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Gary Sinise: Spencer Olham



  • Spencer Olham : I know you're afraid. I know what they told you. That some ship got through the Dome and landed somewhere outside the city. A cyborg destroyed my body. They were right in theory, but they made one crucial error.

    Maya Olham : I don't understand.

    Spencer Olham : The ship crashed! You see? That's what, that's what caused the fire. They miscalculated. The Centauri never got to me!

  • Spencer Olham : [recounting the history of the atomic bomb]  Oppenheimer sees the madness and urges the U.N. to gain control of thermonuclear development. The government turns around and calls him a Communist sympathizer. And when it was all over, Einstein said, "Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."

  • [first lines] 

    Spencer Olham : There wasn't always a war with the Centauri, but in my lifetime it's all I've ever known. By the year 2050, six years after the first attack, we'd lost so many things. We'd lost the sky to electromagnetic domes, to shield the Earth from frequent air raids increasing in intensity. We'd lost the uncovered cities that the government forgot. We'd lost democracy to global leadership. We didn't expect peace anymore with the Centauri, because we came to see that peace wasn't their goal. Their goal was Earth. The ultimate land war, with no boundaries.

  • Spencer Olham : [voice-over]  I stopped building rockets. There was no need for them. I built weapons instead.

  • Spencer Olin : I am Spencer Olham, you crazy fuck!

  • Spencer Olham : They're wrong about me, I've done nothing wrong, I'm a good man.

  • Spencer Olham : Look, this has not been one of my better days, so just give me my five minutes of machine time.

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