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10 Jan. 2017
Groping Photographer: New Charge
Fake fashion designer and bogus modelling agent Shardie Hourani, the photographer who was found guilty of 14 indecent assault charges after kissing and groping aspiring models on the job in 2015, has been charged again - this time allegedly groping a female colleague while working on a construction site in Sydney. Amazingly Hourani has not served any time in gaol despite the seriousness of the charges. Criminal lawyer Sam Macedone believes if he is found guilty of this new charge, the court will deem him a serial offender, and he will likely serve time in gaol.
12 Jan. 2017
Robert Xie Guilty
Justice for the Lin family after a jury today found Lian Bin "Robert" Xie guilty of brutally murdering five of his relatives in cold blood. It was a shocking crime that gripped the nation for more than seven years and finally, after four trials and eight days of deliberation, a majority verdict was reached by the jury. Xie had bludgeoned his victims with a hammer, their faces being so disfigured that forensics had to be used to identify them. His motive was jealousy over Min Lin's success as a newsagent and a sexual infatuation with his daughter Brenda Lin.
17 Jan. 2017
Jewel Gangs
It's the crime spree that's left Victorian jewellery store owners fearing for their lives. In the last six months more than a dozen jewellery stores in Melbourne have been raided by organized gangs of young Sudanese men in brazen robberies, armed with machetes, guns, axes, and knives. Store owners believe it's only a matter of time until someone is killed. Crime expert Andrew Rule claims the law has been so lenient that some gang members no longer hide their face from security cameras, knowing if caught, they will only get a light sentence.
25 Jan. 2017
Enough Is Enough
They call themselves the world's most identical twins and have spent $250,000 on cosmetic surgery - obsessed with creating carbon copies of each other. But now Anna and Lucy say it was a huge mistake, and that enough is enough. They warn of the dangers of cosmetic surgery addiction and the unnecessary risks involved in body modification.
7 Feb. 2017
Dodgy Deng
The Melbourne childcare racket that is believed to have cost taxpayers close to $16 million. Adut Deng Ajak Deng fraudulently obtained grandparent childcare benefits over a period of two years ($800,000 a fortnight) using fake child attendance records. The Australian Federal Police believe it is one of the biggest fraud cases of this type they have come across. Luxury homes and cars obtained dishonestly by Deng have been seized. She has since pleaded guilty to the multi-million dollar scam.
16 Feb. 2017
Marriage Scammers: Guilty
A South Asian couple has pocketed thousands of dollars organizing sham marriages between Australian women and Indian men, who wanted to circumvent immigration laws. Young brides, who have never met their "husbands", simply sign a marriage certificate and are paid $600 up-front. Parents believe their daughters are being preyed upon by scammers and have called on authorities to act. Brisbane migration agent Chetan Mohanlal Mashru and his marriage celebrant wife Divya Krishne Gowda, were found guilty of over 66 charges in relation to the fraudulent marriages.
20 Feb. 2017
Handshake Row
A row has developed over a public school allowing male students to refuse to shake the hands of women because of their Muslim faith. The Hurstville Boys Campus' decision has outraged many people in the community, with calls for Muslims to respect Australian customs and traditions. Senator Pauline Hanson points out that the refusal to handshake, illustrates Islam treating women as less than the value of a man.
22 Feb. 2017
Houso Fraudster
Rebecca Khodragha claimed she was a struggling single mother in Punchbowl who was finding it hard to make ends meet on welfare. In reality she had wed an electrical contractor named Khaled, in an Islamic ceremony in 1991, but failed to register the marriage. The couple were raking in a million dollars a year and held an extensive property portfolio, despite Khodragha living in public housing and receiving rental subsidies for 20 years. Khodragha has been found guilty and sentenced to three months' gaol.
23 Feb. 2017
Under Fire
Islamic leader Keysar Trad is under fire over controversial comments he made about domestic violence against women being a last resort. When Trad was questioned by Sky News Presenter Andrew Bolt over the verse from the Quran that says it "is permissible for him (the husband) to beat her (the wife)," Trad alleged that if counselling, flowers, and chocolates don't work, then physical violence is a viable option. Community leaders and domestic violence advocates have condemned the comments and have called for Trad's resignation.
