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7 Jan. 2019
Fraser Anning
Queensland senator Fraser Anning discusses his appearance over the weekend at an anti-crime rally held in St Kilda, Victoria. Anning's speech attacked the rising level of violence in the community and in particular Sudanese immigrants who were over-represented in crime statistics. Anning is also critical of the media who are ignoring the concerns of the community, and fellow politicians who have become "puppets of the United Nations".
8 Jan. 2019
Dirty Delivery/Greatest Gadgets
It's enough to make you very angry and your stomach churn. A hidden camera has caught an EASI delivery rider helping himself to a food order before delivering it to an unsuspecting customer. Restaurants are now worried their reputations are being tarnished and customers feeling betrayed, by contract riders abusing the delivery system. People are urged to contact the Office of Fair Trading if the delivery service is not up to scratch.
9 Jan. 2019
Pauline's Plan
Senator Pauline Hanson has put forward a radical plan to use dole recipients to kill cane toads - earning their welfare with an extra 10 cents per toad. Hanson is advocating a trial three-month cane toad collection scheme, in which people who caught cane toads would be paid 10 cents per pest, and could help keep the invasive species at bay. The toxic cane toads, released into sugar cane regions of Queensland in 1935, have been progressively moving west and south since.
11 Feb. 2019
They Still Don't Get It
There's been a lot of talk lately about what goes on at music festivals, but now A Current Affair will show you the truth. Reporter Reid Butler goes undercover and with a hidden camera meets concert goers and the drug dealers. Security is lax and does not check people for drugs, drug dealers openly selling dozens of capsules, 18-year-olds snorting powder, and many appear ignorant of the effects of the drugs they are consuming. Six people have died of suspected drug overdoses at Australian music festivals since September.
22 Feb. 2019
Police have issued a warning about the dangers of buying and selling online. It comes after a sharp increase in mobile phone and cash robberies surrounding the second hand sales economy, with more Australians being targeted after using sites like Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace. Sellers are turning up to prearranged meetings and being robbed of their valuables and had their safety threatened by aggressive people posing as buyers.
28 Feb. 2019
The Great Chase
A former Samoan-born rugby league player and NRL rookie is accused of ripping off clients, including an RSL club, with his fencing business. Consumers are being warned not to deal with Siaosi Liumaunu, also known as Siaosi Faatonu, who has taken tens of thousands of dollars in people's deposits but never does any work. Liumaunu has done a lot of running though.
4 Mar. 2019
Wacko Jacko Bombshell
An explosive new documentary on Michael Jackson, Leaving Neverland (2019), has just been watched by millions of Americans. In a series of interviews, it makes shocking and graphic allegations of serial child sexual abuse by Jackson. Leaving Neverland features two men, Jimmy Safechuck and Wade Robson, who allege that Jackson sexually abused them at his home, Neverland Ranch, in California, when they were both young boys.
6 Mar. 2019
Hotel - Detention Centre
Four star hotels are being turned into housing for asylum seekers - while residents are left in the dark. Anger and resentment is growing as long term tenants have been turfed out with little notice to free-up rooms for the new arrivals. Entire levels are being occupied with some fully-serviced rooms costing up to A$300 a night. Nobody knows if the asylum seekers have criminals records or pose a threat, as these hotels have also been swamped with security guards, paid for by taxpayers, to keep the media and public from knowing what's going on inside. Figures released ...
8 Mar. 2019
Recycle Rort Exposed
"Do the right thing, and use the right bin." It's been drilled into us for decades, with ratepayers spending hours meticulously sifting through and organizing their waste for collection day, but some councils have been caught dumping your carefully sorted recycling straight into landfill. Because of fire safety concerns recycling companies can no longer stockpile bales of material, leaving councils to cut costs and move their plastics, paper, and glass, to the tip.
