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Clive Barker: Demon To Some, Angel To Others

We’ve seen the clichés time and time again: flesh-munching zombies, deranged hitchhikers, disturbingly naive teenage babysitters, evil cliques of high school girls, whackos off dirt roads in rural America…. However, there are many movies that thrive upon original ideas and unique plots. One of the most imaginative figures in the realm of contemporary horror is Clive Barker. He has always eschewed formulas and clichés in favor of experimental (and often confusing or deceptive) visual storytelling devices and atmosphere.

Barker first formed a theater in London at age 21 to produce the plays he wrote, all of which were recognized for their horrific but fantastical elements. The profoundly unique and imaginative qualities that composed Barker's work is what led his novels to being adapted into films, which then inspired him to direct his own: enter Hellraiser (1987) . Based on his novella entitled The Hellbound Heart, the movie follows the alternate world of
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Thn HalloweenFest Day 27: Candyman

‘Your death will be a tale to frighten children, to make lovers cling closer in their rapture. Come with me, and be immortal.’

Director: Bernard Rose

Cast: Virginia Madsen, Xander Berkeley, Tony Todd, Kasi Lemmons

Plot: Helen Lyle (Madsen) is a sceptical grad student investigating the myth of the Candyman (Todd) for her thesis, but her fearless actions lead to her summoning the tortured soul back into reality.

This nostalgia-inducing cult classic could easily have found its way into Thn’s Guilty Pleasure feature of last month, but we felt it best to save it for its true home, amongst Thn’s selection of gruesomely gory and titillatingly taut horror greats. Based on the short story ‘The Forbidden’, by Clive Barker, Candyman is one of the few stories you’ll find that, although derives from an urban legend, could perhaps be more accurately defined as ‘ghetto mythology’ due to its humble setting.
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Candyman Retrospective Podcast Series. Part 3 – Day of the Dead

Let’s get this out of the way in as polite a fashion as we might be able to muster for Candyman 3 aka Day of the Dead, our feeling toward the third installment in the series and how it fits into the whole mess. Candyman: Day of the Dead is trash. That’s all you need to know. Once we all agree on the distinct lack of merit that accompanies this movie, we can all start the healing process by soundly trouncing it into a critical frenzy of bad jokes, horrible puns and troll filled commentary. In a series that started off roses, Jeff Konopka and Jimmy Terror discuss the veritable garden of weeds that has grown from Clive Barker’s once fertile seed. Basterdized, despised, exploited, Candyman 3 doesn’t deserve its own podcast, but it gets one none the less. I suppose it’s your duty to find out why by listening,
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Hasselhoff: The Night Stalker - Foywonder Salutes Baywatch Nights Season 2

"Hasselhoff: The Night Stalker" I dubbed “Baywatch Nights” when it aired its fabulously misguided second (and final) season. The “Baywatch” spin-off with lifeguard David Hasselhoff moonlighting as a Pi abruptly transformed into an “X-Files” wannabe with him battling the paranormal.

The results, as you are about to see, were pure trainwreck TV.

Believe it or not, there really was a time when “Baywatch” was the most watched television program in the entire world. Pamela Anderson’s (ahem) buoyancy transcended language barriers worldwide. The primary reason for the show’s global success was obvious to every red-blooded male except perhaps for producer/star David Hasselhoff. I once heard him in an interview try to claim it was the show’s storytelling that kept people coming back week after week and not because internet porn was still a few years away from being at everyone’s fingertips. Yeah, the storylines... That’s
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