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9 Jan. 1979
Three boys watch horror films on late night tv and see a man in a local cemetry who they believe to be a Vampire.
23 Jan. 1979
Waterloo Sunset
Grace Dwyer, a 70-year-old woman, leaves an old people's home to return to her birthplace in Lambeth. She discovers a world that initially looks different, but is in fact all too familiar.
30 Jan. 1979
Blue Remembered Hills
"When we dream of childhood," said Dennis Potter, "we take our present selves with us. It is not the adult world writ small; childhood is the adult world writ large." Since Potter viewed childhood as "adult society without all the conventions and the polite forms which overlay it," he repeated the device he had introduced 14 years earlier (in "Stand Up, Nigel Barton"); children's roles were cast with adult actors in this naturalistic memory drama of a "golden day" that turns to tragedy. On a sunny, summer afternoon in bucolic England of 1943, seven West Country ...
6 Feb. 1979
Who's Who
Slice-of-life look at class divisions among employees at a brokerage house.
10 Apr. 1979
Coming Out
Lewis, a gay writer of romantic novels, writes an article on gay issues under the pseudonym of "Zippy Grimes." The reason for this is that he hasn't come out yet and he doesn't want to alienate his mainly female fan-base. The article is a great success and leads to a huge amount of reactions, mainly from other gay men who are leading a double life. He decides to meet a number of these letter writers and eventually is forced to come out.
24 Jul. 1979
Don't Be Silly
Harrowing portrayal of Middle Class Domestic Abuse.
11 Oct. 1979
Long Distance Information
Life at a local radio station on the night of Elvis Presley's death.
18 Oct. 1979
Cries from a Watchtower
A watchmaker finds his livelihood is threatened by cheaply imported digital watches.
25 Oct. 1979
Six wannabe stand-up comedians attend an evening class run by Eddie Waters. Eddie is a professional comic and he's determined to teach them that comedy is much more than just jokes.
8 Nov. 1979
Just a Boys' Game
Jake lives in the shadow of his dying grandfather, who was once the town's toughest hard man. Despite their hatred of each other, Jake's sole aim is to be as tough as the old man was. One day in Jake's life, as he drifts, drinks and fights, leads to a bleak realisation.
13 Nov. 1979
Four-year-old Billy lives with an abusive father in a terrible home situation. But can anything be done to change this?
29 Nov. 1979
A Hole in Babylon
A siege situation develops when an attempted robbery of a restaurant goes wrong.
6 Dec. 1979
The Slab Boys
Follows the antics of Slab Boys Phil, Spanky and Hector as they try to scrape through life in the 50s
13 Dec. 1979
Katie: The Year of a Child
A teenage girl from a family of Irish Travellers is left to look after her brothers and sisters while her father is away.

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