26 Mar. 2019
Jacko Insider
Michael Jackson fans are still reeling from serial child sex abuse allegations detailed in the documentary, Leaving Neverland (2019). US rabbi Shmuley Boteach was once a very close friend and adviser to Jackson and always believed in his innocence, that is until seeing the documentary. Boteach now believes on reflection that what Wade Robson, Jimmy Safechuck, and their families are saying is true, and that Jackson was a morally bankrupt individual who should never have been allowed around children.
28 Mar. 2019
Pauline's Fury
Senator Pauline Hanson finally broke her silence today about that unethical hidden camera exposé on her One Nation party members. A defiant Hanson called an extraordinary press conference to denounce the documentary as a stitch-up, accusing the Qatari-owned al-Jazeera Network of political interference, of selective editing, dubbing, and entrapment, and that the Australian media were fooled into accepting what was broadcast. One Nation has never received any foreign donations.
4 Apr. 2019
Geoff's Deck: The Mystery
We'd all love a back deck like former chair of ATSIC Geoff Clark's - it has an outdoor bar, a kitchen, and a huge stone pizza oven. But questions are being raised on how he paid for it. Clark and his family are facing multiple charges of dishonestly obtaining $685,000 from an Australian taxpayer funded Aboriginal trust, much of which was meant to repair housing for Indigenous families in western Victoria. Clark himself is facing 543 charges.
15 Apr. 2019
Where's the Money, Zaki?
Zaki Ameer's claim to fame is how he went from being broke to owning 15 properties in just three years. The self-styled property poster pin-up boy started his own company Dream Design Property (DDP) helping everyday Australians achieve the same using a rapid growth strategy. But now some of his staff have walked out after not being paid, and clients have turned against him after being refused refunds, despite a guaranteed promise to do so.
16 Apr. 2019
Mobile Phone Gangs
They don't even try to hide their faces or their crimes. These mobile phone gangs of youths of African appearance, do their dirty work in full view of shoppers and retail staff - and it takes them just seconds. In packs of up to 15 members, they enter stores en masse, take what they want, and run, terrifying staff and damaging property at the same time. Now their actions have resulted in an 81-year-old woman being taken seriously injured to hospital after being pushed over during one of these robberies.
22 Apr. 2019
Easter Terror
With the death toll from the Sri Lanka bombings now approaching 300, it has been confirmed that two Australians are among the dead. Two Australian women have also been seriously injured. A failure of intelligence has been blamed on preventing the coordinated bombings of churches and hotels across the country on Easter Sunday. These had been carried out by National Thowheeth Jama'ath, a little-known radical Islamist group, with help from international jihadists.
24 Apr. 2019
Tax Cheats Exposed
The lesson here is simple, just be careful who you hand your tax file number to. A former employee of taxation agents Tax Store named Mohammed Yakub, allegedly lodged claims and pocketed tens of thousands of dollars in refunds from a client, who was overseas on holidays and unaware of what was happening. New Tax Store owner Atif Ilyas when confronted blames Yakub for the theft, but an investigation reveals both are close friends, and the two have now gone to ground.
30 Apr. 2019
Pauline Hanson
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is angry that another video of her Senate candidate Steve Dickson, secretly recorded months ago, by Islamist media network Al Jazeera has been released on the eve of the 2019 Federal election. Dickson had done nothing illegal but has decided to withdraw from the Senate ballot. Hanson believes the release of the videos is deliberate interference from a foreign government in the political system of Australia, and should be investigated by security services.
2 May 2019
Footy Star's Mum
An up-and-coming NRL star's mother has taken part in a vicious road rage attack. Joan Taufua, mother of imposing Broncos prop Payne Haas, recently pleaded guilty over a shocking assault that left a delivery driver with serious facial injuries. However it has now been revealed that Taufua is a serial offender, with a long history of abusing and attacking people without provocation. Her victims have come forward.
