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‘Challenger Deep’ Adaptation Coming to Disney+ From ‘Toy Story 4’ Co-Writer

Neal Shusterman‘s film and TV credits may not be much to write home about – he’s credited with the story on 1994’s Double Dragon and wrote episodes of Animorphs and Goosebumps, among other things – but as an author, he’s a prolific writer who won the National Book Award in 2015 for his novel Challenger […]

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Shawn Ashmore Welcomes a Son: 'Couldn't Be More in Love with My New Baby Boy'

Shawn Ashmore Welcomes a Son: 'Couldn't Be More in Love with My New Baby Boy'
It’s a little Iceboy!

Shawn Ashmore, known for his role as Bobby Drake/Iceman in the X-Men film series, has welcomed a son, he announced Tuesday on Instagram.

The new addition rounds out the household of Ashmore, 37, and his wife Dana, 33, who are also “parents” to dogs — including one named Lucky.

“Couldn’t be more in love with my new baby boy and my incredible wife,” Ashmore captioned a photo of himself holding his son’s hand. Added Dana, “We did it guys!! So in love.”

Further details, including baby’s name and date of birth, were not immediately available.
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'Animorphs' Movie in Development at Universal Pictures

  • MovieWeb
'Animorphs' Movie in Development at Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures is developing an adaptation of K.A. Applegate's best selling book series Animorphs. The books were previously adapted into a 1998 TV series entitled Animorphs, which ran for two seasons on Nickelodeon and starred Shawn Ashmore, Boris Cabrera, Brooke Nevin and Paulo Costanzo. Deborah Forte has signed on to produce, although it isn't known how far into development this project is.

The Animorphs books followed a group of teens who come across a crashed alien spaceship. The dying alien grants them each the power to transform into any animal they think of, as they dub themselves the Animorphs. The young teens use these new powers to take on a group of aliens who have invaded our planet in secret, disguised as humans. It isn't known if there is a specific story in the long-running book series that will be used for this adaptation.

There were 54 Animorphs novels that were published,
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The Animorphs Are Getting Their Own Movie Because Nostalgia

Film adaptations of young adult book genres have become increasingly profitable over the years. From Harry Potter to the more recent Hunger Games franchise, the genre has proven time and time again to be a solid cash cow. Despite this, one iconic '90s book series has yet to make it to the silver screen . until now. According to The Tracking Board, Universal has plans to adapt the popular Scholastic Animorphs series, written by K.A. Applegate, into a movie. Animorphs chronicles the adventures of five teenagers caught in the war between two alien species: the Andalite and the Yeerks . parasitic, slug-like life forms who control humans by entering their ear canal. When they stumble upon the ship of a dying Andalite warrior, he grants them the ability to morph into any animal they come into contact with, and recruits them into the battle. While many recent young adult series ...
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An Animorphs Film Is In The Works?

Universal Pictures and Silvertongue Films are reportedly planning a film adaptation of K. A. Applegate's young adult sci-fi book series "Animorphs" says The Tracking Board.

The property was popular in the late 1990s and told in first person with the six main characters taking turns narrating the books through their own perspectives, each also has the ability to transform into any animal they touch.

Deborah Forte will produce the film which will focus heavily on the sci-fi aspect of the books, and the project is reportedly still looking for a screenwriter. The project comes hot on the heels of Sony's upcoming film adaptation of R.L. Stan's popular "Goosebumps" film.
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Disney to acquire K.A. Applegate's The One and Only Ivan

  • JoBlo
Anyone remember the show Animorphs from the 90s? I remember the cult of the Animorphs. I was never a fan of that. I would go to the store and pick up the latest Goosebumps book, and sort of throw shade to the series. The covers always looked ridiculous to me. To be fair, never read one so perhaps they aren.t as dumb as I imagined. I did watch the series on the regular either. got bits and pieces but still wasn.t impressed. Later down the road, Animorphs co-creator K.A. Applegate...
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The Challenge For 'The Following' Season 2

The Challenge For 'The Following' Season 2
Shawn Ashmore's "The Following" character, Agent Mike Weston, has been sidelined for the last few episodes after a vicious beating at the hands of Joe Carroll's (James Purefoy) followers. On the Monday, April 8th episode, titled "The Curse," Weston returns and he's a little different than when fans last saw him. We're not just talking about the bruises.

"Mike comes back a changed man and I don't think he's outright out for revenge, but he's changed," Ashmore told The Huffington Post in a phone interview. "He's affected physically and emotionally by the beating and near-death experience from that interrogation at the hands of Roderick [Warren Kole] and the other followers. He comes back with a different approach when it comes to the followers. I don't think he's taking any chances and so when he's face-to-face with them, he definitely acts a little bit more impulsively and defends himself probably more
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DVD Review - Dark Skies: The Declassified Complete Series

Don't think badly of me when I say that I first thought Dark Skies was going to be a cheap X-Files knockoff. After all, it is a genre show about aliens that premiered right in the middle of the X-Files' run. Look at it this way: it looked like a FlashForward to the X-Files' Lost. And to some extent, that's what it is. After all, it only lasted a season, featured a more initially focused concept, and gained a very devout cult following that tried its best to save the show. Sounds familiar, right?

Nineties children like myself will probably remember a book series called Animorphs by K.A. Applegate. I only drop that reference because it's perhaps the best comparison to the plot of Dark Skies. If you drop the animal-transformation gimmicks, you've got an extremely dark story of a covert alien invasion carried out by parasites who enter your head and take over.
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Disturbia Writer Hired For Goosebumps Movie

Goosebumps was a phenomenon back in the day. When it came to reading in school in the pre-Harry Potter world, every other kid had a Goosebumps book in their hands. Well it appears as though there might be a little comeback for the brand, with a motion picture in the works. Carl Ellsworth, the screenwriter behind Red Eye, Disturbia and The Last House on the Left, has been hired to adapt the novels for a feature. It’ll be interesting to see if they adapt more than one book, or choose one of the more popular ones and just expand on it.

Are you excited by the prospect of Goosebumps hitting the big screen? I was always more of an Animorphs guy…

Source: Latino Review
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Screenwriter couriered C.O.D. check by Paramount

Screenwriter Carl Ellsworth has been hired by Paramount Pictures to rewrite C.O.D., an action-thriller that currently doesn't have a director attached to it. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter (because that's what they do, report on stuff), C.O.D. is about a NYC bike courier who has to deliver three live bombs or else another will go off and take out his family. Why can't terrorists just pay bike couriers like everyone else? I guess that's part of what makes them bad guys.

DreamWorks bought the C.O.D. script in March 2008. When Dw split from Paramount, one of the projects that Paramount got custody of was C.O.D. The original script was written by Lars Jacobson. Barry Josephson (Bones, Aliens in the Attic) and former movie executive assistant Neal Flaherty are producing.

Ellsworth got his screenwriting career off to a start with a produced episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That was followed
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