27 Feb. 2017
Malcolm Naden Confessions
The never before heard confessions of expert Aboriginal bushman Malcolm Johnn Naden - the cold-blooded killer who murdered members of his own family and went on-the-run for seven years. Details of his murders of Lateesha Nolan and Kristy Scholes were so brutal they were suppressed by the court. Now his confessions have been made public. Naden had sexual intercourse with the bodies of his victims before dismembering them, and fleeing into the bush. He has never felt remorse for his actions.
28 Feb. 2017
Mosque Mayhem
Vicious infighting threatens to tear apart the congregation of Melbourne's largest mosque, amid claims that millions of dollars of donations have disappeared and accusations that a sheikh had behaved inappropriately with women. The conflict came to a head when Sheikh Mohamad Abou Eid - who had been banned from Preston Mosque - told hundreds of worshippers on the street outside that he feared management of the mosque had misappropriated funds, with the money sent abroad to extremist groups.
6 Mar. 2017
Pauline Hanson: The Interview
Fresh from assisting drought-affected farmers as part of the Burrunbuttock Hay Runners in Queensland, Pauline Hanson talks about the lack of assistance by the major parties to the people of the state. A recent poll shows One Nation attracting 23% of the primary vote in Queensland. Hanson believes her party is much bigger than what One Nation was in 1998, due in part to the groundswell of support from working Australians connecting with her policies.
7 Mar. 2017
High School Scandal
The principal and deputy principal of Punchbowl Boys High School in Sydney have been fired amid allegations that female staff and non-Muslim students were to be excluded from the state-run school. Islamic convert Chris Griffiths and his deputy Joumana Dennaoui were also accused of allowing students to become radicalised, barred visits from police community liaison officers, and taught students to refer to police as "pigs". Most troubling of the claims were students who openly supported Islamic State, were never reported to authorities.
9 Mar. 2017
On Edge!
The arrest of an electrician with alleged links with ISIS in a small country town of only 7,000 people has put a community on edge. Young, in New South Wales, was rattled when Haisem Zahab, 42, was arrested last week, and A Current Affair's attempt to interview members of the Muslim community there ended with a cameraman being attacked on the street. Some concerned residents of Young claim Muslim families have not tried to integrate with other people in town.
22 Mar. 2017
Deal with the Devil
Aboriginal youth worker Derek Bellington Sam is a suspected serial killer who has been convicted of at least one murder, but Queensland police have always thought he is responsible for two more. Two young women, Celena Bridge and Sabrina Glassop, disappeared in Kenilworth, the same area as 16 year old babysitter Jessica Gaudie who was murdered in 1999. The affected families are demanding answers and the police are preparing a new brief of evidence against Sam.
23 Mar. 2017
London Terror Attack
The shocking London terror attack that has taken the lives of four innocent people and injured 40, including an Australian resident. A 'lone wolf' attacker drove a car into pedestrians walking on Westminster Bridge, killing three, before running with a knife through the front gates of the Palace of Westminster, where he stabbed to death an unarmed police officer before being shot dead.
5 Apr. 2017
Not in Our Backyard!
The Islamic school plan that has divided a community. Local families in Penrith are fearing they will be pushed out of the area, after a planning application for an Islamic college was submitted to council. Residents point out a lack of consultation and that the building plan was never advertised as a religious school, in what appears as a deliberate attempt by developers to obtain approval without any objections. A public meeting has been called to discuss the application.
12 Apr. 2017
Feisty Jacqui Lambie
Senator Jacqui Lambie is the feisty single mother and former soldier who threw her hat into the political ring and never looked back. Love her or hate her, Lambie is prepared to wear her heart on her sleeve and make some noise in the Senate. She is preparing for her third year in parliament and is not about to quit anytime soon.
13 Apr. 2017
Iraqi Prang Gang
The elaborate insurance rort by a Middle Eastern crime gang involving bogus injury claims from car accidents that never happened. It's a scam where the syndicate has plundered $400 million per annum in payouts in New South Wales, and involves former Iraqi and Afghan refugees recruited to make organized fraudulent Green Slip claims with insurance companies, who then pass on the impost to motorists in increased premiums.
14 Apr. 2017
Hotel Check-In Scam
There has been a serious security breach at a popular hotel chain where the personal information of dozens of guests have allegedly been purloined. The Seasons Darling Harbour in Sydney had its computer database hacked by an Asian cyber criminal gang, with personal identification details including drivers licences stolen. How the gang managed to enter the system has yet to be solved. One woman formerly employed at the hotel has since been arrested and charged.
