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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • At the end Harry's arm was amputated because of an infection from his heroin addiction. (he did not rotate the injection sites on his arm), and the infection spread. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Harry, Marion, Tyrone and finally Sara are each shown curling into a fetal position for their final scene; a symbol of how their lives have been lost in complete ruin and despair. Harry and Tyrone are in prison, with Tyrone subject to hard work detail under harsh supervision by racist guards, and Harry's arm amputated at the shoulder; Marion has a new regular drug supplier, but she must pay for her drugs through sexual favors, and Sara is trapped in her psychosis-induced world of appearing on the Tappy Tibbons infomercial and presenting a successful, engaged Harry to an adoring audience.

    By seeing all the characters being in a fetal position can be interpreted as a metaphor for how helpless they all are. It also makes the viewers realize what drug can do to you and how helpless you can get. So the moral of the movie is nothing else than: Don't do drugs. Edit (Coming Soon)

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