6 May 2019
Jodie Versus Sharia Law
There aren't many Australian parents who've had to fight an ex-husband and sharia law in the Middle East to see their child. Jodie Bilborough agreed to move to the Middle Eastern country with her then-husband Ismat Okasheh and their son Laith, for one year. But soon after they arrived in Mr Okasheh's remote village outside the capital city of Amman, the marriage turned sour. Fearing for her safety, Bilborough made the heart-wrenching decision to flee Jordan without Laith. Now she must wait for a sharia court decision to be reunited with Laith.
16 May 2019
Gotcha Clive!
It's the record $60 million election campaign that has everyone seeing yellow. Clive Palmer's double-spread newspaper ads listing every candidate and their mobile number caught our eye. A Current Affair has randomly called a number of candidates to hear their response to questions on their leader and their party policies.
23 May 2019
Wayne Returns Home
It was the day terror came to the suburbs. Wayne Greenhalgh is an innocent and unlucky victim in an attack that almost killed him. The Sydney man who was repeatedly stabbed by convicted terrorist Ihsas Khan with a machete, said he can never forgive the ISIS supporter, as he continues to struggle with pain and post-traumatic stress issues. Greenhalgh was out for his usual afternoon walk in Minto in Sydney's south-west on 10 September 2016, when Khan, his neighbour attacked him shouting "Allahu Akbar".
24 May 2019
Guardian Angels
After the murder of a young woman travelling alone at night, Michael Makredis decided it was time to bring the Guardian Angels to the streets of Melbourne. Now the famous NYC public safety patrol is spreading across Australia. Makridis is the leader of the Melbourne chapter. Wearing distinct red berets and emblazoned t-shirts, everyday Australians are taking to the streets, patrolling public transport and picking up rubbish in a bid to keep the community safe.
6 Jun. 2019
Cruel Catfish Sentenced
A Melbourne woman who used the identities of celebrities, including Australian actor Lincoln Lewis, to stalk women she met online has been sentenced to two years and eight months' gaol. Lydia Abdelmalek used the profile of Lewis, and others, to trick her victims into fake relationships before taunting them with threats, resulting in one woman committing suicide. Abdelmalek's actions have been described as sick, calculated and cruel.
19 Jun. 2019
Squatter Warning
For two and a half years pensioner Julie Pearn has been paying her mortgage, whilst having to watch a squatter slowly destroy her property. Pearn alleges that the occupant Theresa Smith moved into her home in Deniliquin, in the New South Wales Riverina, without permission in November 2016, whilst Pearn was away visiting her sick father. Smith has said that she has "squatter's rights" and will not be leaving the property, despite being served three separate eviction notices, all of which have been ignored.
25 Jun. 2019
Wacko Jacko 10 Years On
It feels like ten years have passed in the blink of an eye since Michael Jackson's sudden death from an overdose of drugs. But the passage of time has made it no easier to understand what sort of legacy he's left behind. Earlier this year, a number of former child stars came forward with allegations that Jackson had sexually abused them at his Neverland ranch. Many radio stations as a result no longer play his music. Now a new documentary Killing Michael Jackson (2019), will shed light on his death from the detectives who worked closely on investigating it.
27 Jun. 2019
Model's Drunken Flight
A Sudanese-born Melbourne model is facing up to 21 years in a US gaol after a mid-air meltdown in which she hurled obscenities, calling one person a "white trash b***h", and assaulted the flight crew. A court was told passengers first began complaining about Adau Akui Atem Mornyang's erratic behaviour about 8.5 hours into the Melbourne to Los Angeles flight, which included flailing her arms and yelling obscenities, besides racial slurs. When flight attendant Romeo Gutierrez tried to calm her down, she put her left index finger near his face and slapped him. Mornyang ...
1 Jul. 2019
Logies Fallout
It's the award for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television but comedian Tom Gleeson managed to ruffle feathers in the industry. Mounting an election-style campaign to win popular votes, viewers were divided on the subversive campaign, with some saying it damaged the credibility of the television industry's top honour. Others said the level of trolling and sarcasm Gleeson had brought to the stage should be taken to the Oscars. Gleeson claims the television industry is dying and people need to "lighten up".
