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Season 14

14 Feb. 1984
Young Shoulders
A cynical teenage boy re-evaluates his attitude to life and his parents after his sister is killed in a plane crash.
21 Feb. 1984
A Coming to Terms for Billy
Norman comes storming into the family home with his new lady friend. But has she managed to achieve the impossible by mellowing the big man?
28 Feb. 1984
Z for Zachariah
Based on a book of the same name, depicting events in a Welsh valley after a nuclear holocaust, in which almost everyone has dies, leaving just two families. Eventually just one girl and one man are left, and the majority of the film is about how they cope with the situation and each other.
6 Mar. 1984
Moving on the Edge
A woman in a state of personal crisis finds it hard to communicate with her husband and family.
13 Mar. 1984
Desert of Lies
Jake and Sue's expedition to the Kalahari Desert in 1983 follows in the footsteps of an earlier trek in 1848 by two missionaries. The two pairs of travellers, in the past and the present, meet with disaster.
20 Mar. 1984
Hard Feelings
A group of unemployed Oxford drop-outs living in a Brixton commune get their comeuppance.
27 Mar. 1984
Under the Hammer
A previously unknown painting by Vincent Van Gogh, said to have come from Russia, comes up for sale at a London auction of impressionist paintings. The good order of the sale house is disturbed when someone challenges the picture's authenticity.
3 Apr. 1984
A man who has had a good life in England wants to retire to Jamaica, but the celebration with his daughters doesn't go as expected.
10 Apr. 1984
Rainy Day Women
In 1940, during World War II, an officer is sent to investigate rumors of German spies in a sleepy village where various people are the victims of war hysteria.
17 Jul. 1984
Dog Ends
A middle-aged man is feeling the strain of looking after his elderly grandfather, who is demanding and needs a lot of medical treatment. Then a neighbour suggests a painless way to be rid of him - This black comedy is set in the future, where euthanasia is lawful and increasingly common but it should still, ideally, be voluntary.
24 Jul. 1984
The Groundling and the Kite
Peter is a songwriter, while his old friend Jimmy is an A and R (Artists and Repertoire) man. But when Jimmy tries to sell one of Peter's songs, Peter is furious. Can the friendship survive?
21 Jul. 1984
The Cry
In Ulster in 1959, a journalist witnesses the beating of a youth.
14 Aug. 1984
It Could Happen to Anybody
A long-suffering Glasgow housewife puts up with years of her husband's violence and drunkenness - and then something happens which makes her snap and fight back.
21 Aug. 1984
Only Children
A young woman's comfortable life is turned upside down when she has a baby.
28 Aug. 1984
The Amazing Miss Stella Estelle
Miss Stella Estelle is a cabaret singer in working men's clubs, and she sings songs from the 1960s to support a large and difficult family. But how long can it go on? The backdrop is a family in decay: husband out of work, wife working and still doing the domestics, daughter the singer and hopeful star, son her "manager" but in reality going nowhere. Stella plays a crummy club circuit, singing songs for oldies for £50 a night - She's never going to be a star because of her parents' short-sighted greed.

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