1 May 2017
Inside Apex
Two members of the Apex gang have broken their silence and spoken exclusively with A Current Affair. The Apex gang consists of loosely-affiliated members mostly between the ages of 14 to 18, and originally from South Sudan. Both members admit that the court system is soft and the punishment is not severe. Melbourne residents are living in fear and some are now arming themselves for protection.
5 May 2017
John Laws: The Interview
Never afraid of telling it like it is, the 'King of Talkback Radio' John Laws has courted plenty of controversy behind the microphone. As he approaches his 82nd birthday, Laws is about to launch his autobiography, 'Lawsie: Well - You Wanted to Know,' and comments on politicians including John Howard, Malcolm Turnbull, Pauline Hanson, and his long-time radio rival Alan Jones.
8 May 2017
Eman Sharobeem: The Investigation
In a spectacular fall from grace, a former Australian of the Year finalist has been accused of stealing from the people she was supposed to help. Women's rights campaigner and refugee advocate Eman Sharobeem allegedly spent over $685,000 of taxpayer funds on herself, including $41k on jewellery and $3k on liposuction. During her time as head of an immigrant's charity, staff claim they were made to inflate the number of women using the service to boost funding. Sharobeem is also alleged to have lied about her academic qualifications.
9 May 2017
Ben McCormack Charges
A second charge has been laid against reporter Ben McCormack. The second charge is the same as the first, using a carriage service for child pornography material. The serious offence carries a maximum prison term of 15 years. But at this point, the exact deals of what is alleged is unclear. Detectives are still going through seized computer hard drives and the evidence they have will be made clear at his next court appearance. The matter will return to court on July 4.
10 May 2017
Mosque Brawl Videos
The mosque where prayers have been replaced with punches. Preston Mosque has been the scene of violent confrontations between Islamic factions with brawls spilling out onto the streets, and local residents are fed up. Police are investigating. Earlier in the year, there was a near riot over financial irregularities and misappropriated funds, with claims money has been sent overseas to extremist groups.
11 May 2017
Lisa Oldfield: Wildest Woman on TV?
She is the star of 'The Real Housewives of Sydney'. Lisa Oldfield is brash, bold and brutally honest - reality television's perfect storm. Nothing is private or off limits, including her marriage to former adviser and politician David Oldfield. Some are saying she is going too far, others are saying it's all a stunt.
16 May 2017
Fake Refugee Holidays
A number of "fake" refugees have been allowed to stay in Australia despite being caught holidaying, even getting married, in the country they say they were forced to flee. Six Iranian asylum seekers have reportedly won their cases in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to remain here and keep their visas despite evidence they were under no threat upon returning to Iran, multiple times. There are now calls to overhaul the AAT system, who some say is obstructing justice and not reflecting community expectations.
17 May 2017
Muslim Privacy Curtains
The giant privacy curtains for swimmers that has rocked the boat at a public pool. The council-run Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre in Auburn have installed the ratepayer-funded retractable curtains around one of its three pools so Muslim women can swim privately, away from other users. Locals have criticized the decision claiming it is a new form of segregation. Olympic swimming coach Dick Caine has called it a disgrace, which encourages dividing Australians into groups.
18 May 2017
Real Estate Agent Exposed
Meet the Melbourne real estate who charges a commission as big as his ego. Agent Rohullah Naim has been accused of deceiving an elderly couple over the sale of their Hampton Park family home. Instead of the standard 2% commission, Naim pocketed an additional $35k with the $520k sale price, in what family members claim was a deliberate deception over the auction agreement. Following media pressure, Naim's agency has since been forced to pay back the elderly couple.
19 May 2017
Child Predator Exposed
Too young to vote, too young to drink and too young to notice the trap that was being set. A 15-year-old Australian girl was allegedly lured to the US by 39-year-old convicted killer Sean Price using the social media app Snapchat. Price groomed her online for seven months, soliciting and receiving naked pictures of the underage teen, before sending her money to buy a solo plane ticket to America.
22 May 2017
Apex Vigilante
After constant attacks on innocent pedestrians, a Melbourne man is taking the initiative to citizen arrest Apex gang members. He has been forced to go to extraordinary measures to protect his family and neighbours from the notorious gang, after they targeted his quiet suburban cul-de-sac, stalking and mugging residents on the street, in broad daylight. The situation in Melbourne has become so bad more and more people are taking the law into their own hands.
