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13 Jan. 1998
The Big Sleep
Ojo is sleeping over at the Big Blue House. Bear helps get ready to go to bed, tucks her in, and aids her in "surfing off to dreamland". Ojo falls fast asleep and Bear thinks of getting some himself when he hears a knocking at the back-door. It turns out that Jeremiah and Doc Hogg have arrived for an exciting card game of Go Fish. Jeremiah brought the cards: special cards that actually contain pictures of fish; but Bear hasn't even put out any snacks. He totally forgot that they were having their game and now all the noise threatens to disturb both Tutter and Ojo. ...
3 Dec. 1998
What's the Story?
It's time for the Annual Woodland Valley Storytelling Festival at the Big Blue House and viewers are invited to come and listen in! As everyone gets ready for the story, Bear prepares the food and other accommodations, while also stopping to help his friends in the Big Blue House. Tutter's found a great beginning and ending for his story, but it's seriously lacking a middle. Bear also helps Treelo and Ojo with an idea for telling a story in pictures. Finally, guests from all over Woodland Valley start arriving in droves - everyone from Doc Hogg to Big Old Bullfrog. ...

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