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MPAA Rated R for violence/gore, language and some sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • Lots of sexual innuendo, including references to sexual diseases, masturbation, homosexuality, and "porn flicks."
  • Some kissing, often passionate.
  • A shirtless man (Simon) and woman (Sandra) have intercourse in the bathroom of a plane (joining the "mile high club"); she hikes up her dress (her panties are visible) and we see him perform cunnilingus for an extended time (we see her pleasured face and hear her moaning).
  • A nude man (Stark) and a woman (Amy) wearing underwear kiss passionately; we see him lying on top of her (his bare buttocks are visible) and then we see her lying on top of him (we see her bare back and a close-up of her panty-clad buttocks).
  • We see several shots of an unclothed, anatomically correct female mannequin, including close-ups of her breasts and crotch.
  • A woman in a bikini dances on television

Violence & Gore

  • A person is slashed several times by a knife, resulting in a lot of blood; we see the knife slowly being pulled out of the bloody wound.
  • Someone is put into a ice-filled bathtub and we see that the person's kidney has been removed (a big bloody gash is visible); a person removes the other kidney and tosses it out the window and a dog eats it.
  • A person is chased and then cut with an ice pick; we hear slashing, crying and choking sounds, then see the dead, bloody body on a table.
  • A person pulls apart another's open wound, then severs the person by slamming a window on what's left of the body (after it has been cut and pulled apart).
  • Two people are hit over the head with a pick axe (causing bloody wounds) and then electrocuted; they die and we see their charred and bloody faces.
  • A person is grabbed by the hair and then hung (we see the body hanging from the ceiling); also, we see a mannequin hanging in a noose.
  • A person is beaten to death with a zoom lens; we see lots of blood on the person's face.
  • Some people are shot in the chest, back and stomach (one person is shot repeatedly); twice we see the bloody bullet wounds.
  • A stage light drops on a person's head and cuts it, resulting in blood all over the person's face (we later realize the scene was played for laughs).
  • A person is grabbed by the neck and threatened with a gun.
  • Some talk of a person who committed suicide with a gunshot to the head.
  • A person is hit by a shovel, a person is hit over the head with a chair, a person is punched in the face, a person is kicked in the gut.
  • A long, suspenseful chase scene and a few jump scenes.
  • A bloody white dog has been hanged and slashed in the midsection (we later see the dog was stuffed and made to look real).
  • We see many bloody, dismembered plastic babies made to look real; a knife slices across one baby's bloody throat.
  • We see several bloody faces, bones and skulls at an amusement park ride; two dead, blood-covered bodies (obviously slain with a knife); and rats crawling all over bloody corpses.
  • A corpse falls from a ceiling and scares two people.
  • A woman puts her hands into a bunch of body parts, unaware of what she's touching.
  • Many camera shots of a bloody knife and several shots of bloody hands; also, we see blood on walls, mirrors, doors, and the ground.


  • About 20 F-words, several anatomical and scatological references, many mild obscenities, some religious obscenities, and a few insults.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several characters drink and smoke.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Several jump scenes--the killer suddenly appears.
  • The stalker in costume may scare some young viewers.
  • Bodies fall unexpectedly from the ceiling.
  • Bloody messages on mirrors and walls.

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