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Season 6

The Departure
While being punished for their rowdy behavior, Alexander, Flora and Pom find their fathers old magic map in a dusty corner of the attic?
Adventure on Big Island
Babar, Celeste, Zephir and the children arrive at their first destination only to find that everything on the island is bigger than usual. The plants are bigger, the fruit is bigger and even the people are bigger!...
Land of Games
After landing their balloon on a giant chessboard, the gang realizes that they have come across a land filled with games!...
Land of Toys
Alexander, Flora and Pom are overjoyed when they learn that their balloon has landed in a town inhabited by toys. Everyone appears to be happy until they follow their new friend Dora to a terrible factory for broken toys?
Land of Ice
A large wooden door in the middle of the jungle leads the family to the beautiful Land of Ice. Inside however, things arent as playful as they had hoped?
Land of Pirates
While on a fishing adventure, Babar and his family get shipwrecked in a terrible storm. A pirate ship led by the Pirate Captain comes to their rescue and brings the family to the Pirate Mansion where a big feast is prepared?
Land of Witches
After following a path lined with flowers, the family finds themselves in a magical land inhabited by witches. The first friend they meet is a Witch-In-Training named Lulu?
Land of Mysterious Water
The children drink magical water in the land of frogs that allow them to fly.
Land of the Underground
Looking for the next Land of Adventure, the family balloon crashes and falls into a large crevasse. This time, they find themselves in an enchanted underground city?
The Seabed Land
When the balloon lands on a small island in the middle of the ocean, they come across a giant sea turtle who shows them the way to their next land of adventure.
Land of Treats
Babar and his family arrive in a town where everything is made out of treats and every store they go into has better tasting delicacies than the last! That is, until they find a bakery with the worst tasting cakes in the land?
Land of the Treasure Hunt
Babar and his family find themselves in the middle of a championship treasure hunt! The children are sure they can win, after all, they go on treasure hunts all the time back home in Celesteville!...
Land of Happiness
Once Babar and his family journey through this final land they should be able to reach the fabled Land of Happiness. This of course, is easier said than done!...

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