23 May 2017
Terror in Manchester
Today, we are once again reminded of the evils of terror. Twenty-two people are dead and close to 60 are injured after an improvised explosive device targeted the crowd at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. Many of the dead and injured are children and teenagers. The suicide bomber was also killed in the explosion. Islamic State has since claimed responsibility for the attack.
24 May 2017
Lindt Siege Inquest: The Fallout
Today, the NSW Coroner delivered some uncomfortable truths about the deadly Lindt Cafe siege, saying a ten minute delay in police action might have cost cafe manager Tori Johnson his life. Katrina Dawson was later killed during the subsequent fire-fight between police and former Iranian refugee Man Haron Monis. The coroner has ruled the siege a terrorist act and that Monis should never have been allowed bail for previous serious offences.
26 May 2017
Refugee Prang Gang
The Government says the party is over for compulsory third-party insurance crooks, following the arrest of a panel beater in Sydney's west. Iraqi refugee Thamer Ari, one of the racket's leaders, was gaoled for three years over $2.5 million in fake claims and will be deported once he serves his sentence. Ari and others organized gangs of refugees to stage accidents and injuries as part of an elaborate fraud.
30 May 2017
Gang Members Face to Face
The brave shop owners staring down notorious Apex gang members accused of robbing them. As part of a court order, convicted gang members are required to face victims of their crimes. These organized gangs of armed criminals have repeatedly targeted jewellery stores across Melbourne. Many of the store owners have been left psychologically traumatized and out-of-pocket by the violent robberies, and are struggling to cope.
31 May 2017
Gangster Paradise
They're the foreign career criminals who should be deported from Australia as soon as their gaol sentence is finished. But some of them have been allowed to stay. Thanks to questionable decisions reached by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), they have been handed a second chance, only to commit another serious offence. Victims of crime have had enough and have called for each AAT decision to be scrutinized.
1 Jun. 2017
Hero Passenger
Just after take-off, a 25-year-old Sr Lankan man Manodh Marks, threatened to blow up a Malaysia Airlines plane, when brave passengers confronted him ultimately tackling him to the ground. The first passenger to step up was former AFL star Andrew Leoncelli. Marks had been living in Australia on a student visa, and claimed he had an explosive device on-board.
2 Jun. 2017
Mark Latham: Warrior of the West
Love him or hate him, Mark Latham certainly speaks his mind. It's made the former Labor leader plenty of enemies, but also found him plenty of fans. His career has turned full-circle, and he has now joined the Liberal Democrats after a stint as media commentator. During his recent voces populi through western Sydney, he has come to conclusion multiculturalism has failed and needs to be scrapped.
5 Jun. 2017
London Terror: Aussie Victims
We never think we are going to be the unlucky ones caught up in a terror attack but for four Australians in London, that's exactly what's happened. At least two were stabbed by terrorists during a murderous rampage that killed at least seven people and inured almost fifty. Former Australian Defence Force commander Jim Molan believes this is a new kind of warfare and Australia should learn from what has happened in Britain.
6 Jun. 2017
Terrorist Parole Outrage
A justice system that's again failed us all. How was ISIS-inspired Brighton gunman, Yacqub Khayre, our on parole? His rap sheet includes charges on guns, drugs, violent assaults and terror. Now an innocent man is dead and three police officers wounded. Khayre was a former refugee from Somalia, who had contacted the media claiming the siege was for IS, and had lured special police operations into a premeditated trap.
8 Jun. 2017
Muslim Enclaves: Integration or Segregation?
An Islamic school's plans to create a master mega hub in Brisbane's south west has sparked fiery debate, including accusations of 'exclusivity'. The Australian International Islamic College at Durack has submitted a development application to Brisbane City Council and proposed a child care centre, mosque, multi-storey residential building, shops, medical centre and aged care facility be built on the school's site. Locals are concerned it will become a Muslim-only enclave.
16 Jun. 2017
Bill Cosby Trial
The latest in the Bill Cosby trial. After four days of deliberations, the jury states they still can't reach a unanimous decision, over the charge dating back to January 2004, that Cosby allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted Andrea Constand. 57 women so far have come forward and alleged they were also sexually assaulted by Cosby. Amazingly, his defence spent only six minutes denying the charges after five days of testimony from prosecution witnesses. Cosby refused to take the stand and testify.
