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12 Jul. 1965
And One to Go
A case of small pox is identified on an incoming flight from Paris, meaning that Garnett has to assemble all the passengers in order to vaccinate them. However, the head count shows that two of them are missing - a man who fears that he is about to be arrested and Mrs. Dorlian, who is anxious to keep her Paris trip a secret from her husband.
19 Jul. 1965
Point of View
MacKay investigates reports that a manager is abusing his local laborers on a small Pacific islands.
26 Jul. 1965
The Body
Fresh out of prison,where they ended up partly due to Garnett,American crooks Archie and Ziggy fly into London,with an unusual form of baggage. They are hoping to smuggle a body into the country with the assistance of English con man Cecil,who will be using it in an attempt to defraud his wealthy,reclusive uncle Sir Philip Humbolt.
2 Aug. 1965
Excess Baggage
Delaney investigates the disappearance of a Middle-Eastern leader's wife.

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