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Season 2

30 Sep. 1999
Witch Trial
On their first anniversary of becoming witches, the sisters face a cloven-hoofed demon called Abraxas, that steals the Book of Shadows and undoes the spells they've cast, releasing old vanquished enemies of the Charmed Ones. If the demon undoes the spell that granted them their powers, they will come back to living normal lives.
7 Oct. 1999
Morality Bites
Phoebe has a vivid premonition foretelling her own death - burned at the stake for killing a man with her powers - in the year 2009. To prevent her execution, the sisters travel to the future.
14 Oct. 1999
The Painted World
Prue tries to save a man trapped inside a painting only to get trapped herself. Piper ends up inside the painting, too, and the two sisters begin to realize the man may not be as innocent as he claims. Meanwhile, Phoebe is suffering from an inferiority complex because she doesn't have a college degree, so she casts a "smart spell" on herself. But in the end Phoebe's street smarts end up saving the day.
21 Oct. 1999
The Devil's Music
Leo lures the manager of Dishwalla to P3, aware that the manager has made a pact with a demon that grants him fame and fortune in exchange for innocent souls. Meanwhile, Darryl soon becomes involved when he investigates the mysterious disappearance of young women from many of Dishwalla's past concerts, and suspects that more will disappear when they next perform.
4 Nov. 1999
She's a Man, Baby, a Man!
When Phoebe starts to have visions and feelings of a seductress who kills men, the Charmed Ones cast a spell to uncover the demon, but there is a glitch.
11 Nov. 1999
That Old Black Magic
When two hikers accidentally free the evil witch Tuatha, she feeds them to her enchanted serpent, just for not knowing where her jeweled wand is, then sends the serpent to find it. It's nearly snatched by charmed Internet-auctioneer Jack, but Prue brings it home. Unfortunately the sisters cannot wield it to vanquish her themselves, the job down to destined schoolboy Kyle. However, he's apparently too scared he won't be trained up in time by Leo, whose improbably frequent presence for a handyman is making neighbor Dan doubt if Piper is over him.
18 Nov. 1999
They're Everywhere
A group of warlocks that are knowledge thieves, are hunting down a young man named Eric, who has uncovered the location of one of the greatest sources of power in the world - the Akashic Records. Meanwhile, Prue has her hands full.
9 Dec. 1999
P3 H2O
The sisters are faced with the demon that killed their mom when it decides to start killing innocents again, twenty years after her death.
13 Jan. 2000
Ms. Hellfire
Prue goes undercover to find out who sent an assassin to kill them and other witches on Friday the 13th.
20 Jan. 2000
Heartbreak City
When Cupid has his magic ring of love stolen by Drazi, the demon of hate, he visits Phoebe asking her to help him. She prepares a magic potion to vanquish Drazi, but the ring saves his life. The demon separates Cindy and Max, Piper from Dan and Prue from Jack, but Phoebe and Cupid resolve their sentimental situation and the sisters destroy the demon.
27 Jan. 2000
Reckless Abandon
While in the police station with Darryl, Phoebe touches an abandoned baby called Matthew and she has a premonition of a ghost killing the Matthew's father. She convinces Darryl to let her bring the baby home, where the inexperienced Halliwell sisters get into troubled situation. Meanwhile, Prue is preparing a presentation with Jack expecting to go to New York, and Dan helps Piper with Matthew. Prue discloses the father's name and soon the sisters find that the ghost was the chauffer of the family and he is killing all the men of the family as a revenge for his death.
3 Feb. 2000
While in the P3 slicing kiwano not inspected by the Health Department, Piper collapses and is moved to the San Francisco Memorial Hospital. The specialist Dr. Curtis Williamson finds that she has Oroya Fever, a very rare disease. Meanwhile, Prue is working in the authentication of a Monet. When Piper gets into a coma, Dr. Williamson tells Pru and Phoebe that Piper has to pull out of the coma by herself. Leo is contacted by Prue and Phoebe, but he informs that he is not allowed to heal Piper. The sisters decide to cast an awakening spell to save Piper, but their ...