3 Jul. 2017
Pauline Hanson to the Rescue
Senator Pauline Hanson drew on her old skills to help out a fish and chip shop struggling to pay the bills, and highlight some major issues. The Causeway Lake Kiosk in Yeppoon, Queensland, has been facing an uphill battle in recent times to make ends meet, typical of many small businesses in the area. Electricity prices have skyrocketed, rents remain disproportionate to turnover, staff earn more an hour than the boss and like the Causeway Lake Kiosk, they're questioning their long term viability in the current economic climate.
4 Jul. 2017
Ben McCormack Charges
Suspended 'A Current Affair' reporter Ben McCormack faced court for the first time today since being charged with two counts of using a carriage service for child pornography material. The Downing Centre Local Court heard that eight witness statements still have to be received by police. The prosecutor has asked for an extension so that can be completed.
7 Jul. 2017
Rude Farnood!
A Melbourne developer is under siege as contractors claim they are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars for work that was completed, but never paid for. Farnood Erfanian of Erfanian Developments, based in Croydon South, has been accused of withholding payments from contractors, some of whom now claim they are in danger of losing their own homes. They have been forced to take legal action and have asked people to avoid dealing with Erfanian.
14 Jul. 2017
Justice for Anthony
A family has accused their GP of mistaking a loved one's heart attack symptoms for asthma. Father of six Anthony Parnell died of heart failure in 2014. Mrs Parnell said the doctor, Farid Zaer, diagnosed Mr Parnell with an asthma attack even though he was never asthmatic. Two years after Mr Parnell's death, a coroner found that the health care provided had contributed to his death. In 2004, it was revealed Dr Zaer was at the centre of a pathology scandal, incorrectly diagnosing 208 patients, which led to six deaths.
17 Jul. 2017
Australia's No-Go Zones
Residents in some Australian suburbs claim they are being forced to flee the communities they love due to the increase in home invasions and violent robberies. Melbourne's sprawling western suburbs has experienced an upsurge in crime that has left families fearing for their safety and is destroying local economies. It has come to the point that some families don't leave their homes after dark while other families have simply had enough and have begun moving out of Melbourne altogether.
18 Jul. 2017
Why Was Justine Killed?
Justine Damond's mysterious death has left her family and friends bewildered. Damond, a life coach raised in Sydney but who had since moved to Minneapolis, had called 911 to report a possible sexual assault behind her house. It is believed Damond was shot multiple times by Somali-born police officer Mohamed Noor as she approached his vehicle to explain the situation. Damond was dressed in her pyjamas and carried only her mobile phone.
19 Jul. 2017
Fender Bender Fiasco
A Sierra Leone-born refugee turned lawyer has been accused of taking the car insurance system for a very expensive ride. Amadu Bangura who made a $700,000 compensation claim after a car accident has been charged with attempting to dishonestly obtain an advantage by deception, following an accident which he says left him too traumatized to work. However, police allege the only damage was a dent to Mr Bangura's rear bumper.
20 Jul. 2017
High Roller on the Run
It been alleged a high-flying businessman has been accused of leaving employees in the lurch. It's been alleged former employees are angry they have been left without a cent and are taking legal action.
24 Jul. 2017
Deadly Foreign Drivers
There are calls to place stricter regulations on foreign drivers in Australia. Driving tests and licence requirements vary from country to country. When you have a driver who has little knowledge of Australian road rules, or even basic English, the consequences can be deadly. Following a series of fatal road accidents, there are now calls for all mandatory driving theory tests to be conducted in English only, a practical driving test, and greater scrutiny placed on international driving licences.
26 Jul. 2017
Power Cost Crisis
Energy prices are rising in the middle of winter, and people in swathes of the suburbs are now struggling to keep their heaters on. The Australian energy and fuel cost crisis will cause more social harm and economic damage to Australia than any predicted climate change. Taxpayer subsidies to meet state and federal renewable energy targets have reached $3 billion a year and include spiralling hidden subsidies paid for by business and household electricity customers which are forcing up prices.
31 Jul. 2017
Plane Bomb Terror Plot
Inside the crude bomb terror plot of the accused extremists living among us. Four Lebanese Muslim men were arrested in raids in Sydney on Saturday night, with Australian officials claiming their alleged preparations to target an aircraft were advanced. The plot involved smuggling a domestic meat mincer, filled with explosives, and detonated on board a commercial flight. The men were also planning to release a toxic gas which would immobilize or kill passengers.