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Chicago Tribune
A rare example of a literary film that preserves the best of its source while creatively filling up on it.
Philadelphia Inquirer
In this, Alfred Hitchcock's centenary year, Felicia's Journey so startlingly channels the obsessions of the late director that it might be the greatest Hitchcock movie the master of suspense never made.
Portland Oregonian
In this film, shadowy seams of brutality, loss and grief are traced beneath bright layers of tree boughs, children's laughter and high, empty windows.
There's tremendous maturity and skill in Felicia's Journey but also a sense of impending horror that's bound to repel some audience members -- even though the violence is all implied.
Miami Herald
All of Egoyan's movies have revolved around characters with damaged, fragile psyches, but rarely have they been illustrated as deftly -- and as gracefully -- as in Felicia's Journey.
Charlotte Observer
Deep as a Canadian lake: Below the placid surface, menacing creatures swim around unseen.
Mounted as an art film and is likely to divide both critics and the helmer's fans.
Intelligent thriller--turns-- into an embarrassing gothic horror show.
L.A. Weekly
As with all of Egoyan's films, this new one comes cloaked in an atmosphere of dread, but for the first time there's no real purpose, intellectual or emotional, to all the free-floating anxiety.
A movie this implausible shouldn't be this dull.

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