5 Jul. 2019
Fake Beggars Gotcha!
They may look the real deal - but these beggars aren't homeless. They're accused of flying here as part of a sophisticated syndicate to take your money, then sending it back to China. Arriving on tourist visas, the Chinese scammers have been accused on preying on your unsuspecting generosity, always taking your money but refusing other offers of help such as food, water, and accommodation. People are urged not to give these beggars money.
12 Jul. 2019
Hungry Hoodies
You'd have to be greedy to steal another family's food. But with the rising popularity of delivered meal kits, it's sadly happening all the time. People disguising themselves have been following food delivery vehicles and stealing food parcels after they have been left at their destination. Marley Spoon and Hello Fresh have been targeted the hardest. Households are now resorting to installing security cameras and lockable drop-off boxes to try and prevent the thefts.
16 Jul. 2019
Tracking Down Puneet Puneet
Indian national Puneet Puneet is a hard man to find. He fled Australia while on bail, using a false passport, a decade ago after killing 19-year-old student Dean Hofstee in a hit-and-run. He was driving drunk at more than 150km/h when he hit and killed the Australian teen. Since then, he's done everything he can to avoid facing justice, and now he's even trying to make a deal to get off lightly.
18 Jul. 2019
Australia's Greediest Granny?
Rebecca Assie, 62, rorted the welfare system for more than two decades by pretending to be blind, and even taught other people how to rip off Centrelink, in a fraudsters syndicate run from her housing commission home in Padstow. She would help them fill out Centrelink forms, giving them advice and seeking out doctors who would turn a blind eye to their cheating ways. When police raided her home, they discovered nearly $250,000 in a safe, hidden under her bedroom floor. She is now facing court.
24 Jul. 2019
Welfare Card Report Card
It's the trial that restricts where welfare recipients can spend money. Cashless debit welfare cards are meant to stop people spending their benefits on alcohol, gambling and drugs, a way to curb intergenerational welfare dependence, and get more people into work. Since it's introduction in the electorate of Hinkler in January 2019, youth unemployment has dropped from 28% to 17%. Stores claim they have not lost any business as feared and the unemployed say they have learned to budget better.
1 Aug. 2019
Solar Slum
If you were told there was a plan to build 68,000 solar panels next to your home, you'd probably feel the same as these families. Residents in Springvale have united to fight the development on their doorstep, holding grave concerns regarding the pollution and noise levels during the construction phase and the glare that this mammoth solar strip could create. Greater Dandenong Council has been accused of not bothering to let residents know about the proposal, which could see hundreds of thousands of dollars in value knocked off their homes.
5 Aug. 2019
Climbing Uluru
It's a bucket list adventure for many Australians. For others, it's a rite of passage as Australian as swimming at Bondi Beach. In 81 days, Ayers Rock will become off limits to climbing and many people are not happy. There are now fears stopping the climb would cost the Northern Territory and Australia valuable tourism dollars, impacting on local businesses and Aboriginal communities.
6 Aug. 2019
Protest Pest
Eric Serge Herbert is a self-proclaimed "full-time activist". Most people however see him as a pest, disrupting travel and causing commuter chaos. Herbert has been arrested five times for his protests, and was last month sentenced to 50 hours community service in connection to one of those arrests. Court documents list Herbert's address as his parents' five-bedroom multi-million dollar canal-front home on the Sunshine Coast, complete with an infinity pool. Craving publicity, he is not so happy when asked questions by A Current Affair.
13 Aug. 2019
Sydney Knife Horror
A knife rampage attack has taken place in the heart of Sydney. A young woman is dead and another is seriously injured, after a man with a butcher's knife repeatedly yelled out "Allahu Akbar" while stabbing victims and running through the CBD. NSW Police arrested Mert Ney, 21, from Marayong, after by-standers were able to corner him and hold him down. Ney is the son of Turkish-Cypriot parents and had recently converted to Islam.
