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Season 1

25 Jul. 1998
North by Northwestern
Angela sets off an x-ray machine at Columbus Airport in Ohio and is arrested by the police who suspect she poses a bomb threat. She confides in her court appointed lawyer, and asks for his help to recover her laptop which has been seized as evidence by the police.
1 Aug. 1998
Whilst trying to evade capture by the Chicago Police Department, Angela takes a bullet in her left arm and requires medical treatment. Just before her laptop battery dies, the Sorcerer tells Angela to seek help from a doctor he knows at Lincolnwood Memorial Hospital in Evanston.
8 Aug. 1998
Bulls and Bears
The Praetorians are looking to buy a russian satellite for their communications network, and they engage in stock market manipulation in order to raise the necessary funds. Angela goes undercover at a stock brokerage firm in an effort to foil their plan.
15 Aug. 1998
Death of an Angel
In an attempt to get her life back, Angela decides to fake her own death. In Oregon, she becomes acquainted with Kyle, a law student at the university where her father used to work as a professor. When Kyle's uncle, Judge Mayall, is falsely accused of distributing child pornography, Angela steps in to help clear his name.
29 Aug. 1998
Angela's old friend Daniel has been hacking state lotteries. She learns the Praetorians are doing the same thing and she tries to stop Daniel from hacking the Mississippi lottery. In the process, more of her painful past is revealed.
10 Oct. 1998
Go Like You Know
The Praetorians help a convicted hacker escape. Sorcerer sends Angela to meet a man named Mariano and tells her about the hacker and they try to find out what the Praetorians want from her. They discover they want her to hack into power plant computers so they can control them.

 Season 1 

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