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13 Jan. 1981
The Muscle Market
Danny Duggan's rough-house business methods and lifestyle owe more to early influences than the CBI. But with the bottom falling out of the building game playing at gangster is only fun on the winning side.
10 Feb. 1981
Beloved Enemy
A corporation decides to outsource one of their contracts to the U.S.S.R. during the Cold War. As they work with politicians on both sides of the table to keep the story out of the press, they also try to keep the contract.
17 Feb. 1981
The Kamikaze Ground Staff Reunion Dinner
On August the 15th, 1945, after the official surrender of the Empire of Japan, Admiral Matome Ugaki led the last Special Attack Force pilots across the Pacific, to crash into American ships. Thirty-five years later, the men who serviced the aeroplanes are still meeting up for their annual dinner. Now settled into civilian jobs - dentist, baker, taxi-driver, insurance salesman - and with children and grandchildren, they bemoan the decay of traditional Japanese values. Hard liquor is imbibed, toasts raised to the memory of the heroic dead, and old rivalries resurface. ...
3 Mar. 1981
Two very different women share an office, a common enemy, and a sense of humour.
12 May 1981
Soldiers are captured and interrogated by terrorists: but is it real or only a sadistic form of psychological training exercise?
20 Oct. 1981
In 1945, the Carlions assemble at an English country house for a family gathering. During the event, they must determine who is to take over the family brewing empire, since the present head of the business, Sir Frederick, is getting old. The results of the 1945 general election causes a major stir, and some angry farmers occupy a barn.
27 Oct. 1981
London Is Drowning
A docudrama about what would happen if London was hit by severe flooding.
3 Nov. 1981
A Room for the Winter
A former South African anti-apartheid campaigner deals with life as an expatriate in London.
17 Nov. 1981
No Visible Scar
A nurse is subjected to an interrogation after giving medical treatment to a terrorist leader.
15 Dec. 1981
During the Second World War, a British naval convoy taking supplies to Russia runs into trouble.

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