26 Aug. 2019
Rock Rebel: The Debate
Senator Pauline Hanson says her intervention in the debate over climbing Ayers Rock is about helping Aboriginal Australians. Climbing the rock is set to end on 26th October 2019 and there is genuine concern that the closure will affect tourism numbers, which will financially impact local communities. A nearby resort employs over 400 people and generated $19 million in revenue last year. With the closure of the climb, job losses are almost certain to occur.
27 Aug. 2019
Disability Rort?
Yasmina Hajjar, 28, somehow believed she deserved special treatment and that the law didn't apply to her, parking her luxury Range Rover in a clearly marked disabled spot, using a doctored permit she made herself. When pulled over by police, she produced the fraudulent mobile disability permit but officers soon realised she had photocopied someone else's card, even altering the expiry date and the numbers to make it look like a real one. Police have seized the permit and are investigating further.
5 Sep. 2019
Pro-Gun Mum
A Queensland mother who started a political party aiming to cut Muslim immigration and roll back gun laws, is adamant Australian civilians should be armed for self-defence. Kim Vuga who founded the Love Australia or Leave Party in 2016, after a maiden Senate run as an independent candidate in the Federal Election that same year, also believes drug dealers should be given the death penalty.
25 Sep. 2019
Monster on the Streets
Abathur Khamas is a criminal walking the streets. Four months ago, he was found guilty of sexually assaulting a woman he met in a pub, but has not yet served a single day behind bars. Khamas however is no stranger to the wrong side of the law. He's also a convicted robber and has twice lost his license for drink driving - most recently, last year, while on bail for the rape charges. Khamas has been accused of deliberately gaming the bail system to avoid gaol.
2 Oct. 2019
Child Care Scandal
49-year-old Alee Farmann, and his wife, Lubna Hashimy, are accused of running an elaborate child care syndicate, which allegedly pocketed over $4 million in government subsidies in just 10 months, while not providing a single day's worth of care for children. Dozens of Sydney parents have also been arrested for selling their children's identities over to Farmann's sham family daycare front Red Roses Family Day Care, which operated out of a garage, so it could use the information in a fraud scheme costing taxpayers millions of dollars.
3 Oct. 2019
Dad's School Protest
A fed-up father has pulled his son out of school and has accused staff of brainwashing children, after the climate movement made its way in to his son's Year Four classroom. Matthew Karlos' 10-year-old son Max says students were forced by teachers to write assignments on climate change and "dress up as hippies, and sing, Big Yellow Taxi." Karlos believes scenes of protesting around the country, amounts to brainwashing and child abuse, and has urged parents to pull their children out of schools teaching "doom and gloom" climate activism.
8 Oct. 2019
Climate Protest Anger
They say there's no such thing as bad publicity, but climate protesters made many enemies today. A number of people going about their lawful business, missed work or important appointments because of the misguided actions of a few. One woman was prevented from seeing her own dying mother. There are now calls to arrest and gaol protesters blocking the transport network as commuters have become fed up with the constant delays.
14 Oct. 2019
Tziporah's Final Makeover
Tziporah Malkah unveiled her 'final makeover' on Monday night's A Current Affair. The '90s supermodel and 'It girl', formerly known as Kate Fischer, stripped down to a skimpy blue and pink floral bikini on the beach to show off her incredible 50 kilogram weight loss. She attributes her weight control to clean eating, meditation, regular exercise sessions, and hypnosis therapy.
15 Oct. 2019
Sandeep the Creep
Uber has an image problem, and drivers like Sandeep Singh do little to help it. He's accused of offering a special discount - for women only. In December 2018, A Queensland passenger was repeatedly offered free trips "whenever you want" from Singh in exchange for sexual favours. When confronted by A Current Affair, Singh denied it happened but when an audio recording of the conversation was replayed, confessed.

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