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Every sin can be forgiven.
dbdumonteil27 January 2017
In the fifties,Gilles Grangier produced thrillers and comedies; by and large,critics tend to reassess the former works nowadays but scorn the latter ones .

"Poisson d'Avril " saw the first Bourvil/De Funès reunion ,even though it was in one sequence .

"Le Plus Joli Métier Du Monde " is a harmless ,sometimes funny little comedy ,starring heartthrob George Marchal and charming Dany Robin (some kind of French Audrey Hepburn ),husband and wife at the time.

Plot:because she had problems with a sour-tempered customer ,Zoé is fired from her shop assistant job.The rent ,as everybody knows ,is always due and she has no penny to her name;after a failed suicide attempt ("I did not like the smell of gas"),she asks her best friend Liliane (Marthe Mercadier) to teach her the tricks of her trade (she is a prostitute).She intends to become a kept woman ,but ,in spite of her neighbor's pieces of advice,she neglects an American millionaire and gets into a driving-instructor's car.

After a car crash ,she meets Jacques ,who is about to get married (but does not want to) ;helped by a capricious little boy they pass off as their son ,Jacques and Zoé pretend to have a child ,so that he cannot marry the angry fiancée .But the coming of an uncle who became the king of uranium in America (and probably to thank God ,became a Quaker)will make a difference.

There are good moments :misunderstandings abound ,and the two principals have plenty of go;Zoé is a false ingenue , she tells her friend that her visit prevents her from working (she can't trade on her charms,and a client is waiting)and she sells valuable stuff from the chic antique shops for a song ("bargain today" ,she says to the overjoyed customer).

Too bad that Noel Roquevert's Oncle D'Amerique character is not fully exploited ;the final robbery is heavy-handed and ponderous .

But every sin can be forgiven.
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