10 Feb. 2000
Animal Pragmatism
On Valentine's Day eve, three college mates of Phoebe buy a witchcraft book to cast a spell seeking dates, transforming animals in humans for twenty-four hours. They tape Phoebe's correct spell and transform a serpent, a rabbit and a pig in men. However, they become humans with animal instinct, threatening and killing people. Meanwhile, Prue feels uncomfortable at home without working and Piper is divided between her love for Dan and for Leo.
17 Feb. 2000
Pardon My Past
Phoebe is faced with the dark past of her previous life when it comes back to haunt her.
24 Feb. 2000
Give Me a Sign
In the prison, Bane Jessup is attacked by two demons but he escapes, one of the demons is killed and the other loses his weapon. Meanwhile Piper is divided between her love for Leo and Dan, and Phoebe secretly casts a spell to get signs to help Piper in her choice. Jessup kidnaps Prue while he is chased by the powerful demon Litvack. Phoebe's spell helps Piper and her to find Prue, who is protecting Jessup against Litvack.
30 Mar. 2000
Murphy's Luck
Piper tells Leo that she loves him, but she will only tell Dan one week later, since he is traveling. Prue is interviewed by the photographer of a magazine, who assigns her for a test photographing Maggie Murphy, a woman considered with bad luck. Prue saves Maggie from her attempt of suicide induced by a Darklighter and casts a spell of good fortune to help the good-hearted Maggie. The irritated Darklighter decides to curse Prue, and when she is in her limit, she is saved by Piper and Phoebe. Meanwhile, Leo retrieves his powers to save Prue, becoming immortal again.
6 Apr. 2000
How to Make a Quilt Out of Americans
Three old ladies summon the demon of vanity Kryto and promise to resurrect him, exchanging for health, beauty and youth for the senior trio. Kryto makes a further demand of magical powers, and one of the ladies, Aunt Gail, offers the abilities of the charmed ones. Aunt Gail visits the Halliwell sisters, steals one spell from the Book of Shadows to transfer the powers of witches and betrayals the naive sisters. Piper finally tells Dan her choice for Leo.
20 Apr. 2000
Chick Flick
When the Demon of Illusion threatens Prue and Phoebe at their home, the sisters chase him and he hides in a movie theater. Phoebe casts a spell to vanquish the demon, but he actually is transported to the screen of Phoebe's favorite movie "Kill It Before It Dies". The lead character Billy, with whom Phoebe has a great and old crush, is brought to the real world, together with the invincible killers The Slasher and Bloody Mary, who were assigned by the Demon of Illusion to kill the Halliwell sisters. Meanwhile, Prue is assigned by Gil Corso to photograph her idol, the ...
27 Apr. 2000
Ex Libris
While studying for the finals in the library, Phoebe meets Charlene, who is researching about demons for her thesis. When Charlene opens an encyclopedia about demons, she is decapitated by Libris. Later the ghost of Charlene contacts Phoebe and the Halliwell sisters decide to help her to vanquish Libris and move on. Meanwhile, Prue sees a man, Cleavant Wilson, every day on the bench of the bus stop trying to find a witness to testify against the killer of his beloved daughter Tyra and she decides to help him to move on in his life. Dan discloses that Leo was married, ...
4 May 2000
Astral Monkey
Dr. Curtis Williamson, who treated Piper's infectious fever, unsuccessfully tries to recruit her for follow-up exams in the hospital. He is researching the blood of the Halliwell sisters. When he is accidentally pricked with a blended mixture of their bloods, he gains their powers and eventually starts taking kidneys from criminals to save his sister. Meanwhile, Prue is assigned to photograph Phoebe's idol, the actor Evan Stone, and a paparazzi shots pictures of them, bringing the spotlight on Prue. Piper tries to establish rules for Leo while staying in her house.
11 May 2000
Apocalypse, Not
San Francisco is in a chaotic situation, with riots everywhere. Piper and Leo find a mysterious man in the middle of the confusion, who vanishes when they chase him. Later, the Halliwell sisters prepare a spell assuming that they have to vanquish an Anarchy Demon, but they find that the man has three mates and they actually are the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse: War, Death, Famine and Strife. When they cast the spell in an alley, Prue and War disappears. Then Phoebe and Piper join to the three other horsemen trying to bring Prue and War back. But the sisters feel ...
18 May 2000
Be Careful What You Witch For
A Genie, employed by a Dragon Warlock to steal the Halliwells' powers, offers to grant each sister one wish for whatever they most desire.

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