17 September 1979
Hanover Street: Lesley-Anne Down stars with Harrison Ford and Christopher Plummer in a wartime romantic drama set in London in 1943. Old Boyfriends: the story of a woman's journey of revenge across America in search of her past lovers. New film Pretty Baby: director Louis Malle's controversial film featuring child-star Brooke Shields as a 12-year-old prostitute in a New Orleans brothel. Wanda Nevada: on location for her new film, Brooke Shields comments on her unusual role in Pretty Baby and Peter Fonda talks of the difficulties of being an actor/director.
24 Sep. 1979
Episode dated 24 September 1979
Saint Jack: Peter Bogdanovich talks about his latest film shot in Singapore and starring Ben Gazzara as an expatriate hustler. Scum: Ray Winstone plays a Borstal boy in a film version of the controversial television play, directed by ALAN CLARKE from a screenplay by ROY MINTON. Meteor: Natalie Wood, Sean Connery and Karl Maiden discuss their roles in the forthcoming disaster movie directed by RONALD NEAME.
1 Oct. 1979
Episode dated 1 October 1979
The In-laws: Peter Falk stars as a nutty CIA agent who involves his future brother-in-law, Alan Arkin, in a zany comedy of international adventure and danger. Woyzeck: Director WERNER HERZOG'S latest film features Klaus Kinski in this classic tale of a German soldier. Blood Feud: After a preview of her forthcoming film, Sophia Loren talks about the influences on her career and some of her favourite roles, as recounted in her recent autobiography.
8 Oct. 1979
Episode dated 8 October 1979
Barry Norman presents a weekly round-up of news, reviews and interviews from the movie world. Lost and Found: George Segal and Glenda Jackson star in their first comedy together since A Touch of Class in 1973, once again directed by Melvin Frank. Little Miss Marker: Walter Matthau talks to Barbra Paskin in Hollywood about working with six-year-old Sara Stimpson in a remake of the 1934 movie which made Shirley Temple a star. Airport 80 - The Concorde: Alain Delon and George Kennedy are the pilots, Sylvia Kristel is the cabin supervisor, and Cicely Tyson and Martha Raye...
22 Oct. 1979
Episode dated 22 October 1979
Barry Norman with a weekly round-up of news, reviews and interviews from the movie world. A Perfect Couple: Robert Altman directs this contemporary boy-meets-girl romance. Paul Dooley and Marta Heflin star as the pair from very different backgrounds brought together by a dating service. Up in Smoke: This comedy starring Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin - counter culture's Abbot and Costello - follows their adventures smuggling marijuana. History of the World Part 1: The celebrated director Mel Brooks describes his forthcoming minor film project.